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What is Channeling?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Channeling is a New Age technique where a person enters an elevated state of perception and permits a spirit or other force to enter him or her in a bid to communicate with people nearby. The spirit or entity may originate from some other realm, the spirit world, another galaxy, or even another section of the cosmos, as per New Age doctrine.

Channeling in simple terms means communicating with any awareness that isn't in human form and letting it manifest itself via a channel (or channeler). Our universe has several dimensions. The material dimension is merely the first and densest of different planes.

The astral is the next realm; before and after death, we reside on the bottom astral level. The causal, akashic, mental, messianic, and Buddhist levels are additional levels. It could be said that our lives on these levels aren't isolated from those on these other levels.

Channeling as a function of reason and emotions​

We can establish a conscious communication with higher realms through channeling. In addition, we can talk to living things. We can use our reason or our feelings to judge the facts we learn about our environment.

We identify and construct the material reality because of reason. We perceive the unchanging recurring patterns in the material reality based on reason, such as "this is a plastic chair and it has a white color" or "the cabinet is 300 cm in height and 150 cm in breadth."

We explain the fixed information about the physical world using our reasoning. We can identify the ethereal realm because of our emotions. The regularities in the ethereal realm are produced by our internal processes.

We can identify the ethereal realm because of our emotions. The regularities in the ethereal realm are produced by the constellations of both our inner selves and the surroundings wherein we find ourselves.

We must first grasp our cosmos to comprehend the spiritual realm. It is normal for us to experience the world in larger relationships as we eventually get to understand our constellations.

Quite frequently, we are capable of comprehending the ethereal realm through a tragic event. We can differentiate between the information's quality or an experience based on our feelings, as in the case of "I like that white chair; it blends in nicely with the interior as a whole" and "that white wooden table is too large; it looks coarse."

Here is an illustration of fundamental ethereal world perception. We may explore the ethereal realm even further within the parameters of our energetic constellation. We may discover the reason behind the idea that we enjoy or detest a particular interior table.

Some misconceptions about Channeling​

Contrary to common perception, spirits rarely speak human as it is seen to be uncomfortable & clunky. Through a sophisticated set of sensory impressions, they successfully communicate their message's fuller substance.

The idea that a channeler should enter a profound trance or give their body and/or consciousness to the spirit is just another common myth. The spirit can truly be billions of light years distant or even located in another realm; it doesn't need to penetrate the channeler's body or thoughts.

Channeling nonetheless transmits a message that must be understood by the recipient, just like vocal language, nonverbal cues, the senses, art, and other ways of communicating. The majority of prominent channelers nowadays maintain awareness of their surroundings as well as their actions while concentrating their senses and focusing on the spirit they are channeling.

Modern channelers often do not depart their bodies or give up their brains when communicating. Some individuals are afraid of channeling since they don't know how it works.

They believe that evil or shadowy forces can enter without authorization. That is not the situation. Just like they may choose whom they wish as friends or coworkers, the channeler is always free to choose whom or what they would like to channel.

The channeler might demand to know the names and places of origin of any creature or angel that wishes to speak with them. Expert channelers are aware that a spirit's desire to contact them does not automatically imply that the spirit is enlightened.

The degree of understanding of the spirit and the worth of the channeler's knowledge should be determined by the channeler themselves. Numerous beings want to provide enlightened advice and counsel. Some spirits want to converse while others may have an agenda.

Channeling meditation and mindfulness​

Although the objectives of channeling and mindfulness might initially appear to be identical, they are very distinct. Setting a purpose, such as communication, knowledge, healing, etc., and searching for solutions within the mind or in another realm of consciousness is what channeling is all about.

The goal of mindfulness, in contrast, is to cultivate a profoundly grounded state of mind to uncover the rich depth of the present situation. The present situation is typically discovered by those who practice mindfulness and awareness to be a source of satisfaction as a whole.

People who practice mindfulness gain traits like tolerance, perseverance, calmness, and open-heartedness that motivate them to carry on and improve the lives of those around them. However, the ultimate aim of mindfulness and awareness.

Through meditation, one may gain a greater comprehension of the way the mind functions and how to control it. Sincere meditation practices strengthen our inborn capacity for joy and insight.

Channeling Techniques​

There isn't one ideal method for channeling. Depending on just what resonates and functions for you, individuals can choose from a variety of methods to use their channeling skills. Here are a few examples of the techniques:

  • Meditation
  • Connecting to nature
  • Ritual items like cards, crystals, and pendulums
  • Mental pictures
  • A lucid dream
  • Psychic perception
  • Hypnagogic channeling

The technique utilized to channel is much less significant than the goal and comprehension that our awareness is capable of accessing knowledge and power that go well beyond what has previously been thought to be possible for us.

Adopting the post-materialist perspective and the paranormal occurrences it explains will alter not just the realm of science but also our everyday existence. It would fundamentally alter how we perceive ourselves, our capacities, and our position in the universe.

Channel Types and What Conscious Channeling Is​

When channeling, some people completely put their conscious minds aside. They compare channeling to dozing off and saying nothing thereafter.

"Unconscious channels" are those whose conscious consciousness vanishes when channeling. The energy of their broadcasts may reach these unconscious pathways at the spiritual level, but they are unable to recollect anything their guides have spoken.

People who are only partially aware are referred to as "conscious channels" as they may retain a portion of the messages and energy that they received from their guides. These folks are well-aware of the information as it comes across to varying degrees.

Some people may just have a faint recollection of the messages they received from their guides. Some people liken it to recalling dreams. Others report being extremely awake and picking up both their guide's signals and their thoughts.

Conscious channels on the other hand understand The words that their gurus are speaking are understood through conscious channels. People who recall their channeling experiences frequently experience a richness that goes beyond the words' literal meanings.

Every phrase seems to have a deeper significance than they were previously aware of, as if they are experiencing enlarged realms of awareness. The statements are occasionally accompanied by sensations of travel.

People occasionally experience internal changes to higher frequencies. Some people feel extremely attentive, picking up both their thoughts and the signals from their guide.

As they simultaneously sense their guide's reality and their own, they are overcome by the energy's depth beyond description. It appears as if they can concurrently view their lives and those of others from both their guides and theirs as well.

Several people believe that channeling a guide can only occur when the channeler is unconscious, however, most channels are at least somewhat mindful of how much they are saying.

Lack of knowledge is far less frequent. Many illustrious and renowned channels spoke or wrote when their guides were talking or writing through them, describing various consciousness levels.

Because it's crucial to be aware of the guidance and knowledge you are bringing through, it is very important that conscious channeling be adopted. There are several ways to channel, but whichever method you choose is the best for you.

On a Final Note​

The world is going through a transition right now. Whether we are aware of it or not, numerous nonphysical entities are working on it. Working with them deliberately involves channeling.

They frequently feel just as happy to have connected to us as we do. Channeling may be a powerful tool for our individual and group growth when used responsibly. Whether we identify as channels or not, it is more important for every one of us to strengthen our inner interconnections with the wider world if we are to respond to the shifts creatively.
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