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The Art of Psychic Powers!

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Psychic powers are the ability to feel and get connected to psychic phenomena. Everyone is believed to have psychic power, but it needs to be tapped to use it. Individuals who have psychics in their families can experience this as early as their childhood. For those who have not experienced it yet, but want to, it can be tapped and practiced.

Tapping on your psychic powers is easy. Though it takes time to be perfected, as soon as you accept this extraordinary gift, it is easier to practice and use. There are also psychic schools you can attend where you can practice your psychic powers with the guidance of experienced psychics.

However, if you choose to tap on your psychic powers, you become more sensitive. You will be able to feel others’ emotions, visualize the possibilities of the future, and be able to speak with the spirits from the other side of the physical world. If you are a beginner planning to explore your psychic powers, read this article to learn the history, types, and how to develop them, and other relevant information about them.

History of Psychic Powers​

There is no evidence of how psychic powers started. But astrology, divination, and fortune-telling were practiced centuries ago. The first people who used their psychic powers relied on the positioning of the stars and other celestial bodies to determine someone’s future. People who could do astrology were called prophets.

It is also said that Sigmund Freud explained what psychic powers are and created a theory about psychic powers. According to Freud, psychic powers or psychic energies cannot be created and destroyed, but they can be transferred.

More psychic powers were introduced in modern times, and it was easier to develop with different methods. It became a part of pop culture and can be done for fun. With the progression of psychic powers, it can now easily be accessed by those who need guidance and emotional healing. Many psychics have opened their offices and taken advantage of the internet. Psychics worldwide can provide readings using phone calls, video calls, and chats.

Different Types of Psychic Powers​

Once you have awakened the power of your intuition, you can start learning different types of psychic powers.


Telepathy is a psychic power where you use your extrasensory abilities to communicate with other people’s minds. With telepathy, there is no need to communicate verbally to know what other people think. It can be used to express feelings that you cannot say verbally. In a deeper process, telepathy can be used in emotional healing.

The key to practicing telepathy is working with someone with whom you already have a personal connection. You can send messages using your mind or create exercises.

The power of telepathy is backed by science. Many studies and experiments have been done to prove that the brain functions once they try to use this psychic power.


Clairvoyance is similar to precognition. It means “clear seeing.” If you have this psychic power, you can predict the possibilities in the future using your extrasensory abilities. You can perceive things that are beyond your normal senses.

Usually, clairvoyance is tapped when your intuition awakens if you see certain images, visions, or things. A clairvoyant person can see flashes of light out of nowhere, experiences a lot of vivid dreams, or envisions a possible scenario in his head.


Compared to clairvoyance, clairempathy means “clear feeling.” Clairempathy is the most sensitive psychic power since it can create feelings for everything. The sensitivity bought by clairempathy can provide energy healing and replenishment.

Psychics that possess clairempathy can sense danger or death. Usually, they suddenly change their moods once they sense danger or death in someone. You would know that you have the power of clairempathy if you have been overwhelmed by others’ feelings, need isolation, or desire to provide help to anyone who needs it.

Extrasensory Perception​

Extrasensory perception or commonly called ESP and sixth sense, almost summarizes all psychic powers. Psychics with ESP can do clairvoyance and telepathy. People from the field of sciences doubt what ESP can do. However, psychics with ESP are sometimes approached to help in a case investigation, especially if the pieces of evidence from a crime scene lead to none.

Psychics with ESP remain controversial today. This psychic power is only accessed when an individual enters into their special mental state.


A person with psychokinesis can move objects with the power of their mind. It is similar to the word “telekinesis,” which means “mind” and “motion.” This psychic power is often seen on television, such as in the Stranger Things series and Matilda. However, what they can do on television is not as extreme as the real psychokinesis.

The strength of this psychic power depends on how long and developed it is. This is one of the hardest psychic power. Therefore, years of training are spent on developing psychokinesis. People who think they possess this psychic power should focus on their thoughts, have a disciplined mentality, and have extreme concentration.

Special exercises are also needed to hone psychokinesis. It includes working on your psychic energy, using a psi wheel, and visualization.

Investigating Claims of Psychic Power​

With their special gifts, psychics can help you connect to the spirits of the deceased. One of the reasons why people seek the help of psychics is they can talk to spirits. This can be true since psychics have clairvoyance and ESP. In the process of mediumship, psychics connect to the paranormal world to speak with the spirits.

Another use of psychic powers is fortune-telling. According to them, they can foresee the future based on the details that you have given them or from tarot cards. Though these are not always accurate, they can provide you guidance on what you can do to prevent negative energies. When you consult a psychic, it is important to remember that not all readings are good. They cannot change what can happen if you disagree with their reading.

Practicing and Developing Psychic Abilities​

Beginner psychics can enhance their psychic powers through different methods. Practicing can develop and hone your psychic abilities. However, you need to remember that every time you use your psychic powers, it reduces your psychic energy.


Meditation is one of the first processes in tapping intuition. When you meditate, you need to be in a quiet place to focus. This process will develop your intuitive abilities, which you can use on your psychic powers.

In addition, the process of meditating also cleanses and charges your energy. Whenever you feel drained and heavy, you can meditate to replenish your psychic energies.

Learn Different Psychic Abilities​

There are many psychic abilities where you can use your psychic powers. You have to identify which one you are most comfortable doing. You can also enter a psychic school where an experienced psychic will guide you to different psychic abilities.

Sometimes, there are psychic abilities that can drain your energy, like mediumship. Not all spirits on the other side can help you. There are also spirits who do not like being visited or disturbed.

Try Psychic Exercises​

You can start by being aware of your surroundings. Your intuitions are never wrong. You just need to learn to trust them. You can try by reading your intuitive impression of someone. What characteristics do you think they have? You can also try environmental scanning. Are there things that seem inviting to you? Do you feel any energy from them?

Other psychic exercises to try are dreaming and visualizing. You can interpret your dreams or create a possible scenario that you want to happen in the future. There are possibilities that what you attract will come to you.

Criticisms of Psychic Powers​

When you mention psychics, non-believers will think about mentalists, magicians, or people with crystal balls pretending to give you the possibilities of the future. Psychics are seen this way because there are people who claim themselves as real psychics but cannot give a good reading to their clients.

Because of scams, the psychic industry receives much criticism. There are reputable psychics who cannot express their abilities because of how society sees them.

Exploring The Possibilities​

Psychic powers tell us what our normal vision cannot see. It can be frightening for some, especially for beginners. But once you accept that you have this special gift, you can enjoy using your psychic powers to help people. You will be surprised by how much you can do with your psychic powers.


Every people have psychic powers. Some are reluctant to awaken their sixth sense because they fear what their extrasensory abilities can do. As a person with psychic powers, you will be able to connect with the spirits from the other side, foresee the possibilities of the future, read people’s minds, and feel people’s emotions. You will be surprised at how you can give guidance, clarity, and emotional healing to people.