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What Kills Long-Distance Relationships?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Long-distance relationships are not without their difficulties. Maintaining a solid relationship while juggling the pressures of everyday life can be challenging. What kills long-distance relationships are challenges with communication, jealousy, and trust.
Partners may find it challenging to spend time together due to the distance, which frequently results in emotions of desire and loneliness. Yet because of technological advancements, it's now simpler than ever to remain in touch with those who live far away. Couples may keep in touch and preserve their emotional bond through phone conversations, texts, and video chats.
Many couples can make their long-distance relationships work and grow with the proper mindset and techniques.

Reasons For Struggles: The Differences and Communication Issues​

Being unable to be together as often as you'd like physically can result in emotions of loneliness and despair. Developing intimacy and emotional connection, crucial components of every relationship, may be challenging.

Differences Create Conflicts​

Time zone can cause problems in long-distance relationships. Finding a balance that works for you and your partner might be challenging.
For instance, if your partner is accustomed to having much personal space while you require more regular communication. It can be challenging to bridge the gap and comprehend each other's needs if one is used to expressing emotions extremely openly while the other is quieter.
Differences in priorities or way of life can also lead to conflict. Making time for each other and maintaining a connection might be difficult if one focuses more on their profession and the other is more concerned with their social life.
It can also be challenging to discover solutions that satisfy each other's requirements if one values physical contact and closeness while the other feels more at ease with emotional intimacy.

Lack of Communication Leads to Misunderstandings​

Understanding your partner's daily activities or picking up on nonverbal cues may be more challenging when you are not physically there. Misunderstandings over even seemingly minor issues may be more likely to arise.
Picture yourself in a long-distance relationship and recently experiencing stress and busyness. Your partner starts to feel like you are drifting away since you haven't had as much time as usual to text or phone.
When juggling many things, they can mistake your lack of communication for a sign that you're losing interest in the relationship.
It's crucial to make time to check in with each other and to communicate routinely and intentionally. Doing so may prevent misunderstandings and build closer, more enduring connections.

Negative Effects on Relationships: Insecurity and Doubt​

It's normal to feel you're missing out on significant moments when you and your partner are physically away for long periods or when your partner could be doing things without you. When you don't know what your partner is doing, this might cause feelings of jealousy or anxiety.

Lack of Physical Touch Leads to Insecurity​

Building trust in a long-distance relationship can be challenging since you don't see your partner daily. You can start to suspect them of having other relationships or not being as involved in the relationship as you are. You could start to feel insecure and on edge all the time.
Lacking physical closeness or contact in long-distance relationships can sometimes cause insecurity. We long for physical contact with the people we love. It might be simple to feel distant or like the connection is lacking when you can't usually embrace, kiss, or touch your partner.
Despite these challenges, it's critical to remember that insecurity is a common and manageable component of all relationships.

Doubts Arising From Limited Interaction​

Long-distance relationships can lead to uncertainties because you miss out on many little everyday experiences that strengthen and sustain your bond with your partner. Due to these gaps, you may question the relationship's strength or your partner's commitment to the relationship.
A lack of shared experiences may result from the restricted engagement of a long-distance relationship. Feeling like you and your partner have a close relationship might be more challenging when you don't do activities together frequently.
It may raise doubts about the value of the relationship and if you can't keep a close connection because of the distance.

Tips to Make It Work: Scheduling, Love and Trust​

Making a long-distance relationship work requires scheduling, Love and Trust. Even if you live miles apart, you can create a lasting connection with your partner by being purposeful about your communication and creating a solid foundation of trust.

Creating a Routine​

Making time for your relationship by establishing a routine also gives your relationship a feeling of consistency and stability. It may lessen some of the stress and doubts often accompanying long-distance relationships. Even if you are not physically there with your partner, it may make you feel closer to them.
This routine may involve scheduling weekly video calls or setting aside time for online date evenings when you watch movies or prepare meals together. Sharing specifics about your everyday life may also entail providing images of your meals or discussing your weekly goals.

Trusting Your Partner's Commitment​

By trusting your partner's commitment, you're giving them the benefit of the doubt and believing they're as invested in the relationship as you are. Even when you are physically away, this trust may make you feel more comfortable and confident in your relationship.
Of course, trust takes time, effort, and consistency to develop; it cannot arise quickly. Yet, you may show dedication to the relationship and build trust with your spouse by being dependable, honest, and supportive.

Managing Emotions: Honesty and Mutual Understanding​

In a long-distance relationship, managing emotions is a continuous practice. It calls for patience, compassion, and a desire to cooperate to overcome potential obstacles. By being honest and mutually understanding, you can create a strong foundation for your relationship to withstand the distance.

Creating a Safe Space For Honesty​

Being honest is crucial to controlling your emotions in a long-distance relationship. When great distances separate you from your partner, making mistakes and letting your imagination run wild is simple.
Being honest means sharing your thoughts, feelings, and concerns, even if they may be difficult to express. For instance, letting your spouse know if you're experiencing relationship insecurity or jealousy issues is crucial. It enables them to relate to your situation and collaborate with you to discover solutions.
Being honest can be difficult sometimes, especially if you are concerned about your partner's reactions. Yet it's crucial to keep in mind that openness and vulnerability are qualities your spouse is likely to value. Honesty is also necessary for a happy relationship.
Ultimately, you may build a stronger, more durable connection that can weather the difficulties of distance by being honest with yourself and your spouse.

Building Mutual Understanding Through Active Listening​

A stronger emotional bond may be developed between you and your partner by listening and sympathizing with one another. Openness to your partner's sentiments and eagerness to consider their perspective is necessary for mutual understanding.
It entails paying close attention to their worries, recognizing their feelings, and approving their experiences.
You're less likely to misjudge your partner's behavior or intentions when you can see things from their point of view. It can lessen the possibility of resentment or disputes and promote a happier relationship.

Keeping The Love Alive: Video Calls and Surprises​

Video conversations and surprises are two excellent strategies for maintaining romance in a long-distance relationship. Finding methods to remain in touch and keep the romance in your relationship alive when you are apart from your spouse is crucial. You may accomplish it with the help of these two examples.

Sharing Day-to-Day Experiences Through Video Calls​

You may talk to one other about the little things in your life, like what you had for breakfast, and the big things, like a job interview or a family reunion. You can feel more connected to each other and more invested in one other's life by discussing these experiences during video calls.
Video calls can give the impression that you are there when you are not. It's important to observe each other's surroundings, body language, and facial emotions and hear each other's voices.
Talking while being able to see each other may foster a feeling of shared experience that phone conversations or text messages don't provide.

Surprises Keep The Relationship Exciting​

The physical distance between partners can make long-distance relationships difficult, but surprises can help to keep things exciting and new. You can send a handwritten note, a care gift, or, if possible, a surprise visit.
Surprises also express appreciation for your partner and willingness to work hard to maintain the connection. It reassures them of your commitment to the partnership and your appreciation of their contribution to your life.
It could also be a means of preserving the romance in a distant relationship. For instance, you may arrange for meals to be brought to your partner's house while you order the same item for delivery to your home, allowing you to have a virtual dinner date.


Both parties must put in the effort and strive to establish a strong connection in long-distance relationships. Regular communication, visitation preparation, and consideration of one another's needs and schedules are all necessary. In the end, long-distance relationships can be challenging, but they can also be incredibly rewarding. The benefits of a solid and loving connection are worth the time, patience, and effort it takes to make them work.

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