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What Types of Psychic Readings Are There?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
At a point in our lives, we've come to understand there's more to the universe than meets the eyes. How so? Sometimes we find mysterious things happening to us and we're left wondering about what exactly happened, sometimes they happen to our loved ones and yet we can't seem to explain what went down.

Other times we find ourselves confused and unsure about the next step to take, it's natural and you're not alone. All humans face the challenge of facing an uncertain future, totally unsure of what the next moment holds.

It's in times like this that you need to get a psychic reading; a psychic reading can help you face the future with more confidence, and it can help you make life-changing decisions without you having to sweat it out.

Don't get this wrong, psychic reading isn't a type of science that has all the facts and logic. No, a psychic reading can be described as pseudoscience which means it's an activity resembling science but cannot be backed up scientifically.

Instead, psychic reading is being conducted by a psychic who uses a cold reading technique to generate some information about you using social clues and random information. Psychic taps into your energy and reads into your past, and your present and gives you a glimpse of what the future looks like.

This could involve the use of different psychic reading methods. If you're interested in seeing a psychic, then you should be well aware of the type of psychic reading you need to get the best from the session.

Different types of psychic reading will be analyzed in this article and at the end, you'll be well informed about the types of psychic reading that there are and the ones that suit your needs.

Common Types of Psychic Readings

  1. Mediums​

One way or the other, you must have come across the term mediums in some books you've read or in some movies you've watched. Also, you must have had a different perception of who mediums are and what they do.

However, to be clear, mediums are gifted with the ability to communicate with the dead. They listen to the dead and pass on their message to the living. They come in handy when you need to hear from a loved one or anyone at all who passed on. Hearing from them could help you find the peace and closure you desire.

Mediums don't believe in death, however, they believe that when a person passes on, he or she has been transited from the physical being into a spiritual being. Hence, mediums do not speak to the dead, they speak to the spirits from the other side, and as such, they're able to sense, feel and hear information coming from them.

So, how do mediums communicate with the spirits from the other world?

There are different ways by which mediums converse with the deceased. Some psychics convey information from the deceased to the living by being a vessel for spirits in need of a human form to transit information to the world. Other psychics are quite sensitive and empathic, so they are assumed to be able to communicate with both the dead and the living.

When considering talking to a medium, be prepared to hear from your loved ones that have passed on, and also, you'll need to be extra patient with these psychics. They are standing in the gap between the dead and the living and that's a position with a lot of responsibility. You should also note that the ways each medium operates vary and so you need to let them work effectively. Also, hearing from your loved ones does not mean that you'll love everything they say, but when you hear things you don't like, do not take it out on the psychic for they're merely vessels.
  1. Tarot card reading​

Tarot card reading is another type of psychic reading. In this type of reading, the psychic mixes and spreads a deck of cards on the table in front of a client. The client is required to pick one, two, or more cards after which the psychic interprets the chosen cards according to the client's situation.

Tarot cards have been in existence for many centuries. It is believed to have come from Egypt and India but it also has a history in ancient Europe. The tarot card has undergone a different upgrade and the standard modern tarot card is coined from the Venetian tarot which is made up of 78 cards. This card's age is further divided into two types: the Manor Arcana(22) and the Minor Arcana(56).

The Major Arcana is used to make meaning of important life issues, the Minor Arcana on the other hand is used to interpret less important and daily life issues.

The Minor Arcana cards are composed of four tarot suits that concentrate on various life aspects. These four tarot suits include Wand, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles. Each of them is representative of different things. Wands depict sexuality, energy, passion, and creativity. Cups represent feelings, emotions, and intuition. The swords depict your thoughts, words, and actions. Then Pentacles represent finances, wealth, and materialism generally.

In the case of Major Arcana cards, the reader needs to pay more attention since they represent significant life issues and as such shouldn't be taken for granted.

Before the tarot reading session starts, you'll need to ask certain questions that you need answers to or questions that require an interpretation. For instance, you can ask about why you have a lot of depression bottled up inside you. To give an answer or interpretation to your question, the reader will mix the deck of cards repeatedly and then spread them out in a tarot card spread fashion.

The reader can use any of the spread methods ranging from the three spread to the five spread, ten-card spread, 7-day spread, and 12-month spread. Depending on the spread that the reader uses, he'll be able to come up with a suitable interpretation for your question.

You might be wondering how picking a random card has any significance in your life. Well, tarot readings do not give you specific instructions on how to live your life, it's only a means of opening your eyes to different possibilities and choices which then help you pattern your life according to the best choices.
  1. Palmistry​

Palmistry, also known as palm reading, has its origin in ancient India. It has since spread into different parts of the world. It is considered a divination practice that involves reading the lines on the palm, hand shapes, and colors to decipher a person's fate and character.

The data the psychic gets from this reading can give information on the different aspects of our lives including our emotional, mental, and health state. Palm reading differs for males and females. The right palm is for females while the left palm is for the males.

The palm consists of five main lines and these lines hold significant meaning. There's the lifeline, the heart line, money line, headline, and marriage line.

A lifeline represents health and physical vitality; it is the line that stretches around them in an arc form. The length of the line has no connection with the lifespan of a person, it only shows one's health and vitality.

Heartline signifies love and emotion: it is the line that stretches from under the fingers. The longer the better.

You'd know whether a person is interested in expressing love and romance if the heart line is short and straight.

You'd know a romantic, sweet and caring person if the line is short and straight.

The money line represents one's career and fortune. This line stretches from the wrist to the middle finger. If the line is clear and straight, the better.

Headline deals with a person's intelligence and mentality. You'd find the headline in the middle of the index finger and thumb. If the line is clear and thin, it means there's a high mental concentration and cleverness.

The marriage line reflects married life and relationships. It is located just above the love line. The number of lines varies from person to person. While some have just a single line, others have too and some have several lines. The number of lines is insignificant, to get any information from it, just read the brightest one.


The common types of psychic reading have been examined in this article, although this is not all, it's highly sought after by the majority.

You can practice the tarot card reading and the palm reading on your own but it's best to seek professional assistance so as not to make a false judgment.

Now, you're aware of the types of psychic reading so you know where to go and where to look when you need one. Do you miss a loved one and want to hear from them? Visit a medium. And for decision making and finding purpose, you can visit either a palm reader or a tarot card psychic.
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