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Are Psychic Mediums Real?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
It's hard to believe, right? The fact is that certain people possess extra sensory perception and can interpret paranormal activities.

According to experts, everyone has this psychic power and it's called the "sixth sense". If you've ever been able to predict an occurrence or make the right decision due to a strong feeling in your gut then you might have just exercised some psychic powers. But that's by the way.

During a psychic medium reading session, the reader tries to get more information about a person's " aura" to explain certain happenings in the person's life.

The reader can also use this information to give certain guidelines that can help the person make better choices that will affect their future positively.

While there are many authentic psychics, there are also fake psychics who do not possess this paranormal ability. And because of fake psychics flying around, people ask the question: are psychic mediums real?

To provide answers to this question, some research has been made to prove that psychic mediums are indeed real. As a plus, this research is based on facts and statistics.

Spiritual Beliefs​

We'll start by evaluating how much people believe in supernatural and spiritual things around the world. Often, we see supernatural things happen and while some believe that there's a mystic force behind it, others choose to not read too much meaning into it.

Below, you'd find information on the statistics on how many people consult psychics and who these people are from different parts of the world.

Based on a study from YouGov, out of 100%, 22% of Americans have admitted to consulting psychics or mediums at one point in their lives, 72% say they've never consulted a psychic and 6% say they're not sure.

Also, from the study, out of 22% that have used the service of a psychic, women make up a larger portion of the percentage. This is because, naturally, women are more spiritually attuned than men. So, assuming the 22% of people that have visited a psychic makes up 100%, that means, 67% of them are women, while 33% of them are men.

The fact that women believe more in psychics and spiritual things is a recurring theme. This is probably because women tend to have a flexible view of life which allows for more acceptance of spiritual beliefs.

Even among psychics, research has it that female psychics visit other female psychics for consultation or to have sessions. According to statistics, 67% of surveyed psychic women have claimed that they've been visited by fellow female psychics for consultations. On the other hand, just 23% of male psychics admitted to being consulted by their fellow male psychics.

Also, the age range of people that visit a psychic differs from male to female. The age range of males that consult a psychic is from 27-54 years old. For females, because they believe more in spiritual things, the age range starts from 21-60 years old.

It's important to know that this average age range is coming down, especially among females. Because younger people these days are coming to terms with the fact that they need spiritual guidance to scale through life.

Another YouGov study was conducted in France some years back and this study revealed the percentage of people who admitted to having visited a psychic before in their life.

Some countries do not hold spiritual beliefs in high esteem, but we'll make do with the information we can lay our hands-on.

The YouGov survey on France is somewhat similar to that of the US. At least 1 in 5 persons admitted to having visited a psychic and like in the US, the number of women is greater.

As it has been stated earlier, while some countries do not have deeper spiritual beliefs, other countries centre around spiritual things. For instance, in Poland, they have a stronger affiliation with spiritual things.

This is because their community is being dominated strongly by Catholic churches. Not to mention that they have a history of travellers who passed through their land and are known for their psychic prowess.

So, in Poland, it's not strange to find people seeking help from psychics because they already have a strong spiritual background. Statistics in Poland show that at least 50% of their population have consulted a psychic at one point or the other.

Now, before we go on to prove whether psychics are real, we should establish the difference between the types of psychics there are. Truth be told, one psychic cannot substitute for what the other psychic can do.

For instance, a dentist cannot substitute for a neurosurgeon, but that doesn't make the dentist any less of a doctor. So if your case is handled by a psychic that doesn't specialise in that case, then you might think that psychics aren't real because you weren't satisfied with the results.

Types Of Psychics​

The term psychic is a general name for all the kinds of psychics or future tellers that exist, whereas there's more to the term psychic.

Some psychics use different means to get information about you and what the future says about you. Sometimes, they use tea leaves, and tarot cards to get this information.

These days, some psychics can get a good reading of you online when you provide them with information like your date of birth and maybe your zodiac sign. So, if you're seeking the service of any psychic, you have to be specific about the one you want.

Below are some of the types of psychics there is:
  1. Psychics​

Psychics are just people that possess paranormal abilities to give information about future events or places and people that weren't known before.
  1. Mediums​

Mediums are an extraordinary breed. They possess the gift of speaking with the dead. Mediums do not believe that death exists. Instead, they claim that when a person passes on, that person has left the physical realm for the spiritual realm. So when you need to hear from your departed loved ones, you approach mediums because they can pass messages from the dead to the living.
  1. Intuitives & Clairvoyants​

They are quite empathic in their dealings with their clients; they can feel the emotions of others.
Under the intuitive and clairvoyant psychics, there are different types of psychic readings.

-Clairvoyance: This is when the psychic possesses the ability to see visions through the mind's eye.

-Clairaudience: This is the ability of a psychic to hear things clearly from the spirit realm.

-Clairempathy: This is the ability of a psychic to feel the emotions of both people and spirits alike.

-Clairsentience: This is the ability of psychics to have a strong gut feeling to receive a warning or message before others.
  1. Tarot Card Readers & Astrologers​

These types of psychics use instruments like tarot cards or astrology like the time, date and place of your birth to give you information about your life. They could even use this to communicate with the dead.

In light of this, it's also important that you know that on rare occasions a psychic could possess the ability of these different psychics. You may find someone who is both a tarot reader and a medium.

However, as much as there are genuine psychics, there are also fake psychics whose only mission is to extort unsuspecting clients. Well, there's a way you can differentiate fake psychics from the real ones. No genuine psychic will request an exorbitant fee or ask you to buy certain materials to carry out some rituals.

Once you detect that you're been directed to spend money on items like this, then that's a red flag. The best way to get a genuine psychic is to be intentional about it. Just the way you wouldn't want to fall into the hands of a fake doctor or therapist and you make detailed enquiries, that's the same way you should approach finding a real psychic.

So are psychics for real?​

It's quite difficult to believe when supernatural things unfold before your eyes. But psychics do exist and according to the statistics explained above, people still consult psychics. And now there's a tendency that visits to psychics will continue to increase.

Many people are in doubt about the abilities of psychics, especially the ones that have encountered scammers. But the truth is some people are blessed with these gifts and they can communicate with the dead and have a sneak peek of the future.

Although till now, scientists have neither been able to approve nor disprove the existence of psychics and the reason is simple; you can't scientifically prove what is not science.

When you encounter genuine psychics, you'll experience a change in your life. After a session with a psychic, you'll view life in a new light and you'll discover your true purpose.

However, you have to be careful of frauds. Whether you believe in psychics or not, if you meet a fraud, you'll be disappointed. You should understand that if there's a fake, then there's an original somewhere.

Before you book a session with a psychic and give out your hard-earned money, make detailed inquiries first. Only meeting with genuine psychics can clear your doubt as to whether psychics are real or not.
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