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Finding a good psychic in Alaska

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Humans, by nature, are interested, and they want to know what next. Humans' inquisitive nature of wanting to know what the future holds has brought about the invention of many technologies. Despite all these inventions, some past events have shown that some things are beyond our comprehension and capacity.

In a quest for more knowledge and information about what the future has in store, many people have searched for a psychic that can satisfy their thirst for more knowledge.

The truth about psychic reading is that it may not be able to foretell future information with 100% accuracy, but that's not the main issue. The main problem is finding a reliable psychic to provide correct and accurate readings.

These days, to make a living, people have taken to posing as fake con artists to hoodwink innocent people into spending their hard-earned cash on counterfeit readings. With many fakes flying around, it's hard to find a good and reliable psychic, but once you know what you're looking for, the whole process becomes much more manageable.

So, how do you find an excellent psychic in Alaska? In this article, you'll learn all you need to know about finding a fantastic psychic in Alaska.

Finding a good psychic in Alaska​

How do you find a good psychic? Below are tell-tale signs that let you know if the psychic you're seeing is a real one or a fake one. This article will show you the signs that a fake psychic exhibits. They include:
  1. They Use Fear Against You​

Con artists take to exploiting the fears of their clients simply because they lack the genuine skills of being a psychic. If you visit a psychic, and you notice that they only talk about how calamities will befall you, except you heed their advice, you're mainly dealing with a sham psychic.

A genuine psychic will never subject you to fear. Although it may be true that you're at risk of suffering a great danger, actual psychics try to proffer solutions and help you feel more confident about facing your fears.

Indeed, life has its difficult time, but a genuine psychic will never use your fears against you to exploit you.
  1. They Talk with Vagueness and Confusion​

You can tell a psychic is fake when they only speak in general terms. They only speculate on information like "You have something huge coming your way " or "soon you'll experience a financial breakthrough."

Of course, everyone has a chance of becoming successful if they work hard, so this general information isn't needed. But a sham psychic uses this method to dump a lot of information on you and hope one of them clicks with how you're feeling.

A genuine psychic will give you specific information and time to absorb what they're saying. You'll be allowed to ask questions in case you need more clarification. As they speak, your spirit will resonate with what they say because they're honestly speaking to your needs. If things feel vague or hazy, there's a massive possibility that that psychic is fake.

Am I Psychic?​

People often want to know if they're psychic. The truth of the matter is that everyone tends to be a psychic. The only difference between a real psychic and the rest of us is that real psychics can discover more about themselves and hone their skills. But for regular people, you get feelings or vibes that make you feel like you may have psychic powers.

You'll admit that sometimes you get a gut feeling that eventually proves to be correct, or you might take a random guess about something, and it's accurate. Or maybe you get deja vu a lot; you know that feeling where you feel something has already happened before, it could be an event, a conversation, or when you find yourself in an environment. All these could signify that you have psychic abilities and might be able to do what professional psychics do if you hone your skills.

How To Become A psychic?​

Growing up, we all develop some psychic abilities. This ability is either deposited in us from birth or is passed down from our predecessors. Sometimes our environment and happenings around us influence us to develop psychic abilities.

As children, we were more sensitive to what we heard and saw because that's the only way we could survive. But as we grew older, we learned to stop being too keen and to discard the thought that ghosts are accurate and that the only time you feel pain is when something hurts you physically.

As we go through this process, we start to think that our emotions and intuitions are unrealistic, so we suppress our psychic abilities. But not to worry, your psychic abilities are not lost in the abyss- not yet. You can still become a psychic if you desire because they are inherent, and you already have them in you. It would help if you worked harder to bring back your psychic abilities. There are ways that you can tap back into your extrasensory abilities.

How To Develop Psychic Abilities​

We all have one or two psychic abilities, but some people have more than others. However, the strength of your psychic skills depends on how well you build them. Learning to draw the line between reality and the spiritual realm is a starting point. Then making your connection to energy and sharpening your intuition can help to develop your psychic abilities. Here are some ways to create your psychic abilities:
  • Meditation​

Calming our minds and silencing others' raging thoughts gives the reason the chance to help us connect deeper to the world around us. Mediation is a good way of understanding the message that the universe is trying to pass across to us. By taking breaks from your hustling and bustling thoughts, you're tapping into your inner peace and sharpening your intuition to hear what the universe is saying.
  • Journaling​

Journaling is another way to develop your psychic abilities. By letting yourself free and letting your hand jot down your thoughts according to how you're feeling, you're giving validation to your visions, readings, and premonitions. Automatic writing is when you let your subconscious mind do the job rather than your conscious mind; the spirits might even control your mind, and you'd be amazed at all that has been written down when you come back to consciousness. Journaling helps to give life to your hidden thoughts.
  • Energy Healing​

Energy healing can come in any form, but they all have the same end goal, which is to clear your body, mind, and soul of any stagnant energy. We all have vibrational energy in us, and most times, our frequencies get low or blocked, and this can affect our mental state. Clearing these blocks allows your energy to flow smoothly to develop your psychic abilities. Different kinds of energy healing include aura cleansing, chakra balancing, healing touch, and others.

Psychic Powers​

Below is a long list of the different types of psychic powers that exist and are manifested by real-life psychics. They're all-natural, and no fictional abilities are included. They include:

  • Astral projection or mental projection
  • Automatic writing
  • Bilocation
  • Energy medicine
  • Ergokinesis
  • Levitation or transvection
  • Materialization
  • Mediumship or channeling
  • Petrification
  • Prophecy (also prediction, premonition, or prognostication).
  • Psychic surgery
  • Psychokinesis or telekinesis
  • Pyrokinesis
  • Iddhi – Psychic abilities gained through Buddhist meditation.
  • Shapeshifting or transformation Thoughtography
  • Xenoglossy
  • Witnessing
  • Inedia -

Extrasensory perception​

These abilities are about the sixth sense; they include:
Dream telepathy
Dermo-optical perception
Psychometry or psychoscopy
Precognition (including psychic premonitions)
Remote viewing, telesthesia or remote sensing Retrocognition or post cognition Telepathy

What is a psychic circle?​

A psychic circle can also be referred to as a magic circle. It's a circle of space that serves as a barricade to protect your spells and defend your energy from hostile forces. Psychic processes can either be imaginary or physical.
Many people think that a psychic circle is similar to witchcraft, designed to harm innocent people through spiritual means. However, the procedures protecting a psychic process have nothing to do with magic or witchcraft.

Psychic circles are common in Wicca's beliefs. Although some people still believe that Wicca and witchcraft are the same, that's not true. Witchcraft involves using spells and magic for certain things, but Wicca is a religious system just like Islam and Christianity.

According to people that practice Wicca, the size of a psychic circle depends on what it's been used for. In Wicca, people could use a cone of power to increase the energy in a psychic circle. Wiccans think that the barrier is frail and that passing through the process might cause it to be weak. It is better not to leave the circle less necessary.

What is a psychic tree?​

Trees have always been significant since time immemorial. They possess the energy and strength that people draw inspiration from. They provide shelter and a home to animals, but they're more than that to humans. They're sanctuaries, and for a genuine psychic, they can speak to trees and get answers. Whoever knows the ways of the tree can talk to them and listen to them; they will get the truth they seek. Psychic trees are where a psychic gets his answers from nature.
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