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Planets Symbols Astrology

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Astrology is the study of the movements of the planets and the use of those celestial motions to understand the larger movements of the universe.

Reading astrology is like reading the bigger narrative that underlies the events in our universe, if we were to say it more poetically.

Even though each of us only serves as a single cog in the larger machine, astrology tells us how every cog fits together. It provides information on how each of us fits into the overall scheme of universal history.

Every planet we'll discuss as we proceed represents a universal aspect of human existence that is present in all of our life. They have control over various aspects of our minds, including the needs and desires that shape who we are.

Now, without further ado, let's look at the different planets' symbols of astrology and what they mean generally and in our lives.
  • Planet Symbols​

A planet symbol is a pictorial depiction of a classical planet or one of the contemporary planets that is used in astrology and astronomy. The planets' related metals and their corresponding days were represented by the symbols in alchemy and calendars, respectively.

Although their present shapes are an innovation from the 16th century, the use of these symbols dates back to Classical Greek-Roman astronomy.

However, the International Astronomical Union dissuades the use of certain symbols in contemporary research articles, and their style guide suggests one-and two-letter acronyms for the identities of the planets for situations where planet-wide symbols may be used.
  • Earth Symbol​

Although it does not allude to a mythical character, the sign of the Earth has several interpretations. The most common interpretation is that the four primary compass points are represented by the circle with a cross in the center.

The Globus Cruciger, a traditional Christian image representing Christ's rule on Earth, has also been used to represent it. However, this sign has been adopted by many different cultures all around the world and is not simply associated with Christianity.

These include, but are not confined to, the Egyptian Ankh, the Celtic Cross, the Greek Cross, and Norse mythology (where it is known as the Solar or Odin's Cross). It was also a common symbol in Native American cultures, representing the four sacred elements and the four spirits of direction.
  • Moon Symbol​

By scientific standards, the moon is not a planet either, yet it performs a comparable role as a powerful celestial body in astrology. It expresses our emotions, sensations, instincts, intuition, and mindless selves in this particular situation.

Often, the symbol that the moon was in the time you were born represents an interior identity that may be distinct from the personality characteristics that your solar sign suggests are predominant on the surface.

It demonstrates the highest-quality ways to take care of and nourish ourselves. It's essential to know your exact birth time and place because the moon changes signs quickly (about two to three days), making it difficult to determine your moon symbol accurately.
  • Mercury Symbol​

The planet Mercury rules both Gemini and Virgo. Being dominated by Mercury can indicate that you are perceptive, talkative, and adaptive, but on the flip side, people under the influence of this planet can also appear unsure of themselves, critical of others, and tense and nervous all the time.

Mercury-dominant individuals can occasionally be endowed with a cutting wit, quick wit, and a rapid rate of learning.

But because of their brilliance, they could also be skilled at deception. For instance, Gemini, the sign of communication, is talented at expressing what they are feeling and thinking.

The systematic method that Virgo processes information is evidence of their aptitude for global analysis.
  • Venus Symbol​

Venus addresses our sense of value. Its potency is linked to our sexual proclivities, partner-seeking tendencies, capacity for dispute resolution, and social graces.

Because of this, understanding a partner's Venus symbol is the sign the planet was in at the time they were born—can help you understand how they like to be loved. Every four to five weeks, the globe shifts into a different sign.

Venus also governs our financial affairs, which is related to the subject of self-worth and how we prefer to feel appreciated. Our Venus symbol and our style sensibilities when it concerns crafts and fashion are strongly correlated because she is also the embodiment of beauty and harmony.
  • Sun Symbol​

The sun is frequently used as a symbol for the source of energy and life. This celestial body stands in astrology for the ego and the conscious mind. It represents our resolve to live and our vital energy.

The planets orbit it, making it the center of our solar system, indicating the importance of this object in our mythologies and archetypes. As a result, the sun has come to stand for who we are at our core.

In the astrological chart, the sun is significant. Happiness and a sense of harmony are known to characterize those who improve decision-making with their solar symbol. It takes a lot of understanding to comprehend and work with your sun symbol.

