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The Mysterious Third Eye Chakra

At one point or the other, we've all wished to have a sixth sense. Well, what if I told you that you have just that you haven't discovered it yet?

Located in the centre of your forehead in between your eyes, is the third chakra. The chakras are considered to be the energy centres that are spread throughout the body and they affect our well-being and perception. The third eye chakra which is also known as Anja is believed to be the sixth chakra in the body. It is situated in between your eyebrows and it's believed to be the seat of inner wisdom, intuition and spiritual communication.

Some people believe that when the third eye chakra is open, it brings wisdom, perception and a deeper spiritual connection.

Scientifically, the idea of the third eye chakra cannot be proven but over the years many traditions and cultures have supported the idea that the third chakra exists.

In this article, you'll learn more about what the third eye chakra is, what the third eye chakra can do and how to open it.

What is the third eye chakra?​

The third eye chakra is considered to be linked to:

  • Clarity
  • Concentration
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Spiritual perception
  • Universal connection

The third chakra is believed to be connected to the pineal gland. The pineal gland is a small pea-sized gland in the brain that's shaped like a pine cone. Its functions are not fully known but scientists believe that it produces and regulates some hormones, including melatonin. Melatonin plays a significant role in sleep patterns. However, psychics, seers and mystics view this gland as a tool that can be used as an organ of universal connection.

The pineal gland plays an important role in different cultures across the world. In Ayurvedic philosophy, the third eye is depicted by the Anja chakra. And in Ancient Egypt, the symbols of the Eye of the Horus are similar to the location of the pineal gland in the profile of the human head.

What can the third eye chakra do?​

Although the third eye chakra cannot be scientifically proven,
It's believed by experts to be an opening to the spiritual world. When you develop your third eye, you're opening up a path to all things psychic.

Also, when your third eye chakra is not opened, you can experience various problems, like:

  • Uncertainty
  • Cynicism
  • Lack of purpose
  • Pessimism

The physical eyes are used to see physical things, but the third eye helps you to see things that are connected to the spirits. There are many benefits involved in opening your third eye, they include:

  • Mental clarity
  • Improved concentration
  • Clear self-expression
  • Strengthened intuition
  • A sense of bliss
  • Decisiveness
  • Insight

The third eye and mental health​

It's not fully understood how the third eye can impact us spiritually and emotionally, however research shows that the pineal gland volume may be linked to mood disorders like schizophrenia.

Some people have come up with theories that there's a connection between the chakras and mental health. This is just a theory but it isn't accepted scientifically.

Some believe that when the third eye is opened, it acts as an opening for spiritual communication. These include:

How to open your third eye chakra with 10 tips​

Do you want to know how to open your third eye? Below, you'll find 10 tips on how to achieve this.
  1. Be Introspective​

If you want to discover more about yourself, then you shouldn't neglect the power of introspection. Being real with yourself about everything that's going on with you helps you improve better on yourself.

The ability to honestly highlight your feelings, your thoughts and areas where you need to improve on yourself helps you find clarity and understanding of yourself. One good way to practise introspection is by keeping a journal. Write everything down without being biased toward yourself. And don't forget to revisit what you wrote down.
  1. Pay attention to your dreams​

Sometimes we dream, other times we don't. But if you're in the habit of shrugging off every dream the moment you wake up, you can't open your third eye that way.

Sometimes, your dreams may be exciting, scary or whatever you have. Whichever one it is, try to pay attention to them. If you can't remember them for a long time, then record them in detail with the date and time in a journal. Also, you can seek help in interpreting your dream if you find it difficult to do so.
  1. Practise breathwork​

Breath work not only helps in opening your third chakra, but it's also useful in everyday life. When you're stressed and you breathe in and out, you become calm.

That's the same way it works when you're trying to open your third eye. There are different types of breathwork. The butholotropic breath work is designed to open your sixth chakra. Holotropic breathwork works for inner healing and it works better when you combine it with evocative music.

Breathing techniques are a good way to calm the mind and keep it focused. It brings clarity, inner knowing and understanding.

Other types of breathing techniques include Nadi shodhana (alternate nostril breathing). This type of breathing involves you breathing with your left nostril and covering your right nostril with your right thumb. Then you alternate the process.
  1. Try chanting​

Chanting can also help you to open your third eye. According to Teacher Rosie Acosta, the author of You Are Radically Loved: A Healing Journey to Self-Love says that the ohm chant is associated with the chakra. This is a good sign because according to research, this chant has been able to deactivate the brain for utmost concentration.
  1. Use hand gestures​

Rosie Acosta recommends the use of hand gestures (mudras) which is the physical version of a mantra. Rosie fully recommends the use of the Gyan mudra; this involves joining the finger and thumb to form a circle. The Gyan mudra is also called the wisdom mudra. When you practice this hand gesture, you're opening up your third eye because this gesture is connected to it.

The Gyan mudra provides a sense of transparency and insight. It helps you to focus on your meditation. With your hands joined together in the Gyan mudra style, you're subconsciously sealing in the energy. Also, it helps you stay present and focused because once your hands start separating, you realise you're drifting from the meditative state.
  1. Practise intuitive movement​

One of the best ways to open your third eye is by engaging in the physical movement of the body, based on intuition. Intuitive movement involves paying attention to your body which is always sending you messages. It means, listening and responding to your body without questioning why.

It has saved a lot of people from danger and when asked why they say they just felt their body wanted to move and they moved it.

You can't master intuitive movement in a day, it takes practice, consistency and understanding of your body. You should be able to differentiate when your body is not convenient and when it's passing an intuitive message to move. When you're able to agree with your body, you can be able to activate your sixth chakra.
  1. Do some Kundalini yoga​

Kundalini yoga is a great way to open your third eye chakra. The Kundalini yoga practice session is often intense and spiritual especially when you centre on certain kriyas. Whenever you're carrying out the kundalini yoga, pick kyrias that focus on the pineal glands and pituitary glands.
  1. Don't stop your regular yoga practice either.​

If you're not used to the Kundalini yoga, you can continue with the standard vinyasa practice. It can also help in opening your third eye.

One of the best poses for opening the third eye with the vinyasa yoga is when your forehead is pressing into the floor.

While at it, focus your attention and energy on the chakra, stay in that position for two to five minutes, take a deep breath and think about the type of world you desire.

Another good pose is to fold your body forward. As your head is dropping beneath your hips, blood and oxygen are being released into your brain and the third chakra is being opened.
  1. Eat a nutritious diet​

Your diet plan plays an important role in opening your third eye. If you eat junk food more than you eat real food, you don't stand a chance. The food you take into your body is essential for chakra alignment, it governs your energy.

Instead of eating junk, let your diet plan contain purple foods like blackberries, blueberries, grapes, eggplant purple kale, and purple sweet potatoes. Incorporating this food into your diet will help open your third eye.
  1. Try using essential oils.​

Using essential oils can help to open your third eye too. Use oil like lavender (which also helps to relieve stress and can be applied on the hair and skin), sandalwood and frankincense. These oils can help stimulate the pineal gland.
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