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The Best Psychics in Minnesota

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
The world of psychic reading is a debated topic anywhere. Whether deciding on something or knowing the future, many individuals seek guidance from psychics. For believers, psychics can guide them to avoid misfortunes and remove curses. Some visit psychics for entertainment, but some believe in metaphysical omens.

Many psychic services exist in the USA, and Minnesota is no exception. There are psychic services here and there which are believed to have valuable insights. The locals have seen psychics in Minnesota as people they can rely upon regarding tarot readings and spiritual healing. It can be a question or guidance in career, life, or business.

Many locals and tourists alike are making the psychic industry in Minnesota grow. The availability of the internet made it easier for people to look for a psychic in Minnesota. These psychics offer different services and readings.

Historical Perspective​

Psychics in Minnesota have been available since 1800, who were Native Americans. These early settlers in Minnesota believed in interpreting dreams and astrology to have spiritual guidance in their decisions and future.

By the 1900s, the number of psychics had grown, and more people started to approach them for the readings of their futures. Because of the demand for psychics, many shops that offer psychic services were established in the Minneapolis-Saint Paul area, making it available for anyone who needs spiritual guidance.

Today, the state holds various annual events where psychics gather together, and individuals can seek guidance. In addition to psychic fairs and expos, the psychics are also consulted for paranormal TV series, business and career advice, and reaching out to deceased family relatives in case they need answers relating to their deaths or just to know that their souls are in a good place already.

Different Types of Psychic Services​

Initially, the services provided by psychics in Minnesota were tarot card reading and mediums. As the modern age approached, many psychic services were added, including interpreting dreams, clairvoyance, and astrology.

Tarot Card Reading​

Though the psychic services have expanded, tarot card reading remained the most famous psychic service available in the state. A psychic uses a unique deck of tarot cards to provide guidance in an individual’s future.

Sometimes, the psychic pick the cards, or they let their clients choose their cards. Through these cards, they can evaluate the past, present, and future of their client. The psychic’s advice will depend on what will be the reading of the tarot cards.


Mediums, also called channeling, is a form of communication between a psychic and someone from the spirit world. Individuals who would like to connect to a spirit can receive answers to their hanging questions.

The process of channeling involves a session where the psychic connects to a deceased individual and asks for guidance or answers the living individual may need. Some individuals do this to get the closure they need from a negative experience.

Dream Interpretation​

Another psychic service that people seek is interpreting their dreams. For centuries, dreams have been believed to be connected to an individual’s waking life. Psychics in Minnesota can help individuals uncover their dreams' hidden meaning. From this, they can provide insights into what can happen and how the individual can prevent these from happening.

In this psychic service, the individual should be able to provide the details of his dreams. The symbols, animals, themes, and people in the dream may mean something in their client’s waking life.


In clairvoyance, psychics in Minnesota use their extraordinary senses to provide meaningful insight into their clients’ lives. Usually, they provide this psychic service to people who are seeking spiritual healing or peace from emotional and physical trauma.

Their extrasensory perceptions are used to see things not visible to the naked eye. Sometimes, psychics use their abilities to see visions and premonitions to warn an individual. They also use this to acquire information on their clients’ past, present, and future lives to have a better understanding of what their clients are going through.


This psychic service is one of the most ancient practices that psychics use to see someone’s future. They base their insights on the alignment of the stars and planets. With this service, they can provide their clients with an expectation of their future.

In this service, the psychic looks at the alignment of the stars and planets within the universe. They can create a forecast of their client's life and warn them of future negativities.

General Psychic Readings​

Psychics use their intuitions when providing psychic readings. These intuitions will be based on the answers provided by their clients about their current life situation. Through psychic readings, an individual can have a better understanding of circumstances and gain clarity in their lives.

Psychics can provide guidance through the spiritual energies present in their client’s life. Since this will be based on the client’s answers, many psychics in Minnesota offer virtual psychic readings through video conferencing, chats, or onsite.

Varied Locations and Prices​

As the psychic industry grew in Minnesota, the people's interest made psychic services more accessible to the public. Many are located in Minneapolis, Carver, Crystal, and Faribault.

In Minneapolis, the rates of psychic readings will depend on how the client wants to communicate with the psychic. A text message or email reading with two questions has a median rate of $60. A 30-minute phone call with a psychic start at $90, while a 45-minute reading can go up to $125. Some psychics offer group readings at $60 for a 20-minute session of 3-6 guests, while larger group readings start at $150 per hour with a minimum period.

In Edina, 10-minute private readings have a median rate of $25, while an hour of psychic readings may go up to $125. However, mediums or channelings are quite expensive. The rate of connecting to a deceased individual starts at $100 for a 20-minute medium session.

In Carver, the median rate for a 1-hour in-person psychic reading is $100. It is more expensive when the psychic give their readings via phone call or video conference, starting at $200 per hour.

In Crystal, the rate depends on the psychic service a client needs. Palm reading starts at $35, tarot card reading at $65, and full-life reading at $165.

In Faribault, a 30-minute session of psychic reading in person, via phone, and video conference start at $75. Some offer psychic reading with energy therapy that starts at $125 per hour.

Local Well-Known Psychics​

Allison James​

Allison James is one of the well-known mediums in Minneapolis. She was known for psychic, medium, and animal reading. Her process of reading involves the client writing down his questions according to their priority. By doing this, clients will not be distracted by the answers to the questions. Each session with Allison James lasts for 60 minutes for an in-depth reading.

She creates a connection with the client before starting the psychic reading session. By the end of the session, she will disconnect with the mind, body, and soul of the client by doing 3 to 5 minutes of quiet and private time.

Kathryn Harwig​

Aside from being a psychic, Kathryn Harwig is also the author of several psychic books. She believes that every human has a psychic ability that reawakens as they reach 50 years old. For her, the death of a loved one can trigger an individual’s psychic ability.

She also hosts intuitive forums where members can participate in mini-readings from other local psychics without fees.

Kate Greenway​

Kate Greenway has over 25 years of psychic experience in tarot cards and intuitive reading. She uses tarot cards to provide insights into someone’s past, present, and future. Her readings are incorporated with different cultural traditions she had learned.

She has been among the most familiar faces at every Minnesota Renaissance Festival.

Benefits and Drawbacks​

The practice of seeking help and answers from psychics has always been a part of the culture of Minnesota. Now that they can be reached easily, more people are trying to get a psychic service. There are many benefits of availing of psychic services. However, there may also be potential drawbacks to talking to a psychic.

One of the most prominent benefits of going to a psychic is they provide spiritual guidance and advice. By knowing what to expect in the future, talking to a spirit, or helping with difficult decisions, psychics can make you understand what you are going through in life. In addition, psychics create a spiritual connection during sessions which makes their clients comfortable in sharing their life circumstances.

Because of its accessibility, many are getting scammed for money. So-called psychics ask for payments and deliver false psychic readings. In addition, people should only use psychic readings as a guide and insight. There is no evidence that these readings can be accurate. Sensitive people may also find psychics intimidating since they will be delving into the past.


For many years, the psychic industry has received a lot of controversies, especially from non-believers. However, people from Minnesota have been seeking services from psychics for years for answers that only they can answer.

There are a lot of psychics in Minnesota that offer different psychic services. Many are offering virtual sessions through phone calls or video calls for convenience. It is important to remember that when hiring a psychic, you should be able to create an emotional and spiritual connection for a comfortable reading session.