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Psychic Proven Techniques To Master Natural Psychic Abilities

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
There is a general myth that improving psychic abilities involves particular forms of witchcraft or dark magic. However, the reality is far from this. Improving psychic abilities involves imploring specific, proven techniques to better control your body by connecting with your inner self and being in charge of your destiny.
You can use these techniques to enhance your natural psychic abilities and learn how to master them. They are easy to understand, and with patience, you can develop your skills quite quickly.
The first step to improving your natural psychic abilities is to become aware of them. Ask questions such as: What do I see? Do I know any psychic people? Do I have prophetic dreams?
Another critical step is to find out as much as possible about how these abilities work. For example, if you have a gift for seeing into the future, you need to learn more about how this works and how you can improve it.
The third step is to learn how to control your ability to become more effective in helping you solve problems or meet other people's needs when they need help most.
This means using your abilities until they become automatic rather than something that comes naturally only when there is a crisis or emergency around you, such as a fire breaking out, someone being attacked by an animal, or something bad happening around them.
Combining these steps with the following proven techniques improves one's psychic abilities beyond measure.

Psychic Reading Technique:

Psychic reading techniques are techniques psychics use to analyze body language, clothing, age, gender, hairstyle, religion, ethnicity, and even sexuality to conclude.
These techniques typically involve guesses of high probability, which can be confirmed to be accurate based on certain signals. Practiced psychics can easily move on from inaccurate guesses to other ones should there be any sign that the guesses are wrong.
In a psychic reading, there are several techniques psychists use in their practice, including:


The shotgunning technique draws inspiration from the way the shotgun is fired. Using this technique, the psychic conveys some general information to his audience (usually large).
This information is aimed at provoking some sort of emotional reaction and observing them. After getting those reactions, the psychic refines his original statement to promote a more emotional response.
Many times, the Shotgunning technique includes ambiguous statements like, "I see a man with a father figure in your life suffer in silence." This statement is very general, and anyone can have a father figure. And generally, men are known to live in silence despite going through emotional distress or other difficulties.

The Forer Effect

This technique relies on people's tendency to connect what they are told to some or every aspect of their lives. Usually, they browse through their life's history for some occurrences that could serve as a connection. Sometimes, they subconsciously reinterpret what they are told to make it fit their case.
These statements are often general statements that apply to many people, yet they feel too personal. Statements like, "I can sense insecurity in you, especially around people you are not very familiar with." This could easily apply to almost everyone, yet it seems personal.
The Forer Effect is one of the most commonly used psychic reading techniques today, and improving on it automatically improves your natural psychic abilities.

Psychic Healing Technique

The psychic healing technique is a method of using your psychic abilities to heal yourself and others. It was in the early 1900s that this method was first developed. a woman named Mathilda Luyster could heal herself through her ability to channel her spirit guides.
The psychic healing technique requires that you are aware of your natural psychic abilities and be able to control them. In order to put this strategy into practice, you must first become aware of your inner voice—including how it sounds, where it originates, and the effects it has on you.
Once you have become aware of your inner voice, you must then be able to access the energy within yourself that represents the guide or spirit that is helping you gain clarity about your life choices and make decisions in your life. Once this connection is made, you can begin directing that energy towards yourself or others who need help with their problems.
For this technique to work effectively, it is important for both parties involved in the process to be open-minded about what they might find during the session.

Psychic Protection Techniques

The psychic protection technique is a method of protecting oneself from psychic attacks by using the power of one's mind. It is called the "psychic protection technique" because it can protect oneself from psychic attacks and improve one's natural psychic abilities.
The psychic protection technique is one of the most critical aspects of developing your inner psychic power. Most people are unaware of this fact and continue to live their lives unbalanced, leading to all kinds of problems. You cannot develop your psychic abilities until you have mastered this skill.
The first step in developing your inner psychic powers is knowing how to protect yourself from psychics. The second step is learning how to use that power for good purposes instead of evil ones. The third step is learning how to use your inner psychic powers to heal others who need help in some way or another.
Once these three steps have been mastered, it becomes possible for you to begin developing your natural talents and those already present within you but are dormant at current times because they have not been properly developed yet through proper training and practice over time.

Psychic Self-defense Technique

The psychic self-defense technique is an ancient defense against the mind control and manipulation of those who would use it against us. Many cultures and religions have used it throughout history to protect themselves from being controlled or manipulated by others.
The psychic self-defense technique can be applied in various ways, depending on the situation. It can be used to protect yourself from someone trying to control your thoughts or emotions, such as a cult leader or politician. It can also be used to protect yourself from someone who wants to control your physical body or force you into doing something you don't want to do.
The psychic self-defense technique involves using your mind to free yourself from any kind of mental control or manipulation. By learning how this process works, you will be able to recognize any attempt at mind control and make sure that it does not work on you again!

Psychic Shielding Technique

The psychic shielding technique is a means of improving the natural psychic abilities that you have. It is an effective way to increase your intuition and awareness.
People with natural psychic abilities can improve by using the psychic shielding technique.
The psychic shielding technique was developed by Dr. Gary Schwartz, a neuroscientist at the University of Arizona in Tucson. He has written many books about this technique, including "Psychic Discoveries Inside the Human Body."

How Does the Psychic Shielding Technique Work?

Dr. Schwartz explains how this works on his website:
"Your mind is like a radio receiver that picks up all incoming signals from the environment, including thoughts from other people and telepathic messages from spirits or deceased people."
"Your mind also constantly sends waves of energy into the world around you that affect other people's minds."
"If there is any disturbance in your mind, these waves will also be disturbed."
The basic idea behind psychic shielding is that you need to build up a "psychic barrier'' around yourself and your thoughts. It takes time, concentration, and practice. Once you have developed this skill, it will help you control your mind more easily than before. Follow these four steps to create a psychic barrier.
  1. Focus on breathing for about 20 seconds or so. This will help you relax and clear your mind of all thoughts except those related to breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth (or whatever form of breathing feels most natural for you).

  1. Imagine yourself surrounded by white light that surrounds every part of your body except your head and face (which should be covered with a thin layer of energy). Make sure that this energy does not flow outward but stays within you until it reaches the edge of your aura (the area around your body where spiritual energy flows).

  1. Now imagine another layer of white light surrounding your body, but this time, ensure you are covered with it.

  1. Finally, imagine yourself surrounded by the third layer of white light that is even thicker than the first two layers combined.
These layers of light serve as a shield that fends off toxic, negative, or stressful things, people, or situations.

Wrapping Up

Finally, improving your natural psychic abilities is neither rocket-science calculus nor a course at Hogwarts. You don't need any technical things to help you enhance your abilities.

There are several proven techniques that, if you master them, will potentially increase your psychic abilities to a level you never imagined.
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