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What Is A Psychic Therapist?

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Life, they say, is not a bed of roses. This means that at certain points in our lives, we get torn by thorns, betrayed by friends and heartbroken by loved ones. Sometimes, we feel the pain so literally like we're being torn apart from limb to limb.

The pain of heartbreak and betrayal can be so much to bear that those who are not strong enough end up taking their lives. And for those who can get through the pain and heal, they often do that with help from a third party, probably a therapist.

At some point, the anvil of problems seems too heavy to carry, and it gets difficult to even breathe, except you let out what you've been holding in for too long. In this case, many people seek the help of a therapist.

Who is a therapist? A therapist is a trained professional who helps patients with psychological treatment and rehabilitation. They don't necessarily have to perform any surgery or what have you, they simply hold talking sessions with their clients about what's bothering them.

A psychic on the other hand is someone who possesses extrasensory perception (ESP), and they use this ability to access information that cannot be sensed by normal senses. They use their ability to help individuals discover new information about themselves or view themselves from a better perspective.

So, what is a psychic therapist?​

People like to visit a therapist, especially when they need professional advice to overcome some hurdles or difficulties in their lives. A psychic does almost the same thing, but with a higher perceptual ability.

A psychic therapist, however is someone that allows you to talk about your problems but natural ones and the ones that don't seem to make much sense. A psychic therapist allows you to talk about your problems, then provide answers and also uses their psychic abilities to help you heal and get past the situation.

Psychic therapy can also be called psychic counseling or intuitive therapy. Psychic therapy is fast gaining popularity these days as it's no longer something people hide to do.

People no longer view psychics as an alternative option or a last resort. Because they're now coming to terms with the fact that genuine psychics have the extra sensory perception that can help them come to their problems. So, instead of an alternative option, visiting a psychic therapist is what people choose to do first these days.

By coupling their extra sensory perceptive abilities with healing energies that they get from the universe, psychic therapists help their clients recover from the hurt, shock and pain and set them on the path of recovery.

This kind of therapy is very essential because purging oneself of all the anger, hate and bitterness can seem like an arduous task. Especially if the cause of the pain runs so deep and it feels almost impossible to redeem oneself.

According to popular belief, people say that time heals all wounds, but in reality, time doesn't heal wounds. It only turns sores into scars because certain things happen that trigger the memories that make you feel the shudders run down your spine when you remember the cause of the scars.

So, depending on time to heal all wounds and take away all the pain doesn't seem like the best option when there's the availability of psychic therapists. The main purpose of psychic therapy is not to make all the painful memories disappear with the snap of a finger. No, psychic therapy isn't magic; psychic therapy can help you to lean into the pain, manage the pain and gain control over it. In a way that you no longer let the pain control you.

By unlocking several mysteries about you and providing new information about you, a psychic therapist will enlighten you on some abilities you're capable of and you'll become a whole new person.

A Psychic Therapist may be able to help with:​

  • Career problems or job loss​

Career problems and job loss are enough to cause depression. Especially for people who don't feel like themselves when they're not being productive. On the brighter side, visiting a psychic therapist can help you realize that you don't have to overexert yourself to prove your self-worth. Visiting a psychic therapist at this time not only helps to get over the depression of your job loss but to rediscover yourself and realize you're worth more than society is making you prove.
  • Relationship difficulties​

Sometimes, relationships are best not interfered with by a third party, other times there needs to be an intervention. Relationships can be so complicated, toxic and what have you. You'll need the intervention of a psychic therapist to help you rediscover ways to love and get along with your partner. And if the best way to put an end to your relationship difficulties is to end them, you'll know after your session with the psychic therapist.
  • Divorce or separation​

A psychic therapist can help to get past the hurt from divorce or separation. They take you through a process of mental healing that helps you heal from all the hurt and the pain.
  • Bereavement​

The pain of losing a loved one cannot be explained with words of mouth. It's like having a hole in one's heart that can't be filled or mended. A psychic therapist can help you find closure and move on from the pain of losing your loved one.
  • Worries and anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Feeling under immense pressure
  • Low self-esteem
  • Low mood – life feels like it has little joy
  • Not feeling your usual self
  • Deep sadness or depression
  • The feeling of stagnancy.
  • Indecision
  • Inability to let go
  • Confusion and exhaustion.

While it's easy for some people to sort out their issues on their own, some people still need help in dealing with their issues. Some people's efforts to visit a therapist have proven futile as there seems to be no improvement. This may be because their problems supersede just the physical. It may be encompassing, involving their mental, physical, emotional and spiritual beings.

Of course, this is too much for an ordinary therapist to handle. And the only solution will be to visit a psychic therapist who can help strike a balance and calm the chaos.

Why Psychic Therapy For Me?​

Many people are doubtful of themselves and they blame themselves for not being strong enough. They wonder why others can sort out their issues themselves while they can't.
In reality, the truth is that people cry not because they are weak, they seek help not because they can't sort it out themselves, but because they've been strong for too long.

Oftentimes, we don't understand how much pressure and stress we've put our mind, body and soul through. Sometimes, the pressure gets too much that we can't do anything anymore until we seek help. It's not a crime to be emotionally, physically and mentally weak, it's only a sign that you've been strong for too long. Even a lone wolf sometimes needs its pack.

For instance, a person goes to see a psychic therapist because they've just lost a loved one. But their reaction to those seems a bit exaggerated. But the truth is, that person has been bearing the pain of losing someone from childhood, and the recent loss only made the pain of bereavement unbearable. This person can only heal from the recent loss when they're able to heal from the pain of their childhood loss.

So, you need psychic therapy not because you're weak, but because you've been strong for too long and it's okay to ask for help.

What Do Psychic Therapists Offer?​

A psychic therapist could be gifted in many aspects including clairvoyance. They use all their abilities and expertise to review a client's problem and look for means to proffer a solution.

Psychic therapists can see people's energy(auras and chakras), and they can feel and sense the source of their client's pain.

According to psychics, your energy is affected by your moods. Your energy field expands when you're happy but contracts when you're sad. When you're depressed, there's something like a dark cloud that covers your energy and makes it difficult for your energy to flow. The energy that leads to your heart doesn't seem to radiate like usual. When you're angry, a clairvoyant psychic therapist can see flames or red marks on your body. The psychic can also tell how recently you got so angry by the brightness and the intensity of the colour red.

A psychic therapist can see the source of the client's pain, and they help to link it to how the client is feeling at the moment and also find solutions to heal them from the pain.
A real psychic will let you understand that you need to rid yourself of the pain from the past before you can move on from the pain of the present. You'll be going through a whole lot of emotional and mental cleansing when you visit a psychic therapist. But it will be worth your while.
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