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Psychic Predictions 2023

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Every year, we look up to many psychic predictions in different fields. Much has happened from last year. That's why the public is eager to know the psychic predictions for 2023. With the new year, psychics give insights and predictions that may guide them not to experience the same as they did in 2022.

Many people have believed these predictions for years since many of these have happened. Psychics provide predictions for celebrities' or politicians' futures. People look forward to many a better economy, technological advancements, and political changes that may help them improve their quality of living.

But will these happen in 2023? Here are the general predictions that may or may not suit your life.

Economic Outlook​

The public looks for a better life this 2023. The COVID-19 pandemic and the Ukraine-Russia war are still ongoing. The global supply chain is still in chaos. Though the global economy is slowly recovering from the previous events, inflation will rise quickly.

Many psychics foresee a recession in the next seven years. The cost of living in many countries will rise. Many people will continue to lose their job, and businesses will close. Many global manufacturing plants are shifting from China to other parts of the world because of high labor and manufacturing costs.

The slow rise of GDP is evident in the market predictions of different organizations. However, psychics see that the economy of the USA is most likely to return to its pre-pandemic state before the year ends.

Technology Advancements​

Tech companies already introduced Artificial Intelligence late last year. It is expected to thrive in different industries but may still need help from human skills. Various industries expect AI technology to revolutionize them and for AI to perform tasks like humans.

However, these tasks will only be possible with humans. In addition, some of the information provided by AI technology needs to be more accurate and provide earlier information. It will be most helpful for the creative industry, especially in creating digital art.

More innovative devices will emerge, making humans do their daily tasks easier. These will not be limited to wearable devices but will continue to thrive in household appliances. AI will also be present in the medical industry as it will help diagnose patients.

Psychics also predicted the integration of metaverse into both physical and digital goods. More tasks will be automated and computerized. Automation will help the medical industry. New vehicle models with better technological advancements will be released. The prediction is that the internet speed will improve as more people continue to use the internet.

Electric vehicles will continue to rise. Many businesses will integrate a more eco-friendly production process. People will see more self-driving cars on the streets. Though its safety is still a concern, 2023 will be the year for safer autonomous driving.

Social/Political Changes​

According to psychics, there will be less human to human interactions in 2023. People, especially the youth, will depend on communicating with social media platforms. Unfortunately, this will not expose them to the real world. Most youths are susceptible to believing what they see on social media.

Because of soaring inflation rates and the loss of jobs, many people will go to the streets and protest. It will be an issue for some communities, and people will blame local leaders. The agricultural sector is also slowly getting weaker. It may be a food shortage, especially in swine and poultry.

As for politics, the US presidential candidates for 2024 are now preparing for their campaigns. However, Joe Biden is still the frontrunner in the democratic party, and Donald Trump for the republicans.

Politics worldwide will be interesting, especially in the elections of Turkey, Nigeria, and Spain. Psychics predict that Vladimir Putin will still lead Russia. Due to this, predictions about transatlantic relations against Russia will be possible. The Ukraine-Russa conflict will not end this 2023.

Psychics see Japan as the new geopolitical actor. The country will align with the US and help defend Taiwan against the Chinese. China will not fully invade Taiwan this year since the country is more focused on fighting the COVID-19 outbreak.

Environmental Predictions​

This year, people may experience several natural disasters, damaging different parts of the world. There will be massive thunderstorms, flooding, and heat waves. It is due to climate change that the public ignored before.

The heat waves will most likely cause wildfires. Extreme weather conditions may lead to crop failures and the spread of diseases. Wildlife will also continue to become deteriorated. As urbanization increase, the habitat of wild animals will be at risk and may be a massive problem in biodiversity in the incoming years.

Businesses have started to embrace eco-friendly solutions in their operations. However, it is already quite late since carbon emissions will continue to rise. People should prepare for these disasters and stop activities that may harm the environment. Many organizations advise the public to use renewable energy to reduce the adverse effects on the environment.

