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How to Become A Psychic: The Basics of Becoming One!

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
It is believed that everyone has psychic abilities. However, not all people get it awakened for some reason. Some have awakened their special gift during childhood, especially if psychic abilities run in the family.

Psychic ability is the capacity to communicate to the world of clairvoyance, spirituality, and the supernatural. An individual uses his extrasensory or the “sixth sense.” It starts with intuition, and as it develops, an individual learns other psychic abilities, such as clairvoyance and psychic reading.

Everyone has correct instincts, but not all can be a psychic. Some individuals choose to awaken their special gift to access the realm of the unexplained. If you are one of these individuals, here is a quick understanding of how to become a psychic.

Developing Your Ability​

Different psychic abilities are awakened one by one. Many are asking how these are developed since all people have psychic abilities that they don’t know of. The key to awakening is by cleansing and tapping.

Psychics are the same as regular individuals who use their five senses. However, a psychic goes deeper that what they see, hear, feel, sense, and taste. It sees the spiritual and emotional level of things and circumstances.


Meditation is a part of the process of awakening. When you meditate, you detach yourself from the physical world. It will let you feel the energy that is beyond the physical world. Practicing meditation and doing this regularly will let you explore your psychic abilities.

It will welcome you to the process of environmental scanning. You will be able to identify which things around you have the most inviting energy. Eventually, you can use your basic psychic skills in the past, present, and future circumstances.

How become a psychic is not a difficult process. As long as you recognize and embrace the unique gift that you have, you will be able to develop it.

Protect Your Energy​

When you are starting to explore your psychic abilities, there is a possibility that you will encounter negative energies. Your psychic energy is as valuable as your physical energy, especially in making the right decisions.

A basic metaphysical truth–what you attract will happen to you. To protect your energy, you should watch what you attract. Keeping your aura weak will make you vulnerable to psychic attacks. Once your thoughts are full of negativities, they will drain your energy. You receive negative energies because you allow them to.

You might not be aware which are the negative energies in your environment. With the help of your intuition, you can avoid being vulnerable. Don’t get attached to this kind of energy, as it may hinder you from developing your psychic abilities.

Cleansing Your Energy​

Negative energies can easily be picked up from your environment. It can be from someone at your home experiencing illness or an officemate who has been stressed because of a swamped workload.

Your energy should also be cleansed regularly. Many people may give you bad energy when they talk about their problems. You might be able to bring this with you. Review your intellectual and emotional state. If something bothers you, you are most likely carrying a negative energy.

You can try meditating to cleanse your energy and emit the feeling of negativity. Other methods of cleansing your energy are through crystals or a sage ritual. Chanting mantras can also help in cleansing. Repeat the same mantra until you feel comfort and the lightness of your energy.

Working on Your Intuition​

As mentioned earlier, everyone has intuition. You just have to trust yours and work with it. You may experience seeing images that may have an intuitive meaning. For example, you look at someone, and you see a scene of the ground shaking. It may mean that the person is currently experiencing instability.

You may also feel someone’s energy through your intuitive abilities. As soon as you recognize them, you will be able to read the feelings of others right before you meet them. You may also ask your intuition for answers. It is always listening and may help you with your decisions.

It may be unusual initially, but as you practice with it, it may grow eventually.

Exploring Different Techniques​

Many say that these techniques do not use psychic skills. However, these are used by psychics and mentalists to analyze a person’s self. It is a series of questions where it walks you through an individual.

Barnum Statement​

Under this technique, a psychic lets an individual share his life. As they provide statements, you can find connections to something they are concerned about. Your intuition will come up with conclusions about the statements given to you.


Like Barnum Statement, shotgunning also asks about an individual’s life circumstances. From their answers, your intuition will work on their body language and emotional response. You will be able to come up with vague answers which you can narrow down as your intuition works.

Understanding Energies​

An individual’s experience may affect their energy fields. Psychic energies have a similar concept to electrical energy. However, it is more complex since it discusses a human’s ability to think and create habitual patterns.

According to Freud, an individual’s energy cannot be created or destroyed. Instead, it can be transferred from one person to another. This energy can be used in spiritual, intellectual, and creative aspects.

Some say that psychic energy can be obtained when physical energy is exposed to the soul. Psychic energy is the key to connecting the physical world to the other side. You will only be able to use the psychic energy once you have tapped your intuition or explored different psychic abilities.

Like physical energy, there are no equal psychic energies created. It varies depending on how a psychic controls their abilities. However, energy should be cleansed regularly. A psychic should not be attached to something where there is a heavy feeling. Otherwise, it can be draining.

Paying attention to your psychic energy can protect you spiritually and mentally. It is also important to know that when you have welcomed your psychic energy, it breaks you free from ordinary life.

Learning To Interpret Signs​

If you are a learning psychic, chances are everything that surrounds you will provide a sign. Intuition, tarot cards, or mediums always depicts symbols that can be a message from the spiritual world. You learn to see the message from these signs because of your extrasensory abilities. Once you become aware of these signs, it can be hard to create ordinary days in your life.

Signs usually seen by psychics are in the form of smell, images, or sounds. When you think of someone, and music plays, they might communicate with you through the song’s lyrics. Flickering lights and electricity disturbance also send messages to psychics. Usually, these are spirits that want to catch your attention.

Depending on how you look at these signs, some can have a deeper message. You can get the appropriate message when you look at all the possibilities.

However, interpreting these signs can also be tricky. If you are new, you might have a different interpretation of what these signs are telling you. It may not necessarily be a psychic sign but only an imagination.

Practicing Regularly​

Tapping your intuition and practicing a psychic ability one at a time can help you develop your special abilities. You can begin by observing your environment or taking psychic workshops and classes. What’s important is meditation should be regularly practiced to sharpen your intuition.

You may experience difficulty in some psychic exercises, but learning from them can go a long way. Your intuition and psychic abilities do not come in an instant. It takes years of practice and discipline.

You can reach your full potential with the right guidance and information. Refining your intuition can improve your awareness and increase your level of consciousness. Practicing your psychic abilities can help you trust your judgment and realize your psychic potential.

Hard efforts are needed to unlock your full potential and engaging version of yourself. Start believing in yourself and practice wherever you go.

The Bottom Line​

Once you decide to tap your psychic abilities, you should be ready and don’t let your fear shut it down. It may take a long time and a huge effort to unlock your full potential, but it is a truly rewarding gift once you have started using it. Seeing psychic signs anytime, anywhere, will be normal in your daily life.

The questions for your answers will come from your spiritual guides. Be ready to accept it, whether it is good or not. Remember that the ability to develop these skills is only given to those who deserve it. Use it with good intentions and not for financial fulfillment.