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What is Psychic Reading?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
It's natural for man to want to have control over events and happenings around him. Man feels like he has dominion over everything and so things must go according to his wish.

But as the saying goes, if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. Life doesn't always go according to plan. Sometimes we experience happenings that are beyond our understanding in our lives. And most times there's only so much our human knowledge can do in trying to demystify these mysterious happenings.

However, at a point, we start to realize that we have to seek knowledge that supersedes ours and possibly get answers.

Not everyone believes in the fact that there's a mysterious being that controls the event of things.

However, you'll find people who are ready to know what's going on in their lives seek more knowledge from a psychic reading.

What is a psychic reading? We'll deal with that in a bit, but getting a psychic reading can be a key to unlocking uncertainties and getting answers about things going on in your life.

Mind you, there are different types of psychic reading and all of them will be explored in this article. But before we get to the types of psychic reading and why you need to get a psychic reading, we must first establish what psychic reading exactly means.

What do you understand by psychic reading?​

Psychic reading is the ability of someone (a psychic) to intentionally try to know more information about another person through the use of heightened perceptive abilities.

Sometimes, a psychic does not have to be possessed to carry out a psychic reading. Some psychics just try to get more information on you through the use of heightened senses like the sense of touch, sound, taste and instinct. This ability is mostly a gift.

This is the 21st century where technology is taking over the world and everyone seems to believe that everything revolves around science.

Psychic reading however has been able to prove that there's more to life than science and facts. Scientists have tried to prove that psychic readings are based on science but they can't because psychic reading is pseudoscience.

There are many misconceptions about psychic reading like the session is false and the readers are only trying to extort people of their money.

But regardless of these controversies, you'll still find people showing interest in getting a psychic reading because they believe that the world is controlled by a supreme being.

A psychic reader, through a process called the "cold reading technique'', will try to get information on a person and then use that information to guide them on the steps to take in the future.

What types of psychic readings are there?​

There are different kinds of psychic readings and each of them will be explored below:
  1. Mediums​

There's a possibility that you've heard of the term mediums. Whether you're an avid reader or a fan of movies, you must have come across this term before. What do you know about mediums?

Mediums are people that possess special abilities or gifts to communicate with the dead. When someone needs to hear from the dead, they go to a medium.

The medium listens to the dead and tells the living what they heard. This may sound absurd, but it's true. Because mediums believe that there is nothing like death.

Instead, they believe that when a person's soul leaves their mortal body, they are no more humans, but spirits. So mediums are not communicating with the dead per se, they're merely able to feel, hear and sense what the spirits are saying.

Whenever you need to hear information from a departed loved one, a medium is the best person to approach. However, before approaching a medium, you should prepare your mind for the worst. You might not always hear what you want to hear, but it's no fault of the medium, they're merely vessels.
  1. Tarot card reading​

This type of psychic reading involves a psychic mixing and spreading a deck of cards in front of his client. The client is then asked to pick one, two or more cards after which the psychic tries to deduce meaning from the chosen cards.

Tarot cards have been through different upgrades and modern psychics are now using the standard modern tarot card. There are 78 cards in the standard modern tarot cards and they are divided into two: Major Arcana(22) and Minor Arcana(56).

The Major Arcana is used to interpret major and important life issues. The Minor Arcana is used to interpret less significant life issues.

How does this type of reading work? You'll need to first ask the psychic questions that are troubling your mind or questions that you need to get an interpretation for. The reader will then spread a deck of cards in front of you and ask you to choose one.

The reader uses the card you pick to give an interpretation of your question. Mind you, Tarot card readings do not give specific guidance on how to go about issues in life. It only gives you a general overview which is better than dealing with life issues blindly and cluelessly.
  1. Palmistry​

Palmistry, just as the name implies, involves reading the lines, colours and shapes of the palm to get more information on a person's fate and character.

The psychic can get information on all aspects of our lives including emotional, mental and health states. Palm reading is different for both males and females. The right palm is peculiar to the females while the left palm is peculiar to the males.

There are five main lines on the palm and these lines have different important meanings. On the palm, we have the lifeline, the heart line, money line, headline and marriage line.

  • The lifeline represents health and physical vitality.

  • The heartline signifies life and emotion.

  • The money line signifies one's career and fortune.

  • Headline signifies a person's intelligence and mentality.

  • The marriage line signifies married life and relationships.

Why You Should Try a Psychic Reading​

  1. It gives you peace of mind​

Peace of mind is very essential that even the wealthiest of men cannot live comfortably without it. But how can one have peace of mind when he's uncertain about many things happening in their lives?

Lack of peace of mind can create a void in your heart that only peace can fill. Lack of peace causes restlessness and uneasiness.

So whenever you feel something is troubling your peace of mind, a psychic is available to bring peace back to your life. Getting a psychic reading gives you a better perception and view of life and you're able to approach life confidently.
  1. It validates your decisions​

Sometimes in your life, you make a decision and you're unsure if that was the right decision or not. Or sometimes you feel stuck and you can't even make a decision.

Getting a psychic reading can help you make better decisions. After a psychic reader has conducted a reading session with you, you'll be better informed on the happenings in your life. And armed with the right information, you can tackle life's issues and make better decisions.

You could be stuck making decisions on your marriage, career or what have you. A psychic reading gives you a better sense of direction.
  1. It Gives You A General Overview Of Your Life​

We can't deny that sometimes we do things that amaze us and others. When this happens, we feel we lack an understanding of our true abilities and capabilities. You can't understand others when you lack an understanding of yourself. Neither can you love others when you don't love yourself?

However, a psychic can come to your rescue by tapping into your energy. When they do this, they give you information about certain areas in your life that you don't know about. When you're able to understand yourself and the things that happen in your life, you can have a better relationship with others.
  1. It Can Redirect Your Life​

Have you ever felt like you're retrogressing instead of progressing whereas your peers are advancing in life? If you've ever felt that way, it's because you lack a vision of your mission and purpose.

However, a psychic can help you tap into your life's vision. A psychic can help you address issues from your past, present and future.

A session with a psychic can help you discover your purpose and set your life back on track. With the information you get from a psychic, you can go ahead and measure up with your peers. Because then you now have a purpose that you need to work towards and achieve.
  1. It Gives You Inspiration​

Truth be told, it may be difficult to carry on with life when you lack inspiration. Lack of inspiration is what makes you feel like you can't amount to anything or you can't make anything work.

But once there's inspiration, life comes to your soul and your spirit is brought back to reality. When you're inspired, there's almost nothing you can't get done.

Getting a psychic reading can help you get that inspiration you need to carry on with life's activities seamlessly.
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