Scientific Discoveries​

Psychics see many scientists discover treatments that can cure severe illnesses. A new medicine will help cure Alzheimer's disease. Authorities will approve psychedelic medicines for the treatment of PTSD and depression. And many medical experts are already eyeing to provide medicines that can reduce diseases due to aging.

A flu vaccine will prevent another surge of COVID-19, especially in the winter season. It will prevent overcrowding of hospitals, high mortality rates, and overworking hospital personnel.

Astronomers will do more space explorations this year. It includes new planets to discover and moons in the solar system. Experts predict that a new spacecraft will enter the solar system to explore the possibility of a human stepping on Mars in-depth.

2023 Predictions from Psychic Medium John Edward​

Videos of John Edward are circulating on the internet, especially in TikTok. Since many are watching videos on the platform, they become interested in what John Edward has to say for this year.

Like other psychics, John Edward also predicts that public figures should be responsible for their actions. It is not limited to politicians. His predictions also talk about celebrities and billionaires.

According to him, large corporations should take care of their employees. He sees that some corporations might be more interested in making money than caring for their employees.

David Carroll: Bold, Fearless Predictions for 2023​

David Carroll is a broadcaster and columnist known for his accurate predictions during the 1980s. This 2023, Davil Carroll once again made his predictions. These include sports, politics, and current trends.

With many worldwide issues, people will eventually forget about Elon Must, Bitcoin, and Harry and Meghan. However, with the continuous rise of inflation rates, people are considering how politicians will provide solutions. He predicted that Joe Biden would give the public non-sensible comments and need clarification about many topics.

He added that congress would be a mess, reacting to different issues and pointing fingers because of unresolved concerns and worst outcomes. Carroll also predicted that leaders in congress would pass a few laws and sit down and do nothing. They will only care about public exposure, sending out prayers and sympathies.

Like before, fuel prices will rise, and politicians will keep quiet about it. Once it lowers, they will praise themselves for doing something about it. David Carroll did not name who would win the next presidential elections. Still, he predicted that a presidential candidate would be adored by many and favored by many Americans.

As for sports, David Swanson will be a star in Chicago Cubs. The Golden Gophers will play in the playoff championship games of collegiate football.

He also predicted that there would be notable deaths of a politician, an actor, and a music legend. However, he did not name anyone, just like how famous psychics make their predictions regarding celebrity deaths.

"Psychic" Scientists Predict 2023!​

A Biologist and DNA specialist predicted that a million-year-old biological sample would sequence successfully last year. Earlier this year, scientists found DNA fragments from over a hundred species in Greenland–Nature published in early 2023.

Phil Plate also predicted last year that JWST would launch and astronomers would send their first photo to the Earth. It happened, and an infrared observatory could share photos of the cosmos.

Phil Plate also predicted that astrologers would discover Planet Nine as a new celestial body but eventually be proven wrong. Instead, they will turn into selling NFTs. However, astrologers could not see that there is indeed a Planet Nine. But the prediction partially came true. An astrologer shifted to the NFT industry.

Another prediction for 2023 was about a field test of CRISPR that male mosquitoes will help reduce the transmission of the Zika virus. Again, it partially came true because researchers had genetically modified male mosquitoes but could not relate it to the Zika virus.

Psychic Claudia Valdes Has Some Predictions for Hamilton in 2023​

Claudia Valdez is one of the well-known psychics who owns Psychic Studio. According to her, there is no need to panic about the COVID-19 pandemic this year. The world will not experience what happened in 2020 because of the virus.

Mental health will be a concern this year. The public will be more interested in this topic, leading to protests.

She was not able to provide many predictions about politics. However, her spirit guides have told her to prepare and be alert.

Final Thoughts​

These predictions are not proven to happen. Yet, it can guide how people should plan, especially since predictions tell many people will lose jobs and businesses will close this year. Everyone should prepare for how the economy will go in 2023. People should also prepare for any natural disasters that may come this year.