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What are Psychic Strong Against?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Psychic attacks can make a regular individual exhausted, stressed, and experience negative emotions. The effects of these attacks on psychics are more extreme since they are sensitive people and have extrasensory abilities that can see and feel beyond the real world. As an individual that is given an extraordinary gift, you should be aware of what is psychic strong against.

The elements that can weaken a psychic are endless. However, you can counterattack these with certain moves. If you know what you can do when you are being attacked mentally, emotionally, and spiritually, you can prevent these from making distractions in your daily life.

By knowing the right thing to do and where you are strong at, you will be able to protect your aura and prevent positive energies from getting drained.

Benefits of Knowing What is Strong Against Psychic​

Protecting Your Aura​

Your aura is the energy that protects your physical body and mental and spiritual health. Though having an aura is not backed by science, psychics believe that a healthy aura keeps your life in harmony and your energy strong.

If your aura has become weak due to negative energies, you are more susceptible to illnesses, spiritual disturbances, and emotional inconveniences. Your aura isn’t fixed. You must protect and cleanse it for motivation and sustain your brain power.

Retains Your Energy​

Your spiritual energy is as vital as your physical energy. A good level of positive energy prevents you from being anxious and stressed. Knowing your strengths as a psychic will help you keep your intuition strong and protect you from negativities such as stress and being overwhelmed.

Moves Most Effective Against Psychic​

Though another psychic can attack your weakness, there are moves to counterattack them to protect your energy and aura. When your emotions are overwhelming, you have sensory overload, or you feel exhausted, you are most likely attacked by another psychic. Here are the following moves you can do against it.

Set Energy Boundaries​

Psychics are sensitive and often feel empathy toward other individuals. Due to this, their energies are often drained, which makes them weak. Energy Boundaries are defined as a layer of protection that surrounds the energies of a human body. Maintaining boundaries will help your intuition, which your psychic powers need to work.

Setting energy boundaries needs a lot of practice since psychics are sensitive individuals. You must declare to the world that only yourself is allowed in your space, and you don’t need to always agree with everything.

Empathic Shield​

Absorbing the stress and negativity from other people is stressful. If you are always empathizing with other people, you will often feel overwhelmed and strongly affected by the attitude of the people around you. If you can differentiate the feelings where you are strong, you can still acknowledge others’ feelings without absorbing them.

You can create an empathic shield by breathing out toxic energies, moving away from what disturbs your peace, and limiting physical contact. The empathic shield will help you feel energized and will prevent emotional manipulation.

Psionic Shield​

If you create a psionic shield, you can restrict mind controllers. Psychic attacks are usually focused on mental hallucinations, hypnosis, and telepathy. It will prevent you from psychic penetrations that are done by another psychic.

Manipulating your mind is the key to creating a psionic shield. If you know how to trust your intuition and keep your emotions safe, you will be able to protect your mind against mind attacks. A meditation exercise usually creates a powerful and protective sphere in your spiritual energy. The more you focus on protecting your psychic shield, the stronger it will become.

Tap on Your Other Chakras​

All psychics have seven chakras located in different parts of the body. You can tap them as a whole, or you can tap a single chakra that needs balancing. If your chakras are manipulated by another psychic, you will find it challenging to release certain emotions, lack motivation, or experience feelings of helplessness.

There are different ways to tap on your chakras. You can try breathing exercises, yoga, meditation, or tapping them literally on a specific motion.

What is Super Effective Against Psychics​

If you think another psychic has been attacking you, these processes can help you minimize its effect or block them entirely. You will be ready for anything that may distract your thinking or make you feel negative emotions frequently.

Psychic Blindspot​

A psychic blindspot is an ability to protect certain information when a psychic is attacking you. Another psychic may use this information to attack you more on your weaknesses. By creating a psychic blindspot, the other psychic cannot access your personal information, even if they use their psychic abilities.

Mind Anchoring​

Mental anchoring helps in reducing fear and keeps your emotions balanced. It can be done through visual, auditory, or olfactory processes. You will be immune to psychic displacements done by another psychic. It creates immunity against mind exchange or mental assimilation.

To test if mind anchoring works for you, you must decide how you want to feel. You need to have a moment of peace but still connect your subconscious to what’s happening.

Strong Against Steel​

Steel does not have any elements that can overpower a psychic ability. Psychic abilities are believed to be stronger than physical abilities. There are psychic exercises that involve steel, especially when developing telekinesis. However, the steel cannot repent of this psychic ability.

Strong Against Fighting​

Fighting against someone’s psychic attacks is possible. With developed psychic abilities, you can repent these attacks. A psychic’s extrasensory abilities are stronger against fighting since these are non-violent and affect how a person thinks, which can be a powerful tool to manipulate fighting abilities.

Strong Against Poison​

Before an individual poison a psychic, they can sense the energy behind it. A psychic has a unique ability to know if there are people who would like to hurt them. In addition, poison can only affect a person physically. Psychics can use their powers to manipulate the minds of others, and the physical form of the target does not limit their power.

The Bottomline​

What are psychic strong against? Many elements cannot overpower a psychic ability. If you think you are weak against some psychic abilities, some processes and moves can block these attacks and prevent them from draining your positive energy. As long as you regularly cleanse and develop your psychic powers, you will be stronger against anything that may be used or done against you.