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Astrology Quotes

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Astrology is increasing in popularity these days, and many people fall back to astrology for validation and guidance. In layperson's terms, astrology is the study of how the position of celestial objects and astronomical events at the time of your birth affect your personality and the general course of your life.

According to astrology, your zodiac signs reveal almost everything you need to know about yourself, your personality, strength, and weaknesses. At some points in life, we're confused about the next step to take and how to deal with specific situations. Astrology can help provide guidance and directions and facilitate your journey in life.

If you're at that crossroad where you feel lost and don't know what to do next, seek astrology to help you discover the right path for you. Also, you may find it interesting to learn what your zodiac says about you if you're unsure how they relate to your life.

In this article, we've provided some astrology quotes and a little explanation. Hopefully, they can inspire and motivate you and help you learn more about yourself.
  1. We are one with the universe​

Thinking about it, one cannot comprehend the vast nature of the universe. The sea, sun, stars, moon, animals, and everything else in the universe is evidence that the universe rests. But you should note that it's only our presence as humans in the universe that validates their existence. Without humans, there's nothing like sound, color, patterns, beauty, or scent. We produce these things because we're just as powerful. The stars don't know it's a star till we validate it. The oceans don't even know what it's capable of till we show them. We are one with the universe because nature exists in our awareness.
  1. Life is full of possibilities, time to embrace them​

If the stars need to align before you make any progress, then it means the stars are always aligned. The sky is big enough to accommodate millions of stars, and so is the earth. The earth is big enough to accommodate billions of people and for everyone to maximize their potential to the fullest.

The stars are permanently aligned, and you need to get and drag the bull by the horns. Maintain a positive mindset, and you can achieve anything you want.
  1. Be the person your sun sign says you can be​

There's something known as sun-sign astrology; this is when an astrologer makes a prediction based on only your sun sign. Your sun sign reading may not be as accurate as a full chart reading, but a sun sign reading shows you a good view of your goals, wishes, and other general aspects of your life. Sun sign reading is the best for at-a-glance prediction and helping you know what other celestial objects have in store for you.

In astrology, the sun presides over your ego and overall essence. It shows you the standards you live by and the impact you'll leave on the world. It circles your significant achievements and the type of person you want to work on becoming your whole life. The sun sign is the center of your character, and other parts (like your moon sign) show your personality in more detail. Think about your natal chart as a bag of potentials, with each placement making you lean more into different behaviors and other aspects of your life. Even if you know nothing about your time and other signs, your sun sign already says a great deal about you. With your sun sign, you can discover your most significant potential and make the most of it.
  1. Stars change, and so can we​

If there's one thing that astrology teaches you, it should be that nobody is capable of perfection. As humans, we are pressured to be a better version of ourselves and be so perfect that we don't make mistakes. But the fact remains that the more conscious we are of not making mistakes, the more we earn.

You're not giving yourself the chance to be yourself. It's okay to have mentors, but it's not okay to mirror their lives because you have different lives. The circumstances surrounding their existence are different from yours, and that's enough to make you another person.

The stars look beautiful high up there, and people look up to them. But do you know that the stars change their position and move? They don't let the fact that people spend hours and years stargazing hold them down in one place.

You can do the same, do not let other people's opinions restrict you from growing and evolving. As a human, you can rise, fall, feel and make mistakes because you're not perfect. If the stars, with all their beauty and elegance, can change, why can't you?
  1. You're compatible with any sign; it all depends on what you can put up with​

The concept misleads many people that you must be in a relationship with a sign that matches yours. This concept is wrong because is this to say that all relationships with matching signs never fail or break up? The answer is no.

The real deal in a relationship isn't the signs; it's simply the willingness of both partners to commit to each other. Before astrology was discovered, people fell in love with whomever they wanted, and their love blossomed. They were not caged by the mentality that their signs had to match before they could experience a smooth relationship.

There's no perfect relationship; both partners must be willing to embrace each other's faults and find perfection in each other's perfection. It doesn't matter if one of you is Aries and the other is Gemini; what matters is your willingness to be compatible.
  1. Sometimes the person you think is your guiding star is a blockbuster, and it's best to walk away before they consume you​

Sometimes the people you trust so much not to hurt you, especially if you think your signs are compatible, are the ones that hurt you the most. Humans are very fickle, and most of the time, they act on impulse and for self-gratification. If you expect too much from someone because you have their signs checked, you may end up disappointed. Not everyone is well equipped to live up to these expectations, and they live life in any way they deem fit.

The people you thought would never hurt you, or you thought they'd guide you to the right path, maybe supernovas, and when they explode, they consume you and leave ruins in their wake. The tables may be reversed, and you might be that supernova to someone else.

You don't have to focus too much on your signs that you forget to be you. Also, you don't accept bad personality traits and behaviors because your character validates them. If it's wrong, it's wrong, and it'll be in your best interest and that of others that you work on yourself. If you're not the best version of yourself, you can never be compatible with any sign, regardless of your character.
  1. Couples with the same sign have the same qualities, both positive and negative. And sometimes, it's challenging to love someone with the same negative qualities as yourself.​

For couples that believe so much in astrology and signs, it's hard to cope when they discover that it's challenging to live with their partners because they find them overbearing. This could be because they share the same qualities. The issue here is that some people believe that because their signs are "compatible," then everything will work out fine without trials and tribulations.

It doesn't work that way. If you desire the best result, you must put in the extra work. As a couple, there should be a way you can learn to accommodate some excesses and be more understanding of each other.

This principle extends beyond marriage. It's also applicable in your working and general relationships with others. It may be challenging to love someone with the same qualities you dislike, but when you work more on yourself, you'll be able to embrace others' excesses.
  1. Astrology reveals the wills of the gods​

The idea behind astrology is that the gods dwell in the stars and other celestial objects. From there, they're able to communicate with humans. In the past, people communicated with gods, and these days, astrologers can discern what the gods may mean by reading the stars.

The readings you get from astrologers are synonymous with the gods communicating with you. When you get an astrology reading, you'll be able to get clarity on some confusing issues and get ahead in life.
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