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What are Dream Symbols?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Dreams can be classified as mysterious events from our unconscious mind. They're like messages written in languages that are difficult to decipher in reality. However, there are ways that we can study our dreams and get meanings from them by interpreting them according to certain symbols.

Although these symbols are not the certified way to interpret dreams, and they may not be accurate, they give you an idea of what your dream could mean.

But before we go into details about what dream symbols mean, let's get some understanding of symbolism, dreams, and the symbols in dreams.

What are Dreams?​

Dreams feel like movies, but if they're real, we'd be able to control them, skip the parts that feel scary, and take a pause when we feel like it. But when you're dreaming, you find yourself doing different kinds of things that don't add up or mess with your sanity. How is one supposed to understand everything that's happened in the dream in reality?

In ancient Egypt, dreams were just another way of seeing. Dreamers were trained to dream to foresee matters and make better decisions in the state. According to the Greeks and Romans, dreams were access to the future or a means through which their ancestors communicated with them.

Dream Interpretation According to Freud​

Sigmund Freud, the Australian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, also has something to say about dreams. His theory is that when you find yourself flying in a dream, it represents wish fulfillment, or it means repressed wishes trying to find their way to the surface.

If you dream about searching for new rooms in your home, then it may signify that you're searching for new opportunities. And when you dream about sex, then that's just about it. Sometimes, the brain makes you dream about certain things without any attached meaning to them.

30 Common Dream Symbols​

  1. Animals​

When you dream about animals, it symbolizes that part of your psyche is feeling a strong connection with nature and survival. Or when you dream about being chased by animals, it means that you're bottling up emotions like fear and aggression.
  1. Babies​

Dreaming about babies might mean that you desire your offspring too, or it could mean how badly you need to be loved. They could also mean a new beginning.
  1. Being chased​

Dreaming about being chased may imply that there's a possible threat over your life, it means there's a threat sentence hovering around you in reality. So you may need to take a step back and think about who might be threatening you.
  1. Clothes​

Dreaming about clothes symbolizes how we want people to see us. If you dream about wearing bad clothing, you may feel less attractive and ugly. So it might be a message for you to improve your appearance.
  1. Crosses​

Crosses have subjective meanings, it all depends on your religious standing. Some perceive dreams about crosses to mean death or the end of a phase. The happenings around that time of the dream will help add more meaning to the dream.
  1. Exams​

Dreaming about exams can imply self-evaluation. The content of the exam could reflect a part of your life where you need to inspect and improve.
  1. Death of a friend or loved one​

This kind of dream symbolizes change and may not necessarily mean that you'll lose a loved one. However, if you've just lost a loved one, that may just be a coincidence or an attempt to accept the dream.
  1. Falling​

Dreaming about falling is a symbol that shows your anxiety about moving on, losing control, letting go or not being able to keep up your successful streak.
  1. Faulty machinery​

Dreaming about faulty machinery because your language centre has been shut down and you can't dial a phone, read a book or browse the Internet. It can also mean that you're anxious about performing.
  1. Food​

Dreaming about food symbolizes knowledge because food has all the nourishment for the brain to function well. On the other hand, food could just be food.
  1. Demons​

Demons are usually feared both in dreams and reality. Dreaming about demons may mean bottled-up behaviour. It may also mean that you change your behavior to a better one.
  1. Hair​

Hair has a relationship with sexuality. When you dream about having massive hair, it may mean virility, while hair loss in a dream signifies loss of libido. Hair loss in the dream can also be a projection of your fear of going bald.
  1. Hands​

Of course, you can't dream about yourself without seeing your hand, but when those hands are tied up in a dream, it signifies feelings of guilt.
  1. Houses​

When you dream about houses, the building means your inner psyche. Each of the rooms in the building represents different emotions, memories and interpretations of some past
  1. Killing in your dreams​

This doesn't necessarily make you out to be a murderer. It symbolizes a part of you that you want to kill. It may also be a projection of your hatred for a particular person.
  1. Marriage​

Dreaming about a marriage symbolises your desire to get married too. Or it could mean a connection between the feminine and masculine parts of your psyche.
  1. Missing a flight​

Missing a flight symbolizes that you may be going through tough and frustrating times. It could be that you've missed a great opportunity in life or it could mean you're having a hard time making a decision.
  1. Money​

Money can be a symbol of self-worth. If you dream that you're dealing with money, it may mean you're expecting to see a change in your life soon.
  1. Mountains​

Mountains signify obstacles, so dreaming about climbing over a mountain means overcoming obstacles and achieving success. Meanwhile, watching a landscape from the top of a mountain could mean reviewing your life without any judgement.
  1. Nudity​

Nudity is a dream symbol that shows you revealing yourself to others. It means you may experience a level of vulnerability while being under the scrutiny of others. At the same time, nudity might just be your urge for sexual desires.
  1. People (other dream characters)​

Seeing people in your dream is a reflection of your psyche or a demonstration of some aspects of you.
  1. Radios and TVs​

They signify means of communication between the conscious and unconscious minds.
  1. Roads​

Dreaming about roads is symbolic of your directions in life. It may lead you to think about the steps you've taken in recent times or steps you're about to take.
  1. Schools​

This dream symbol is mostly common in children and teenagers. But it doesn't necessarily mean that they're schooling in the dream, it may reveal the need for you to study and know yourself better.
  1. Sex dreams​

Sex dreams may signify your desire for sex. Or they may convey the unification of your unconscious mind with your consciousness to produce a new version of yourself.
  1. Teachers​

Dreaming about teachers signifies surrounding yourself with people that you can learn a couple of things from. Or people that motivate and inspire you.
  1. Teeth​

Dreams about losing one's teeth may mean the fear of growing old and becoming less attractive to your spouse or others.
  1. Being trapped(physically)​

Dreams like this are considered nightmares because it's usually terrifying. But what it signifies is your inability to escape from certain situations or your inability to make the right decision in certain situations.
  1. Vehicles​

They are symbolic of how much you feel you have control over the happenings in your life. For instance, are you in control of the car? Is someone driving you or the car is going out of control?
  1. Water​

Water is symbolic of your state of mind. If the water you dream of is in a calm and peaceful state, then it reflects your state of mind. But if it's stormy, then you're lacking peace of mind.

Embrace your dreams​

Without dreams, both good and bad, we might probably enjoy our sleep more. But as you know, dreams can be controlled and when they come, they either come to send a message or bring an answer. Either way, dreams play an important role in our existence.

Sometimes, we get satisfaction from our dreams and other times, it leaves an unsettling feeling in the pit of our stomachs. However, you should note that your dreams don't define you. Instead, they're only meant to help you stop and think about your decisions and ways you can improve on yourself. Not every dream has a meaning, sometimes you just dream because you have to and because it's natural.

On a final note;​

Dreams are important but they don't make up who you are. Some successful people don't dream. Some people dream and they forget everything the dream is about even before they wake up.

These dream symbols are here to help you get clarity in case you get confused at a point. They're just there to let you know that you're not losing your mind and that there may be something the universe wants you to be aware of.
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