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What are Psychic Weaknesses?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Illnesses, bad feelings, and exhaustion are all possible outcomes of being the target of a psychological assault. Another way, your mental energy is running low, leaving you vulnerable to certain forms of harm. Knowing your vulnerabilities to an opponent's assaults gives you a fighting chance. When it comes to the mental realm, what exactly are the psychic weakness?

The kind of psychic ability determines the extent of your vulnerabilities. When a person is attacked psychically, it feels much like any other emotion. Unless you already feel fragile, you will be unable to detect it. Self-healing is always an option, but negative energies pose a threat if you cannot deal with them.

The emotions of envy, jealousy, and rage may all motivate such assaults. The psychic that is assaulting you can control your psychic energy, your feelings, and your will.

Ghost-Type Psychic Weakness​

Because of the many ways in which their personalities manifest, they may be a distraction. Their presence manifests itself in the form of noise, smoke, or chilly air. The objective of a psychic assault is to cause you emotional distress. You will quickly run out of steam if you don't know how to defend yourself against their harassment, you will soon run out of steam.

When pitted against its kind, a ghost has trouble. They are defenseless against the same assaults that have weakened them. Physical defense against spirit types is impossible. Curses, however, may protect you from their blows. Lighting them up when they are most powerful in the dark might confuse and weaken them. Their recurring nightmares further deplete their already low strength. They will feel drained of psychic power even after waking up.

Dark-Type Psychic Weakness​

They can use ghost-like, undetectable attacks. They share many traits with ghost kinds, making it difficult to formulate an adequate response. In the shadows, this kind of psychic becomes more aggressive and perceptive.

If a psychic of the vicious kind assaults you, they will try to make you feel like you're not in the actual world as a form of mental punishment. The effects of sound and shock waves on them are debilitating. Their natural habitat is dark, so even a single spotlight might throw them off.

They might suffer psychological harm from aromatic mists and charms. Adding steam to your environment has the same effect.

Fighting Psychic Weakness​

Combat psychics do physical damage in their strikes, making them both a nuisance and a threat. You can weaken and prevent their mental assault if you launch a counterattack at the first hint of trouble.

What they want is to intimidate you into focusing on anything else. It's common knowledge that psychic warriors are the most powerful psychics. They can physically damage objects and engage in violent conflict with those they want to avoid.

Using your mental skills to assault those with a fighting style weakens them. When someone is charmed, they not only physically cut but also suffer emotional damage. They get disoriented and drained of mental energy by the intense beams, steams, and strong odors. The sound waves also confuse them, and the chilly winds weaken them physically and spiritually.

Poison Psychic Weakness​

After being assaulted and poisoned, your body may feel the consequences. It's possible to become unconscious, immobilized, or even pass out from one of their strikes.

Aromatherapy may restore their vitality even if they are immobilized or in deep slumber. Even if a non-poison psychic studies poisoning, they won't be able to make assaults on the same scale as poison psychics.

When confronted with a bone, a poison psychic will crumble. They may feel burning due to the combination of the hot sands and strong gusts. Temporarily erasing their memories, being confused by a telekinetic force, and falling asleep rapidly after being hypnotized are all things that may happen to them.

Violet Psychic Weakness​

No one can deny that this type possesses the highest psychic ability. Those with violet auras are said to have exceptional psychic abilities. They have such immense power that they can sway the minds of others around them.

Their preferred tactic is to keep their prey befuddled and sleeping. More than that, they can use their telekinetic powers even at great distances. Yet, not every person who identifies as a violet psychic has the same degree of clairvoyance. Some are better than others at fending off attackers, while others are the strongest.

Although they may have the most potent psychic skills, they also have the most vulnerabilities. They worry excessively, imagining the worst-case situation because they think they should be ready for it. Certain people are also vulnerable to poison and ghost attacks.

Fairy Weakness​

The magical abilities of fairies are not reflected in their appearance. Their telepathic abilities are on par with those of the other varieties. Psychics' energy may be depleted by their ability to seduce and emotionally injure their victims. Their physical attacks are useless, though.

They may cause mental and emotional distress to their prey, but they are no match for the destructive forces of poison and steel. If poison-type psychics were to assault them, they would likely be immobilized and put to sleep. They might be weakened and poisoned by the smog caused by dirty gas emissions.

In addition to being vulnerable to poison, they are also unable to withstand steel's corrosive effects. It has the potential to deplete their mental energy, and they are unable to protect themselves against a psychic assault. They become vulnerable and easily distracted when exposed to fire and explosions. Attacks motivated by envy may cause the victim intense heat and a burning feeling.

Scarlet Weakness​

The powers of scarlet kinds are not uniform. Some of them may be easily harmed by spirits or steel when attacked. Their skills are excellent yet intimidating when used in an assault, much like those of violet psychics. Their skills often originate from their distant forebears. Because of this, some of their mental powers are more developed than others.

In the same way as their strengths and skills vary, so do their weaknesses. Some scarlet psychics share the shortcomings of the other sorts. Fire and explosions, bright lights and steam, overpowering odors, and telekinetic hypnosis are all ways to divert their attention.

The Bottom Line​

Numerous psychic styles have been identified in terms of their abilities and limitations. Your mental calm and energy may be protected against those who want to disrupt it by learning your type and identifying your vulnerabilities. As a counterpoint, it is helpful to know the vulnerabilities of other psychics to attack them. Remember, however, that your psychic powers should never be utilized maliciously.