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What Is Professional Tarot Card Reading?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Undoubtedly, there are mysteries in the world that cannot be solved with our mere understanding. Sometimes, it could be happenings in our lives that require us to seek answers from a higher being.

Most times, people decide to consult other people who have a higher understanding or a special connection to higher powers.

So, you'd often find people visiting mediums, psychics, numerologists and astrologers in a bid to get a grasp of the happenings in their lives. The psychics and mediums make use of different techniques to get answers for their clients.

One of the techniques includes tarot card reading and that's the main aim of this article.

So what do you know about professional tarot card reading and how it works? Continue reading to discover everything you need to know about tarot cards and how it helps to provide answers.

The Structure of Tarot Cards​

Tarot cards are believed to have sprung up in Egypt and India but their use started many years ago as far back as Europe. The tarot card decks have undergone many changes over the years but today's standard tarot deck is based on the Venetian tarot. The Venetian tarot consists of 78 cards and it's further divided into two; the Major Arcana (22) and the Minor Arcana (56).

The Major Arcana interprets important life issues while the Minor Arcana interprets less important and insignificant life events.

Minor Arcana cards consist of four tarot suits that dwell on various life aspects. These include; Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Wands symbolise sexuality, energy, creativity and passion. Cups represent the suit of love; it symbolises different feelings, emotions and intuition. The swords symbolise your thoughts, actions and words. Pentacles signify the materialistic aspect of this world spreading across finances, wealth and career paths.

Major Arcana cards deal with crucial life issues and so the reader must pay extra attention and concentration.

What Is Tarot Card Reading?​

Tarot card reading can be classified as one of the tools psychics use for divination methods. There are 78 cards in the deck and each of them has what they stand for. The cards are useless in the hands of a layman because you can't interpret them on your own.

That's why you need to allow a qualified and professional tarot card reader to do it for you. Also, note that different readers have different reading techniques. So long as you're sure they're certified, whatever technique they use in their tarot card reading will be effective.

How Is The Tarot Card Reading Done?​

Before the beginning of the tarot card session, you'll have to ask a question that has been bothering your mind or that you need to be given an interpretation.

For instance, you can ask why things seem to be so difficult for you? The type of question you ask will help the reader know what cards to use and how to give you an interpretation.

After you ask your question, the reader will then shuffle the deck of cards carefully and then spread them out in front of you. That process is known as the tarot card spread. There are different spread formats that the reader can use depending on the type of interpretation you need.

There are different types of spread methods with the most popular one being the ten-card spread; it's also known as the Celtic cross spread. It is used to give a detailed interpretation of the question you need answers to.

The other types of tarot card spread include the three spread, 7-day spread and 12-month spread.

The different card spread helps to give different interpretations and meanings. For instance, the three spread is best for providing interpretations and answers about your past, present and future depending on the kind of question you ask.

You can engage in tarot card sessions through different means. While some people prefer to meet a tarot reader in person, others prefer to do the session online. Online tarot reading sessions are one of the perks of the 21st century.

You can have your session online as it is even safer and more straightforward. Online, you can have access to as many tarot readers as you want and also, and you can hold the sessions on your terms without interrupting your convenience.

Is There A Tarot Card Philosophy?​

You might be wondering how can cards that are drawn randomly with different signs on it be able to predict your future or have any impact on your life? Well, the truth is tarot card reading does not give you exact information about how your life will go or what the future holds for you. No one knows how exactly the future will unfold.

However, tarot card reading is a tool that's used to provide information and guidance on how to make certain choices that affect your life. It helps you weigh your options and even tells you the consequences of your choice or actions.

Hence the answers you get from tarot card reading are not meant to scare you or show you a direct path to take. Instead, it gives you the privilege to hold the reins of your life in your hands and help you make better decisions. To benefit maximally from your tarot card reading session, you have to come with a liberal mind.

You should be ready to learn and unlearn both things you knew and didn't know before. And more importantly, say the truth and avoid lying as much as possible so you can get the best interpretation.

Does Tarot Card Reading Require Expertise?​

You can perform tarot card reading by yourself but only with consistent and constant practice. However, if you want to be sure that you're getting the best interpretation, then you should employ the services of a professional tarot reader.

Tarot card reading is just like any other skill or profession; to be better at it, you need to have basic knowledge of it coupled with the experience that you've garnered over years of practice

A professional card reader isn't someone who has the privilege of owning a pack of cards. Instead, he's someone who knows how to interpret cards, someone who knows how to convey information appropriately to their client and someone who knows how to interpret using at least three tarot card spread methods.

6 Skills You Need to Be A Professional Tarot Reader​

  1. Know The Tarot Card Meanings​

You need to know the meaning of the cards. This may sound obvious but you need to know what the cards mean without having to consult a book. As time goes on, you'll develop a relationship with the cards and you'll be able to interpret them in your unique way.
  1. You Rarely Draw A Blank When Doing A Reading​

Even the best of the best usually experience these blanks whenever they're conducting a reading. But the difference between an amateur and a professional is that a professional already has techniques and strategies to fill in the blanks. You don't make it obvious to your clients that you're experiencing a blank.
  1. You Need To Be Able To Work With At Least Three Different Types Of Card Spread.​

The Celtic cross spread although popular isn't always appropriate for every case Hence the need for you as a professional tarot reader to familiarize yourself with other types of spread. You should be able to use at least three other types of spreads comfortably and you need to know what kind of spread is perfect for a situation.
  1. Know-How To Do An Entire Reading​

A tarot card reading is not just about being able to interpret a client's questions. The reading starts when your clients approach you.

From that point on, your reading session has already started. How do you receive your clients? Do you get them to relax and help them feel comfortable? Do you encourage them to let out their hearts and be as plain as possible? Do you calm them down when they're upset and do you help to assuage their fears? These are all part of your reading session and if you suck at one aspect, you can't be considered a professional tarot reader.
  1. Know What Kind Of Tarot Reader You Are.​

This means you should understand your connection with the cards. With experience, you'll have discovered a pattern in how you solve different situations.

Discover yourself and know if you're good at reading about complex issues or if you're better at the insignificant ones. Discovering yourself helps you to be sure of the kind of reader you are. Trace your patterns backwards and check the kind of cases you handled professionally while being yourself. Discovering yourself helps you attract the right clients for you.
  1. Have Strategies For Difficult And Disappointed Clients.​

Humans have an insatiable nature, so no matter how professional you are, you'll still meet with insatiable clients. You should have your way of dealing with the situation in case you come across these kinds of clients.
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