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Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

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Aug 8, 2022
The fact that we live every day without having an idea of what the next day holds for us is a struggle. Sometimes, all we just need is a little sign that tomorrow will be better than today, with this sign we could go on living our best lives.

But of course, left to our human power, knowledge and understanding, we can't do anything about it. We live in fear of the unknown and wait while the future unravels itself slowly.

To live our best lives, we need to strike a balance between our physical, emotional, romantic and spiritual needs. Psychics can help you achieve that balance.

With the help of a psychic reader, you can get the clarity you're searching for on how to take the next steps in your life. Also, with the help of a psychic reader, you'll have fewer reasons to stay up at night thinking about your problems.

However, some people have misconceptions about psychics. They think psychic readers are out to extort innocent people of their money. The claim may not be entirely true but there's some truth in it. Fake psychics are parading around as real ones, looking for the next person to extort.

That's why when looking for psychic reading near me, you have to pay extra attention to certain details. Finding an original psychic reader can indeed be challenging, but it's easier to get the right one when you know what to look out for.

How To Know If A Psychic Medium Is Legitimate​

When searching for "Psychics near me", "mediums near me" or "clairvoyant near me", there's a high chance of falling into the wrong hands. How do you differentiate a fake psychic from the real one?

First of all, a psychic is someone who has high perceptive abilities. A psychic can deal with paranormal forces and get answers. So if you're sitting across a table or you're on a phone call with someone that's not any of these things, you're speaking to a quack.

A psychic reading is a session where the medium uses his abilities to read into your energy or aura to get answers.

Below you'll find information on how to avoid being misled into the wrong hands of fake psychics near me.
  1. Telephone Psychic Mediums​

Some reports have shown that many people who are not certified psychics or who have no experience as one are hired to work as a medium on the phone. They are employed to talk with clients over the phone without meeting them in person.

You probably might have come across such people maybe through ads that appear on a corner in newspapers or through television or radio advertisements. You may see something like dial " a particular number" to know what is in for you.

Most of the people that often get these jobs are jobless housewives, unemployed actors and college students who need a job to occupy themselves with.

So how do you know these psychics are fake?

Most of the people employed by this kind of psychic service company have no psychic abilities. So, they cannot perform efficiently like a real psychic will.

They just go on and on to ask clients irrelevant questions that don't seem related to the matter at hand. They also provide generic answers that are based on logic and not a true psychic's ability.

Some callers get very frustrated and irritated after the session that they end the call in anger, but that must have been after they've parted ways with their hard-earned money.

So, before you book a session with any medium near me, endeavour to check the company's certification on their website before signing up. If you notice too many negative reviews or comments, then that company is a fraud. This is one way to differentiate between a real psychic and a fake psychic near me.
  1. In-Person Psychic Medium Readings​

Before concluding to see a local medium near me or a psychic near me, you need to conduct some underground findings first.

One thing that shouldn't skip your notice is if that psychic, or medium lives in a decent environment. If they don't, that alone is enough to make you raise an eyebrow in suspicion. Indeed, doctors don't treat themselves, the same applies to mediums and psychics too.

They don't conduct readings on themselves so if they're successful psychics, they should have a large client base. Not only that, it will be evident in their lifestyle if they're getting paid or not. And mind you, only satisfied clients will pay generously enough to impact a psychic's life such as the environment where they live.

So, there's every reason for a certified psychic to live comfortably so long as they have satisfied customers. If a psychic is living in a beat-down or poor-looking apartment, this may mean they're not as certified as they claim. It's not a necessity for a psychic to live in a mansion but living in a bad environment too is bad for business.

Also, another thing to check for is the psychic's claims. The Psychics will make sure to share their abilities on their websites. But fake psychics often spread false claims to attract naive customers.

According to several certified psychics, most psychics are not able to do the following:

-Contact the dead: Psychics are not able to contact the dead. Only mediums can achieve this and that's because they're endowed with special gifts.

-Offer 100% guaranteed accuracy: No one has the perfect answer to what the future has in store. So many things can happen between the space of now and the next minute. So the future cannot be 100% predicted because certain variables can change the outcome. So when a psychic promises to give a 100% guaranteed prediction of the future in their claims, that's a lie.

-Remove a curse: Psychics do not even believe there's anything such as a curse. So when a psychic promises to remove curses from your life, they're fake.

- Arrange a true love match: psychics do not have the power to control another person's emotions. They do not have the power to make another person love you.

So, distance yourself from the psychics that make these absurd claims.
  1. Psychic Medium Reading Legitimacy​

The psychic industry is not regulated by anybody or an association. So when you get scammed, you bear the loss alone and you can't get a refund. So, you have the duty of doing thorough research before booking a session with any psychic near me.

In addition to checking their website for negative comments, you can ask for referrals. No one would recommend you to a psychic that didn't meet their expectations.

Beware of psychics who ask too many questions without providing satisfying answers. Some fake psychics are also skilled in psychology, so they ask you many questions that you end up providing answers to.

Also, restrain yourself from visiting a psychic when you're going through emotional pain. At that moment, you're at your most vulnerable moment and anything that appeals to how you feel seems right. And more often than not, that's not always the case. So before consulting a psychic medium, keep a calm demeanour so that you will be able to note and observe anything that doesn't seem right. Otherwise, in your unsettled state of mind, you could end up providing answers to your questions in the hands of con artists.
  1. Do’s and Don’ts of Psychic Medium Readings​

-Do your research first on any psychic medium you plan to visit. Check out their website first, and check their online credibility before booking a session. If it's an online session, there'd be reviews about their services. Check it out first before you go ahead to book a session.

- Always ensure that the psychic claims and achievement is compatible with your needs. Avoid anyone who claims to have powers to achieve absurd things like removing curses and casting out demons.

- Keep your emotions in check when visiting a psychic. Try as much as possible to not reveal any prior information about yourself during the session. Your style of dressing, your emotional outbursts and your facial expressions can tell a psychic everything he needs to know about you. And a fake psychic can use that to their advantage to extort money from you.

- Trust your instincts when they tell you something doesn't feel right with the psychic.

- You can take a friend with you and compare notes and opinions after the session.

- Don't be cheated into buying extra materials like candles or incense. No true psychic needs such to perform a reading on you.

- Don't allow false information about you to be fed to you without supporting facts. They may just be ideas from a false psychic to make you believe in what's not true.

On a final note;​

When you're looking for a psychic reader near me or a medium near me, you need to be extra observant. There are many fake psychics around who are out to cheat unsuspecting people of their money.

Don't get carried away by the news that a psychic can give you information about your future, instead be watchful, do your research and trust your instincts.

Lastly, don't be forced into thinking that any psychics possess supernatural powers until you see the proof.
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