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What is Numerology?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Are you familiar with the term numerology? Or do you feel connected to certain numbers? Or do you want to learn what numerology is all about? In this article, you'll learn everything you need to know about numerology.

To be put simply, numerology is the study of numbers related to your life. You can get certain information about people and the world through Numerology. Numerology can be described as a universal language of numbers.

Numerology can look difficult at times coupled with the fact that there are various types of Numerology. It can get all complex and confusing that you may not know where to begin. But if you're conversant with Astrology, then you might have a clue of what numerology is all about. They have some similarities and they use numbers to get information and insight.

Numerology projects the idea that the universe is just a system with numbers as the elements that make up the system. These numbers can be used to get insight and understanding of the world and others.

Finding Meaning In Numbers​

A numerologist understands that the world revolves around numbers, and so with this understanding, they can analyse a person's life by taking multiple elements of a person and breaking them down into meaningful numbers through different processes.

The meaning of these numbers can be used to get a better understanding of the world and other people. Also, these numbers help to discover an individual's purpose and personality trait by figuring out things like that heart desire number, expression number and life path number to mention but a few.

The History Of Numerology​

Just like many others aren't philosophies, the origin of numerology still seems like a mystery. But according to research, Egypt and Babylon were said to be the first places where numerology originated.

Numerology was also used a long time ago in China, Rome, China, Greece and Japan. However, modern-day numerology is often attributed to Pythagoras who was a Greek Philosopher at that time. Although it is not certain if he was the founder of numerology, he propounded some theories which made numbers more interesting.

Numerology was brought to the limelight by Dr Julian Stenton, he was also the one who came up with the term 'Numerology'. Apart from these, there's not much known about how numerology came to be but in today's modern age, numerology has become widely known and is being used universally.

Learning The Basics Of How Does Numerology Work?​

Numerology is very complex and so cannot be easily deciphered by an amateur but it requires the skills of an expert to give accurate readings.

Although you can easily find your life part numbers like your expressions and personality with the use of some basic calculations, it is how these numbers come to give certain meanings that need to be interpreted by numerology.

The knowledge behind numerology is that the universe and your life generally are affected by the date you were born, your birth name and other elements that surround an individual. Through this, numerology can reveal a lot of things about a person, sort of a forecast.

Numerologists believe that there's nothing such as a coincidence in the world, that everything is affected by your birthdate. And this number( birthdate) has a way of affecting the course of your life and other characteristics.

Numerology makes use of lots of calculations. These numbers may spread into different complicated layers and depths of numbers which all have different meanings and significance. Even a normal reading may reveal a lot about an individual. On the other hand, the fact that numbers are infinite and complex, someone's numerology cannot be read and completed at once, it has to be read and studied continuously.

7 Interesting Facts About Numerology​

By now, you must have realized that the numbers in your life have certain significance and they could tell more about your life whether you like it or not. Check out some amazing facts that you must know about Numerology below:
  1. Positive And Negative Numbers​

Numerology consists of both positive and negative numbers and both numbers should be given the same level of attention because they play a major role. Although naturally, numbers are both positive and negative, they're still affected by different factors.

This involves your outlook and the combinations of numbers that are related to certain aspects of your life like your career, love, health and business.

A true numerologist will not only reveal information from the positives but will also the effect of negative numbers on the chart to arrive at an accurate understanding of the individual. This is where numerology provides information that guides people in their life endeavours.
  1. Master Numbers In Numerology​

Certain numbers have more powerful meaning and effects than all the other numbers. They include 11, 22 or 33. Their meanings are not consistent as they can either be good or bad, depending on where they're used.

Hence, no mistake must be made when interpreting these master numbers. Most of the time, these numbers are to reveal some information and guide individuals on situations that can impact their lives in a significant way.

During a numerology reading, double digits numbers in the date of birth are usually separated and added together to form a single-digit number which is part of the calculation. But when the outcome of a calculation is equal to a master number, it cannot be reduced or subtracted from. Instead, it will have its meaning.

Master number 11 can be attributed to faith and instinct. At the same time, it could mean fear and anxiety so it has to be appropriately read.

Master number 22 is the master Builder. This number is the one that indicates the success of an individual. Though when it's being read, it requires attention because it could also mean failure.

Number 33 has different meanings as one of the master numbers e.g Life Path, Expression, Personality etc. However, all these master numbers can come together to create a different meaning.
  1. Using Numbers As A Guide For Life​

There's more to numerology than just getting information about an individual. Many people of high calibre believe so much in numerology that they use it for guidance in their careers.

Aside from providing information, numerology can also be used to reveal challenges and barriers. It also goes further to referring solutions and giving direction on the right steps to take for living to your highest potential.

Also, numerology brings clarity to complicated and complex feelings that people find hard to understand. It can influence people to redirect their steps and come to terms with the fact that numerology can help them live a better life.
  1. Converting To Numerology​

According to research, numerology awakens a sort of desire among its users. In the sense that once they discover that numerology can help them see things they weren't aware of before, they start to incorporate the use of numerology into their daily life.

Once you're aware of how accurate numerological readings are, you can learn more truths and information about yourself.

Then you can finally be able to understand those complex and difficult feelings you've been having difficulties with.
  1. Strengths And Weaknesses For Purpose​

Numerology when done by an expert will surely yield accurate readings. Hence, people that have witnessed the accuracy of numerology will urge their friends and family to consider using numerology to discover their true identity, strengths and weaknesses.

Through this knowledge, you'll be more aware of how your strengths and weaknesses affect your daily activities and how you can manage them. Also, this could be the reason why you should strive to become a better version of yourself.
  1. So Many Numbers And Meanings​

There are many calculators and online tools out there that you can use to get your core numbers. However, due to the intricacies of numbers and the meanings behind every number, it's best to employ the service of an expert numerologist to interpret your numbers for you.

Sometimes, when you use calculators to arrive at a certain conclusion about yourself, your life path number could hold a different meaning from the initial interpretation.
This happens because numerology is more in-depth and detailed than horoscopes and other methods that have a similar method of operation.
  1. Numerology From Birth​

One of the most amazing facts about numerology is that the readings started right from the time you were born. So it doesn't matter if you love your birth month, or birthday, what matters is that it's never a coincidence. Your birthday, birth month or name all have significance and numerology can help to discover it.

Even if your parents were numerologists and they've foreseen what your date of birth signifies, they still don't have the power to delay your date of birth, hence you weren't born by mistake on a certain day.

So, you have to be proud of your birthday, birth month and name, because as much as certain dates are inauspicious, with numerology, you can discover ways to make them auspicious.
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Jan 9, 2023
To be honest, I don't have a sufficient understanding of numerology except that readers are connecting numbers to people and their fate. Maybe I have to be prudent with my comments on this topic so I would not offend anyone here.

My take on numerology is the same as what I said about horoscope. Why are the fates of people dependent on something? Maybe I am a skeptic. However, I also believe when the prediction has a very high rate of coming true. But then again, predictions are always subject to a low rate of success like 10% more or less. The 90% of predictions are failures.