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What is A Psychic Life and a Psychic state?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
When it comes to anything psychic, then you already know that it's something that has to do with our mental, physical and spiritual states.

There's more to this life than just waking up, going about our activities and sleeping at the end of the day. There's so much happening around, some we can control and some we can't.

In this article, you'll discover more about what a psychic life is and what a psychic state is too.

What is a psychic life?​

A psychic life operates outside natural laws. It surrenders its entire existence to the ruling as guidance of a supernatural force. Psychic life is quite aware that there are forces that supersede natural laws and they're aware that these forces have a way of influencing natural life.

There are many complications regarding the psychic life and at times, it gets too difficult for the average man to navigate himself through the psychic life. That's why it's important to have a psychic life coach.

At the same time, you can't just choose a psychic life coach without making some investigations and ensuring that they're worth their salt. So what should you look out for in a psychic life coach?

Psychic Life Coach Checklist​

Who is a psychic coach? A psychic coach reads people's energy and feels and sees a lot about a person. With their ability, they can see what's disturbing you just by reading your energy. Everyone has this energy, and yes energy can be read and psychic life coaches have the natural ability to read energies.

A psychic life coach is not there to control your life, instead, they're available to help you navigate your psychic life successfully and help you whenever you feel lost or confused.

A psychic life coach can help when you're about to do something very significant like starting a new business or a new career. Or maybe you want to have better relationships with people whether in your relationship or work life. Or maybe you're just trying to find yourself and connect more deeply with yourself. A psychic life coach is everything you need to guide you through this process.

That's why you can't choose any dick and harry as your psychic life coach because their role is very vital and significant to be handled by a fake. Before you go on to choose a coach, you should be aware that there are no regulatory bodies for coaches, talk less of a psychic life coach. So you're entirely responsible for your choices.

So the first thing to watch out for is how well to connect with your coach. Do they make the hair at the back of your neck stand or do you feel at ease whenever you're with them?

Without further ado, let's dive into what to look out for in a psychic life coach:
  1. What Methods Does the Coach Use?​

Psychic life coaches have different approval for their work. Some are spiritual and may use other psychic reading methods like tarot card reading or palm reading. Some just read into your energy and provide information on what seems like the best step to take of all the available options.

It doesn't matter what techniques your coach uses, what matters most is that you're able to connect with them and feel at ease in their sessions.
  1. Does the Coach Empower Me?​

The main purpose of a coach is to inspire, motivate and empower. So the big question is, does the coach empower you? Here, you have to be critical and pay more attention to your gut feelings. Trust your gut and avoid any coach that's trying to force themselves on you. A good psychic coach will not force you to hire them, but you'll know the one that can help you achieve your goals when you follow your guts
  1. Does the Coaching Process Make Me Self-Sufficient?​

A good psychic life coach empowers their clients with self-coaching tools that they can use on their own after each session. You can use these tools to effect the change you want to see in your life.

The reason for this is that there will come a time when you'll no longer be with your coach and you will need to thread the path of your psychic life all on your own.
  1. Does the Coach Address My Needs?​

When you're looking for a psychic life coach, the conversation should revolve around your needs, goals and vision. And how the coach's programs and sessions can help you achieve these goals.

If the coach doesn't resonate with you on this, or if the coach is trying to push their spiritual beliefs on you, then they're not the best psychic life coach for you.
  1. Is the Coach Trustworthy?​

If you want to know a good psychic life coach, they'll be someone who has gathered years of experience in their field. And you mostly find reviews and testimonials on their websites, from their past mentees. This doesn't sideline new coaches; the main point is that you should have a connection with your coach to have successful sessions.

What is a psychic state?​

The psychic state is rather encompassing as it touches not only our mental state but our psychological and emotional state too. The emotional psychic state deals with a person's emotions especially about pleasure or dejection. The psychological psychic state deals with one's emotional and behavioral adjustment.

There are common psychic states we're already used to. There's happiness, sadness, anger and the likes. But how about some emotions we feel but we probably haven't found a name to qualify them? Below, you'll find 6 feelings(psychic states) you may have felt before but never knew existed.

6 psychological states you've experienced but never heard of​

  1. Dysphoria​

This term is used to describe a psychological disorder; it's a state of sadness but not the typical feeling of sadness. This one comes with a mix of restlessness, anxiety and sometimes irritation. It's the opposite of euphoria. You may have experienced this feeling after you've had stimulants like coffee or chocolates. Or this may be your reaction to depressing situations or extreme boredom.
  1. Enthrallment​

The emotions you're familiar with are further broken down into categories and subcategories. Emotions like joy have other subcategories among which is enthrallment. Enthrallment is not similar to other subcategories like cheerfulness or relief. Neither is it similar to love or lust. You might have experienced enthrallment when you're in a movie or a concert; it's that feeling that transcends you from your current mood to a higher happier mood, like a state of intense rapture.
  1. Normopathy​

Normopathy is used to describe people who do not have a stand of their own, but always want to conform to societal norms that become their lifestyle. A normotic person is usually considered to have no personality at all; always seeking to please society.

Extreme normopathy is the point where the normotic person can no longer bear the pressure of society. At that point, they become violent and dangerous because they're trying to prove something they've kept hidden for a long time. Many people have experienced this feeling at one point in their lives.
  1. Abjection​

The feeling of abjection can be described as the feeling a newborn baby feels when he's being separated from his mother's body. That sense of separation causes a traumatic feeling that we bear for most of our lives. Then there's a recurring feeling of abjection when we witness an event that makes us doubt our essence or existence. Abjection is when you witness something like a corpse. At that moment, you realise that the corpse could have been you. And that there's almost nothing stopping you from becoming a corpse too. When reality hits you hard and you feel like puking, that nauseous feeling is unpalatable.
  1. Sublimation​

The feeling of sublimation is when you convert your sexual desires from having sex to doing something productive like painting or writing. You must have experienced this feeling at a point in time. The feeling of transferring your sexual frustration into completing a job or doing something else. However, there's another concept for sublimation. Sublimation doesn't always have to mean shifting your sexual desire to other activities. It could simply mean moving your affection from one person/object to another,
  1. Aporia​

You must be familiar with that weird emptiness you feel when you discover that a belief you've held so dearly is not true. Or does something you've thought not to be true turns out to be true? Or the feeling of something could or could not be true and you could never get the answer, right? These feelings are all valid and it's called aporia. This feeling is quite common in a generation like ours with too much information.

On a final note;​

All these feelings are psychic states that we sometimes find ourselves in. Sometimes we feel some type of way but we can't place our fingers on what kind of feelings they are. Well, whenever you experience any of these, you're simply in a psychic state, it's a phase that will pass. Just like the normal feelings, you're used to; you can't be happy or sad forever. The same applies to the different psychic states.
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