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Types Of Psychic Readings

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022

Psychic reading involves making a specific effort to ascertain information using enhanced perceptual talents, which are organic extensions of the five basic human senses that include sight, sound, touch, and taste.​

Divination (seeing), feeling, claircognizance (factual knowing), listening, and the assertions that emerge as a result of such an endeavor are examples of these natural extensions.

There are numerous types of psychic readings people practice, and we will explore them as we proceed.

Although psychic readings may not comprise the use of any technological tools, a professional psychic reader might still have one or more technical areas of expertise.

Some more popular types of psychic readings include; Tarot reading, Astrology psychic reading, cartomancy or playing card reading, psychometry, aura readings, or Cleromancy readings.

Follow through while we explain in detail what each of them means and more! First, how do psychics work?

How Do Psychics Work?​

Based on their psychic code, each psychic has a specific code of preparation.

They will likely ask you some questions about how they can best assist you when it comes to working with clients, so be prepared.

Based on the type of reading you did buy, you can be requested to prepare questions for the psychic or just to be clear about what you want from the session.

Types Of Psychic Reading​

We will discuss in detail 11 types of psychic reading and how they work.

1. Astrology Psychic Reading​

Astrology is well known for the relationship between celestial object motions and astrological positions, and terrestrial events.

It is said that a person's personality, relationships, and opportunities in life are strongly influenced by the respective positions of the sun, moonlight, and planets at the time of their birth.

There is a birth chart, and a birth chart serves as both a road map for locating one's destiny and a reflection that reflects one's character and potential.

Astrology readings are ideal for individuals who want to discover the truth about themselves or have inquiries about their jobs, businesses, marriages, and finances, as well as those who wish to strengthen their interpersonal bonds.

Generally, Astrology has so many things to say about relationships, families, careers, finances, and health, among other aspects of life.

2. Aura Psychic​

Ever felt the need to check out what your personality type is? You should consider the service of a professional aura psychic reader. Aura reading is a very common and popularly used psychic reading.

In an aura psychic reading, the reader will scan the energy levels and chakras energies to ascertain your personality type and how it may affect any upcoming events in your life. When conducted by a qualified psychic or spiritual healer, aura readings can be very effective.

3. Cartomancy Or Playing Card Reading​

Using a conventional playing card deck, a psychic can make use of the divination technique known as cartomancy to learn information about an individual's past, character, present, or future.

There are four playing suits on the cards and the four suits include clubs, spades, hearts, as well as diamonds.

Each of the suits is in line with a particular domain of life. Clubs correspond to wellbeing and everything about finance, the spade is about troubling issues, the heart to passionate pursuits, and the diamond corresponds to work or fortune.

For those who seek answers to their questions regarding their finances, problems, relationships, and careers using nothing more complicated than a 52-card deck, cartomancy readings are the greatest option.

4. Cleromancy Reading​

Do you want to find out about your fortune? Do you need answers to questions about luck, career, health, loss, as well as success? Cleromancy psychic reading is what you should try out.

Cleromancy is a divination method involving casting lots using small objects like pebbles, crystals, twigs, bone fragments, or beans.

The word cleromancy is derived from the Greek words clerics and maintain, which stand for "lot" and "divination," respectively. Today's cleromancy makes use of dice.

Cleromancy is a long-established tradition that has roots in both ancient China and Egypt. The idea that one's future is already predetermined underlies this form of divination, and as a result, random actions like casting lots have significant implications.

5. Distant Psychic Reading.​

Without ever having a physical and close meeting with the client, a distant reading, also known as "traveling clairvoyance" or "remote perception," can be done.

This covers correspondence via mail, phone calls, text messages, electronic mail, chat, and live stream readings.

Readings conducted via correspondence are typically carried out through letters, emails, or completing a particular form on psychic websites.

Distant reading is also known as telephone readings and is in-person consultation in which the psychic and the client can hear each other through a high-end phone line.

Pre-paid callbacks have become more widespread in recent years due to restrictions on premium rate numbers.

