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Best Crystals for Psychic Attacks

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Negative energies and attacks are exhausting. A psychic attack can happen anytime, giving a distractive feeling in our daily lives. You wouldn’t know where this came from or who did this to you. But what you can control is to block the psychic attack and keep yourself in peace.

Protecting your zen against these attacks instills calmness and peace of mind. One of the most effective tools to prevent these are crystals. Though these come from the earth, it rejects the unwanted energies and gives amazing protection to life. It will bring you back to the center and attract a positive vibration to your aura.

Everybody deserves stability, inner peace, and a sense of calmness. The best crystals for psychic attacks will attract the positive vibes and protection you need. In addition, These can be carried anywhere, kept at home, or used during meditation.

Properties of Protection Crystals​

Many people see crystals as home decoration or accent to an accessory. Yes, their shiny appearance makes them look pretty, but many are not aware of its deeper benefits. If you are a beginner in protection crystals, here are some of the properties of the best crystals for psychic attacks.


According to a crystal healer, crystals have different elements with which our bodies react. These elements hold different energies. As humans, we can attract the energy that these crystals possess.

The healing properties of crystals can reduce stress and give peace. Certain types of crystals absorb the negative energy and help remove the feelings that are weighing you down. Some protection crystals also offer restful sleep.


Another property of the best crystals for psychic attacks is protection. These crystals have strong energies that repel negative influences. It can protect you from psychic attacks like ill wishes, hatred, and distractions. It also gives the spiritual and emotional protection you need. It can also be used to avoid nightmares for a peaceful sleep. It promotes strength and confidence to get rid of the negative blockages.


Together with protection, crystals exchange the gives energies found in their elements with their wearer. These crystals cleanse and uplift the energy of their owner. It provides the energy needed to create a safe and balanced aura.

It encourages inner strength and courage for new beginnings.

Examples of Protective Stones​

It is easy to feel comfortable because of negative energies from psychic attacks. What you can do to prevent it is protect yourself. You can take control of your own energy and peace by keeping these earth-given gifts. Here are the best crystals for psychic attacks and what they can do for you.


Amethyst is known to promote calm energy to protect your mind against being overwhelmed. It has strong cleansing powers and relieves stress and fear. Negative energies can make you feel drained. If you have amethyst with you, it can give you relief from grief, bring spiritual wisdom, and get rid of bad dreams to aid your sleep.

Aside from protection, it also has healing properties to assist and protect you from addiction and drunkenness.

Tiger’s Eye​

The tiger’s eye has energy and protection properties against making bad decisions. It gets rid of self-doubt and anxiety to help you make concise decisions. It is linked to action and willpower to help you move forward.

Many cultures include the tiger’s eye in their traditions. For them, it keeps evil spirits away. It makes them feel safe and secure in this ever-changing world.


Bloodstone heals and protects you from negative energies. Psychic attacks can make you irritable and impatient, which leads to aggressiveness. When you carry a bloodstone with you, it will give you the feeling of selflessness and idealism. It makes your soul feel restored and empowered.

If you are struggling with dealing with your emotions, bloodstone is a great mood stabilizer. It gives energy and brightness that leads to a bright direction.


Pyrite is famous for its golden hue. Not only it looks good, but it also gives protection against impulsive spending and negative thoughts. It is known for its detoxifying abilities and for attracting financial stability.

It welcomes positive changes in life as it releases negative energies.

Black Obsidian​

Black obsidian is used by healers and shamans for purification and unleashing inner powers. Known for their black hue, obsidians absorb the dark energy to keep you or your home safe from toxic energies and unhealthy attachments.

Many people use this crystal to counter psychic attacks and revert it back to the sender. It cuts ties with people who do not bring good vibes. However, black obsidian needs to be cleaned regularly for continuous protection.

How to Use Protective Crystals​

You can have the full benefits and properties of the crystals by knowing how to use them properly. Depending on the crystal and the protection you want from it, you can leave them at home or bring them with you anywhere.

Place Them in Different Parts of the Home​

Everyone wants to feel safe in their homes. This is where we spend most of our time and rest. To keep the negative energies and bad aura away from your home, most crystals are arranged in the four corners of the living room.

For black obsidian, it is recommended to be placed in the front door or pathway going inside your home. It prevents the bad energies brought by people coming to your home.

For a peaceful sleep, you can place an amethyst under your pillow. It can block bad dreams that are caused by psychic attacks.

Place Them in Your Pocket​

Placing protection crystals inside your pocket can help you feel safe wherever you go. You can place it in your chest pocket to release any negativities from the body. These crystals absorb energy and protect you from negative vibrations from anything that surrounds you. It removes negative thoughts, anxiety, and psychic attacks.

Make it a Jewelry​

Crystals can also be used as a fashion staple in the form of jewelry. You can wear your crystal jewelry anywhere, and it keeps you safe from a bad aura. Because of the appearance of some crystals, they can easily be incorporated into different types and styles of wardrobes.

However, not all crystals are to be made as jewelry. Some are most effective when they are placed at home.

Benefits of Wearing Protective Crystals​

It Makes You Feel More Energized​

The elements in the structures of crystals are believed to have energy that transfers to the energy fields of the body. As the crystal vibrations absorb the negative energies trapped inside your body, it releases their properties to make your soul feel renewed.

Reduces Stress​

Psychic attacks are focused on a person’s well-being. With these crystals, you will be able to repent the factors that may cause you stress. These crystals serve as a reminder of calmness and healing energies.

Enhances Mental Well-Being​

Crystals often increase the state of concentration. As it interacts with your body, you will feel more focused, relaxed, and able to concentrate on what you are doing. Most crystals reduce the anxiety levels, which makes someone overthink.

Cleansing and Charging Protective Stones​

Recently bought crystals are required to be cleansed. Usually, these are submerged in salt water for an hour to recharge their absorbing powers. These can be left resting for a few hours or days.

It may also be cleansed under natural light. This is a form of ritual cleansing, and is typically done before nightfall. The energies from the natural resources make the crystals feel lighter.

Saging can also be done to cleanse and charge the absorbing powers of your crystals. As you light the sage, hold your crystals in the smoke for at least 30 seconds to cleanse them. This is usually done outdoors or near a window where there is natural light. You may listen to healing music and have it as a regular ritual.


It can be hard to identify if you are being attacked by psychics. As long as you have these crystals with you, you can repent of these attacks and replace them with good energy and a healing aura. These crystals can make you feel light, relaxed, renewed, and energized. Keeping them with you or at your home can take away psychic attacks and have the protection you need.


  1. Where can I buy crystals?​

It is best if you buy a crystal from a well-known crystal shop. They can provide recommendations on which one is good for you.

  1. Does running water cleanse crystals?​

Yes. Aside from salt water, running water may also remove the bad energies absorbed by the crystals.

  1. How often should I cleanse and charge my crystals?​

They should be routinely cleansed and charged monthly. If you are feeling heavy or experiencing a negative aura, you can cleanse them anytime.

  1. Can I combine two crystals?​

Yes, crystals offer different properties. If you want to have a peaceful home, you can use amethyst and black obsidian in your home.

  1. How would I know which crystal is best for me?​

It will depend on how you are feeling and what you want to attract.

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