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San Antonio’s Psychics: A Deep Dive Into Texas’s Spiritual World

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
San Antonio, Texas, has a rich cultural background regarding spiritual practices. Because of this, the ancestors have passed on their abilities to the new generation. The curiosity of today's individuals also made the industry thrive, as many have tapped on their intuition.

Many people also seek psychic consultation because they can gain insight into many of life's uncertainties. Using different psychic practices, these extraordinary individuals can help you answer questions that may change your future possibilities. The city also embraces its culture and beliefs regarding metaphysical practices by holding psychic fairs and events to gather all enthusiasts.

In this article, we'll explore the psychic scene in San Antonio, Texas, including different practices, prominent names, how the public looks at this industry, and events and areas where you can find a reputable psychic.

San Antonio Psychics

Historical Background​

People believe the psychic phenomena in San Antonio, Texas started with the Native Americans. They were the first people to use their intuition to see the future for the safety of their tribe. These people believe all living things possess natural spirits and may play a role in divination. They interpret their tribe members' dreams to answer questions regarding upcoming events.

Native Americans also did the earliest form of healing, where they reached out to the spirits and performed rituals to reject the sickness of their tribe member. They restore and balance energy flow to heal someone through their connection in the spiritual world. Native Americans believe that energies influence an individual's overall well-being.

This historical culture was the foundation of how the modern psychics in San Antonio, Texas, practice today. Many modern psychics have preserved their ancestors' abilities and incorporated them into their psychic practices and spiritual work.

Aside from that, immigrants from other cultures also shaped the psychic industry of San Antonio. Many learned to use psychic tools like tarot cards and crystal balls. The emergence of workshops and classes about psychic readings also increased the number of people who provide services.

The Landscape of Psychic Practices in San Antonio​

Many psychic practices emerged because of the rich historical background of spirituality in San Antonio, Texas. It has been a part of the lives of the people born and raised in the city. People who seek services can see psychic shops in almost any part of the city. The most common practices are tarot reading, astrology, palmistry, and mediumship.

Tarot Reading​

Psychics have used tarot cards for divination since the 18th century. This psychic practice uses a deck of cards with 22 cards from the major arcana, which provides answers to more extraordinary secrets. There are also 56 cards under the minor arcana, which answers lesser critical questions. Each one has an image that represents something about your life.

Readers usually use tarot cards to provide readings on the aspects of life–career, relationships, finances, or health. The images from the cards represent energies psychics use to tap into your thoughts, which they use to provide you with the answers you seek.

However, tarot card readings do not always provide positive answers. Since psychics don't beat around the bush, you may receive answers you don't expect, leading to deeper emotional issues.


Astrology is a psychic practice that uses your birth details to study its alignment with the celestial bodies. Astrologers use charts to provide insights about earthly events, like career, love, and health. It is similar to a horoscope, but astrology offers more profound and detailed readings.

According to professional astrologers, the position of the planets, sun, and moon affects a person's personality. Sometimes, people use astrology to check the compatibility of partners. Though you can easily acquire astrology charts online, only professional astrologers can read them. It includes symbolism of planets and luminaries that represent possible events in your life.


The features on the palms of a person are never alike. Each line, shape, and size represent the future of a person. A palm reader will examine these features to reveal your personality and character traits. Other aspects like marriage, health, and money also have a line in your palm that may say something about your future.

Your palm has three primary lines, which are called head, life, and heart lines. The line representing the head talks about your thinking and intellectual abilities. The line that represents your life talks about your experiences. The heart line is the highest horizontal line in your palm, representing relationships.


Mediumship, also called clairvoyance or prophecy, is a psychic practice where psychics use their extra-sensory abilities to communicate with the spirits of the deceased. People have many reasons why they seek the help of a psychic. Some want to relay messages, bid their final goodbye, or seek answers that left them hanging during death.

This psychic practice can be helpful to those who seek closure or want to overcome grief. Psychics serve as the bridge between the spiritual and living world. Sometimes, psychics only see symbols or images, which they interpret. However, some can speak clearly to spirits.

Spotlight on Prominent San Antonio Psychics​

There are a lot of psychics in San Antonio, Texas, and almost every street in the city has one. Here are some of the most famous psychics in San Antonio who have gained recognition in the industry.