However, in this instance, the customer gives the operator his or her credit card information over the phone and then waits for a call.

6. Lithomancy and Crystallomancy​

One of the most well-known types of psychic reading is called lithomancy which is commonly referred to as crystallomancy.

This is portrayed in popular culture as a gypsy using a crystal ball to tell fortunes within a tent. The reading of stones, gems, or crystals is known as lithomancy.

The stone patterns that they create are symbolic. Lithomancy can be approached in three different ways.

The first method has the psychic giving the significance of the stone before the casting. A white stone can be marked with "yes," whereas a dark stone can be marked with "no."

The second method is very different because in this case the meanings are examined after the stones have been thrown. There are special connotations associated with the stone placement and spacing.

The third method makes use of a grid or arrangement, and the stones are translated according to where they fall within the framework.

Lithomancy Readings can be used to interpret symbols, prophesy the future, and gain insight into a subject.

7. Numerology Reading​

Numerology's oldest written documents were found in Egypt and Babylon. The knowledge of numbers is used to learn details about a person and interpret the person's future.

According to numerologists, anything in the world may be reduced to a meaningful number.

The belief is that a person's birth name and date can have an impact on how their life unfolds. It is possible to calculate a person's life path number and then correctly interpret it.

8. Palm Psychic Reading​

Another well-liked technique for psychic readings is palmistry , which involves analyzing the lines, curves, forms, and wrinkles on the palm to characterize and predict one's destiny.

Because palmistry typically relies on cold reading skills and prior understanding of the subject, it does not require psychic ability.

Reading someone's palms can provide details about their past lives and anything else related to them in the past.

Also, we can say palm psychic reading happens to work best for individuals who are interested in determining their purpose. It also assists an individual when it comes to decision-making, especially in matters about relations, finances, businesses, and careers.

You can as well map your palm by scanning the various lines and uploading some high-quality Images of your palms for a psychic to read online.

Palm psychic reading is now way simpler than before due to the development of a palm reading app that helps you carry on your palm reading. The app can help you with your palm.

9. Psychometry Psychic Reading​

A psychic who practices psychometry claims to be able to learn and foresee details about a person by direct interaction or contact with their items.

For the reading, psychometrists frequently request the person's favorite and most sentimental items, such as wedding bands, clothes, glasses, vehicle keys, etc.

According to this theory, things that are kept close to a person for a long time can absorb some of their "energy."

This approach has been used to try to locate people who have gone missing. Even if it occasionally depends on the reader, this approach also has great success.

10. Rune Psychic Reading​

Before the Latin alphabet was adopted, many Germanic languages were written using a collection of similar alphabets called runes. There is proof that they may have also been used for magic or divination.

In contemporary contexts, runes are inscribed on stones or tablets that are placed on a mat or fabric to predict future occurrences or the direction a challenge or problem is likely to go. Some witches, wizards, and other people who practice divination also make use of runes.

11. Tarot Psychic Reading​

Tarot psychic reading is also a type of psychic that makes use of a tarot card.

The tarot is a potent divination tool by which the reader of a card connects with their Higher Self by deciphering the significance of the imagery, narrative, and symbols in the tarot cards. Tarot reading is for those seeking enlightenment, who require direction while making decisions that may have a significant impact on their lives, or who require the ability to view situations from a wide variety of angles.

Also, this kind of reading focuses on life areas that require adequate attention or changes. Tarot cards can be used by anyone during their psychic practices, however, some people are only identified as tarot card readers. A tarot reader will often use 78 cards and use their special method, which frequently involves asking their clients certain personal questions.

You'll enter the reading with a clear idea of what you want to learn and have it organized into a question or perhaps several questions. There are probably one or more "spreads" that your tarot reader uses.

The Bottom Line​

Lastly, even though they cannot always predict the future, psychic readings can reveal important information about the future as well.

People still have control over their future and can change it by using the knowledge to make decisions that will lead to favorable outcomes. Don't trust these kinds of psychic readings to foretell your marriage or academic performance!

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