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Can a Psychic Boost Your Sex Life?: Navigating Love and Intimacy

Sex is a part of one’s life and self-growth. It is a personal and sensual force that can quickly change an individual’s emotions and well-being. A healthy sex life can improve overall physical well-being because being intimate with your partner can make you feel and look good. It also releases oxytocin which can enhance intimacy and trust.

If you and your partner lose interest in regular sexual activities, something may have blocked your connection. In this case, you need to work on it to continue a happy and intimate relationship–with the help of a psychic.

Psychics may play a role in improving the intimacy between you and your partner. This article will explore different psychic abilities and their connection to your sexual energy. They can help you appreciate yourself more and understand your desires, which can be the key to your healthy and fun sex life.

Psychic Boost Your Sex Life

Understanding Psychics​

Consulting psychics remains a debatable topic. Those who do not believe in psychic abilities think consultations are a waste of time. This is probably because the majority of psychic responses are open-ended and unsupported by science. People believe they can give guidance because they ask questions of their clients.

But for a believer, psychic readings are more than just guidance. It makes them feel lighter and clears out their spirituality. Because of this, they can decide confidently and may give closure on the issues they are suffering from. Believers of psychic consultations take their readings as more than just entertainment. They consider psychic readings a path to becoming better people.

Psychics use their unique abilities to see through the energy of people. They know you better using different psychic tools like crystals, tarot cards, or astrology charts. Psychics create a connection to your spiritual guides to understand the emotions and feelings that are inside you.

Exploring Sexuality​

When we talk about sexuality, we think about pleasure and satisfaction. But it is more than that. Sex is a bonding activity that expresses intimacy on a deeper level between two people. It strengthens the love, can make a couple closer, and love each other more.

However, there are also reasons why an individual is not fond of having sex with their partner. It can be about an underlying health condition, belief in the “marriage before sex” concept, or just don’t have the desire to have sex. But many don’t find it exciting for long. Some people find it hard to enjoy sexual satisfaction even if they want it.

Sexual satisfaction starts with self-awareness. It talks about understanding your strengths and sexual patterns and knowing what you feel. Unable to enjoy sex may be caused by neglecting your sexual energy. Self-awareness is about knowing your desires, including comfort, validation, and growth. When you know what you want and can do, you can create a sense of healing and sexual connection with your partner.

The Psychic-Sex Connection​

Psychics are individuals who can provide answers to the uncertainties you feel and experience right now. With their extrasensory abilities, they can gain insight into your past, present, and future to understand why you are having a dull sex life or guide you on how it can make your relationship more exciting.

Psychic readings about your sexual aura may come from tarot reading, astrology, spiritual guidance, or general consultation. Having psychic readings may not only give you clarity about your sexual energy, but it may also be suitable for self-discovery.

You may ask your psychic about how your spirituality affects your sexual aura. If you’re single, you may ask what’s the future of your sex life, whether you will have an intimate partner, or if this personal relationship can be long-lasting. On the other hand, if you are in a relationship, you may ask your psychic about what blockages affect your sex life, your and your partner’s sexual energies, or how you can maintain the balance of your sexual desires.

Potential Benefits of Consulting a Psychic About Sex​

Better Relationship​

Intimacy is the foundation of romantic relationships. A psychic can help you look at your relationship from a different perspective. Their guidance and insights can help you understand your relationship dynamics or open up about sexual issues.

They also help in giving your partner honest and open communication. You may talk about the psychic’s insights, which may spark a conversation that both of you haven’t discussed with the other since you didn’t think of it as an issue. When you discuss your needs and desires for each other, you may have an improved intimacy and a more profound emotional connection.

Psychic Boost Your Sex Life

Explore Potential Outcomes of Sexual Life​

Psychics won’t look at the scientific side regarding your sexual life. Instead, they base their insights on subjective interpretations of what you have told them. Being honest and open to your psychic is essential, especially if you seek emotional support and validation of your feelings.

A psychic consultation can help uncover potential issues and challenges you may not know. This can be the reason why you don’t get satisfaction, or you don’t enjoy your intimate time with your partner. Your psychic may give you guidance and insight you may not have initially considered.

Alleviate Anxiety and Insecurity​

A psychic may bring out the self-confidence that you have been holding back. Your past experiences with your previous partners may have brought issues and anxiety to your current relationship. Because of this, you hold back on giving total intimacy to your partner.

Psychic readings may guide and advise overcoming these blockages to improve your sex life. It may also help you explore the energetic and spiritual aspects of your sexual aura. Psychics are honest, but they are not judgemental.


Psychics look at your personality based on what you tell them. Sometimes, they use different psychic services like tarot reading or astrology to know you better and what you can do to improve your sexual energies.

Because of this, you may identify the desires or preferences that you have not known before. Their abilities can look into the possibilities of your sex life and give you other paths that you may want to consider and haven’t tried before.

Addressing Skepticism and Controversy​

Many believe intimacy is a personal topic about partners and should not be discussed with anybody. Additionally, many people think you can only help you understand if something is lacking in your sex life. Couples doubt seeking help from psychics because they believe this should only be discussed with their partners.

The controversies that surround false readings also add to the doubtfulness.
Psychic readings cannot predict exactly what will happen in the future. However, they can advise you on improving your intimacy with your partner. It may be about trying something new or discussing your desires and expectations with your partner.

As long as you are comfortable working with your chosen psychic, you can benefit most from a psychic consultation.

Psychic Boost Your Sex Life


Psychic readings can be an excellent help for partners that lack intimacy. Though they can offer guidance, your judgment can always make or break your intimate relationship with your partner. Always take psychic readings with a grain of salt. Consider getting help from medical professionals when the bottom line of sexual issues is health, or guidance from therapists in human sexuality.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Should I bring my partner with me during the psychic consultation?​

There is no need to bring your partner if you are uncomfortable with it. However, seeking a psychic consultation together can bring openness to your relationship.

How can a psychic help me with intimacy problems?​

A psychic looks at your personality and how you deal with intimacy. They may tap into your energies to gain insights into your past, present, and future to understand what your intimate relationship lacks.

How much does a psychic consultation about sex cost?​

Consultations about sex are also considered a general psychic reading. An average psychics rate costs about $100 per hourly session and may have a minimal fee for additional time.