San Antonio’s Psychics

Ann Ross​

Ann Ross has been an intuitive and spiritual healer for almost 30 years. She specializes in relationships and provides psychic, tarot, aura, and palm reading services. Her readings may also attract success and peace if you are experiencing negativities. She also blocks negative energies from entering your aura that cause life issues, spiritual blockage, and bad luck.

Her readings can provide love energy healing to help you rekindle lost relationships, restore your true happiness, and prevent unwanted breakups.

Fred Garza-Guzman​

Fred and his husband established Curious Twins Paranormal, a historic paranormal investigative company in San Antonio. The couple received 5-star Mastery in Ghost Hunting certification from the Intuitive Arts Institute. Because of this certification, they are qualified to provide psychic readings, which Fred primarily does.

His readings provide cleansing that balances energies to help with emotional healing. He also offers a mediumship to people who need to connect with their loved ones for closure and overcoming grief.

Diane Leven​

Diane Leven is a well-known medium that owns La Luna Botanica. She was born a psychic medium from a family of psychics whose ancestors were from the Aztec Native tribe. Aside from being a medium, Diane is also an intuitive healer, Reiki master, and psychic. She does not only connect with the spirits of the deceased, but she may also connect with your Angels.

Public Perception and Reception of Psychics​

People who lived in San Antonio for long accepted psychic practices as part of their city's culture. Believers perceive psychics as individuals as credible and valuable resources of guidance. However, other people's perceptions still lie on scientific evidence, and they do not believe these practices.

There is still a portion of individuals whose perceptions are open-minded about psychics. They do not believe or reject a psychic reading since they only take it as entertainment. These people still accept the readings for self-reflection but remain skeptical about some insights.

In general, personal experiences shape the perception of the people. Someone who accurately experienced what the psychic told them is most likely to believe in psychic abilities strongly. Additionally, those who receive psychic recommendations from friends and families who have experienced readings can influence one's perception.

Navigating The Laws and Regulations​

There is no law and regulations that cover psychic practices. However, once it becomes a business, the psychic should comply with legal documents to protect their business and operate legally.

As a business entity, psychics must secure permits and licenses to operate. For consumer protection, the government may require you to furnish a non-disclosure agreement to keep client information confidential.

The government does not consider physics professionals need licensing before practicing. Instead, they believe these practices are spiritual guidance and entertainment. While there may not be specific laws about psychic practices, psychics should always be mindful of ethical responsibilities.

Psychic Events in San Antonio​

San Antonio hosts regular events, such as annual psychic fairs and workshops. The Annual San Antonio Psychic and Spirit Fest gathers well-known and new psychics in the city. This one-day event offers speaking engagements from psychics, consultations, psychic lectures, and shops.

Some psychics schedule live interactions with an audience in different parts of San Antonio. In these events, people who seek psychic readings may ask questions or book an appointment for a private session.

Mystic Market is another event in San Antonio that offers learnings about crystals and opening the third eye. This fair is free admission, where you can find astrologers and intuitive to help you find answers to your most important questions. You may also buy candles, crystals, or other items that unblock energies to open up for positivity.

San Antonio's Psychic Hotspots​

If you are looking for psychics and spiritual vendors, you can find them at vibrant shops located at Historic Market Square. Some psychics also sell crystals, incense, and spiritual tools in this venue. Most psychics on this site provide tarot readings, palmistry, and aura readings.

There are also psychic shops around Castle Hills, Terrell Hills, and Walszem Road. You can check the psychics' websites to know the psychic services they offer or if you need to book an appointment for a reading.


Psychic practices have been around San Antonio since the days of the Native Americans. Their culture and beliefs shaped modern psychic and healing practices in the city. With many psychics around the area, it is easy to find one whenever you need clarity or guidance. However, check their experience and years in the industry to ensure that you work with reputable ones.

Frequently Asked Questions​

How can I find reputable psychics in San Antonio?​

You can find the most famous psychics online. You can check their services, how to contact them, and how to book an appointment from their website.

What should I prepare before visiting a psychic in San Antonio?​

You need to have a set of questions you want to ask your psychic. Doing this will maximize your consultation and help you focus on the necessary answers.

What is the most famous psychic event in San Antonio?​

Many people attend the Annual San Antonio Psychic and Spirit Fest. At this event, you can find almost anything about psychics–crystals, psychic services, and workshops.

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