Additionally, to put it another way, the astrological sun symbol can be used to explain the motivations behind your choices.

In contrast, the moon offers you the aspirations, emotions, and dreams that rule your life. Aligning with your sun symbol means aligning with your greatest potential & best self. It is a reflection of who you are.
  • Mars Symbol​

Mars, the fiery and dynamic planetary ruler of Aries, symbolizes our bodily ambition, thus knowing what sign your Mars is in will help you choose a fitness routine that will be most beneficial to your body.

For instance, a person with Mars in Cancer would love yoga's emphasis on the mind-body connection, whereas a person with Mars in Gemini might prefer switching things up with a variety of intense cardio sessions.

Mars is indeed the planet that governs our sexual cravings because of its link to the physical and its affinity with energy and passion. Around six to seven weeks, it changes signs.
  • Jupiter Symbol​

Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system, which makes it difficult to pinpoint its overall function and influence. It is typically the planet that is most closely associated with our religions, philosophies, and beliefs. It is also associated with luck and fate.

Jupiter ultimately wants us to follow what makes us the happiest and what ignites the most excitement, joy, and drive.

It is also the planet of exploration and teaches us how, depending on the magnitude we were born in, we can experience growth in our life and broaden our horizons through travel, further education, or something else. Every two to three years, it switches signs.
  • Saturn Symbol​

Whenever the planet decides to return to the position it was in when you were born, typically in your late twenties, you are essentially boosted into adulthood and are known as Saturn return. Saturn is known as the sky's structural taskmaster.

Larger esoteric questions regarding purpose and personality that frequently accompany growing pains can arise as a result of the significant milestones or life changes that are characteristic of this age. Saturn is a symbol of our perceptions of boundaries, authorities, engagements, obligations, structure, and labor.

Because of this, understanding your Saturn sign can enable you to identify your greatest difficulty in life and offer some advice on how to successfully tackle it. Every three to four years, it switches signs.
  • Uranus Symbol​

When it gets down to Uranus, which is regarded as one of the contemporary planets and was founded in 1781, not long after the theories of astrology and astronomy had been established, innovation, science, and technology are the order of the day.

Its impact is a force for evolution and change in contrast to Saturn's rigidity and structure, which contribute to the disruptive nature of the current Saturn-Uranus square.

Uranus' effect is more generational than personal because it is far from Earth and moves between signs every seven to eight years.
  • Neptune Symbol​

The distant planet, Neptune, is concerned with our ideas, dreams, and mystical tendencies. You would be shocked to discover that it rules the sign of Pisces and that when it enters a retrograde transit, it can make you consider the difference between reality and illusion and inspire you to demand complete honesty from both yourself and those close to you.

Similar to Uranus, it transits between signs slowly—about 10 to 12 years—which broadens the scope of its generational influence.

Neptune is also associated with the sense of unity we could have during prolonged meditation, as well as with narcotics, caffeine, alcohol, and other chemicals that can affect our minds.
  • Pluto Symbol​

Pluto is referred to as the deity of the underworld. Its logo features a cross with a crescent above it and a circle inside the crescent's curve. Pluto is a planet with transformational and modifying abilities.

Pluto-related individuals are always reinventing themselves; even if they stumble, they can get back up.

People who are affected by this planet frequently start new chapters in their lives. Pluto carries deep connotations like evolution, transformation, sovereignty, death, and reincarnation.

If Pluto has a strong hold on you, your personality may be intense. People under the influence of Pluto are constantly looking for the causes of events rather than just their effects.

Those who live under this planet's rule will pursue the truth with tenacity until they discover it. Pluto, the god of the underworld, is adept at seeing under the surface for unseen forces and answers that others might overlook.

Those that are affected by this planet won't ever have to worry about failing because, even if they do, they have the ability to rebirth, which means that every door that closes to them will open another. What crumbles will rise once more.

Wrapping Up​

Finally, every planet symbol in astrology discussed above represents a universal aspect of our human existence that can be found in all our life on earth. They are capable of controlling so many aspects of our minds, instinct, emotions, and personalities. These things shape our desires and mindsets.
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