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Psychics in New York

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Psychics possess extraordinary abilities that are not present in regular individuals. These people use their extrasensory perception or the “sixth sense” to obtain information. Because of their intuition, they can see, hear, and feel things perceived as spirits.
Psychics have different abilities to see someone’s future, connect with spirits, healing energy, and read an aura. Because of their abilities, psychics can provide guidance and insight to those needing it.
Science does not prove these readings. However, many people believe in them since it provides comfort and help in decision-making. Sometimes, it is also a part of an individual’s culture or family generation.

History of New York Psychics​

Psychics can be found almost anywhere in the streets of New York. People consider the city a hub for psychics and energy healers. The emergence of psychics in New York started as early as the Native Americans.
Their culture believed in the power of divination. However, their early readings depended on animals, nature, and the alignment of stars. Only spiritual leaders know and can provide the readings.
It was until the 19th century that psychics started to give readings to the public. They usually wait for clients in salons owning crystal balls, astrology charts, and tarot cards. It was only then that they could provide individual readings from different aspects. People can ask about the possibilities in finance, love, and career.
Today, New York still has many psychics around. People can find them in their shops or online. Many areas in New York also hold fairs and events where psychics gather to provide services to locals and tourists.
Tarot cards are still standing in modern psychics, but the use of crystal balls is not prevalent anymore.

Types of Psychic Readings in NYC​

Psychics in New York specialize in different types of psychic readings. Knowing which one to choose can be difficult for someone new to psychic readings. Here are some of the psychic readings available in New York to help you decide which one to choose.

Tarot Card Reading

Tarot cards were one of the earliest forms of psychics to gain insight into a person’s life. They use a unique deck of cards in which they interpret the images. The images may provide positive or negative insights into life, career, money, health, and relationships.
Their interpretations can give you an understanding of the past and present. They will also advise you on your future decisions and how they can affect you.

Astrology Reading​

Like tarot reading, psychics also use astrology as an early form of psychic reading. It resembles a horoscope, where psychics will ask about your birth details. They use an astrology chart where the alignment of planets and stars is also analyzed.
Psychics provide their insights based on what they interpret from the charts.

Palm Reading​

In palm reading, psychics look at the lines in your palm. The lines in your palm are the head, life, heart, and fate lines. From these lines, a psychic can provide insight into your marriage, emotional stability, career, general well-being, and relationships.
Aside from the lines, the shape and mount of the hand also matter in palm reading. Palm reading for women is done in the right hand, while the left hand is for men.

General Psychic Reading​

General psychic readings involve direct communication with a psychic. You can ask questions about your life or talk about the difficult circumstances you are currently facing. They may also ask questions about your past to gain insight into your life.
A psychic can help you understand the connection between your past decisions to what is happening in the present. Also, they can provide you with future possibilities and how to avoid unfavorable circumstances. Sometimes, people seek general psychic reading to clarify their relationships or life.

Remote Perception​

Remote perception is general psychic readings, but this doesn’t require in-person communication with a psychic. Psychics can send their readings through chat, call, email, or text. People outside New York City usually take this type of reading to ask for guidance.

Examples of Popular NYC Psychics​

Tracey de Costa Byer​

Tracey has been in the psychic industry for over 20 years. She specializes in tarot card reading and chakra balancing. Her intuitive abilities appeared after her car accident 20 years ago. A session of her tarot card reading includes tarot readings, meditation, and a personal empowerment ritual.
Aside from being a tarot card reader, Tracey is also a licensed acupuncturist, skin care practitioner, theta healer, and a volunteer from different medical organizations.

Frank Andrews​

Frank is a celebrity psychic from Mulberry Street. A friend invited him to dinner with astrologers and psychics in 1959. That’s when his friend told him that he was a psychic. He became a psychic to movie stars, judges, and other big names. Because of his psychic abilities, he never spent anything on advertising. His clients reached him through word of mouth.
Marion Tanner encouraged him to explore his psychic abilities. His first clients were primarily women when he was starting, asking for advice on their relationships. As his name grew eventually in the industry, he welcomed clients from the financial and legal industries.

Laura Steele​

Laura specializes in mediumship. She started receiving messages from the dead in 1990 when a husband of a magazine photographer asked for help. During this time, the photographer’s husband was looking for the last slides of her wife. Not knowing where to start finding them, Laura gave the specific location of the slides–by the stairs and blue sweater. It was one of the most notable readings in her entire career.
Clients can reach Laura through her apartment in Central South. When she provides her readings, she invites her clients to her dining table, where it is quiet. She connects with her clients by holding their hands and asking questions.

Michael Lutin​

Michael is an astrologer, writer, consultant, and engagement speaker. Giving the confidence to make decisions is one of the significant objectives of Michael’s readings. In a private and in-person session, he provides astrology readings and seeks out the issues behind the client’s questions. He believes that if an individual visits him for readings, a more significant reason can be behind it.
From his insights, he encourages his clients to leave the past and focus more on the present and future. Aside from personal readings, he also provides business and marketing consultations. He can be reached through his office on 5th Avenue or schedule a reading through Skype, Facetime, and phone calls.

Karen Thorne​

Karen is one of the best psychics in New York City. She started astrology reading in Boston during the 1960s. She discovered her psychic abilities when she was getting disturbances from spirits. It made her decide to visit Isabel Hickey, who told her the psychic was willing to teach her astrology and energy protection.
She developed her abilities by joining writers and psychics with different specializations. Like other astrologers, Karen uses an astrology chart to provide readings. However, her readings get deeper as she explores the images and voices related to her clients.

Pros and Cons of Seeking a Psychic​

The main goal of people seeking a psychic’s guidance may be feeling down for a long time or experiencing consecutive unfortunate circumstances.
One of the most significant advantages of visiting a psychic is they can help you understand what you are going through. They can help you gain insight into a problem you cannot solve alone. With their readings, you can make the best decisions for your future. They can help you prepare for the negative possibilities in different aspects of your life.
They can also help you connect with your spirit guide. Your spirit guides can send messages to improve your spiritual and emotional well-being.
Psychic readings only serve as a guide. There will be times when these need to be more accurate. Sometimes, these readings have two sides and may cost a lot. Aside from being costly, the decision you will make based on the readings can either do harm or good.
Another disadvantage of visiting a psychic is their readings are not always positive. Because they are honest individuals, they also provide negative readings that may affect your emotions. Emotionally-weak people may experience anxiety from these negative readings.

How to Find a Reputable Psychic in NYC​

Since New York is one of the largest psychic hubs in the country, many fake psychics are taking advantage of it. To ensure they are legitimate, check their years of experience and their background. There are a lot of psychics in New York that have been in the industry for years.
You can also check how they provide their services. Usually, fake psychics only provide their readings through phone calls, email, or text messages. Some also ask for high payments upfront. And because psychic readings are unverifiable, they will give you fake readings.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions about their years of experience or specialization. Genuine psychics will know if you are doubtful of them. Because of this, they will be willing to share their background with you to ensure you trust them.

Choosing The Right Psychic​

The right psychic for you is one with whom you are comfortable sharing information about your life. All people have their intuition. You can look for another psychic if you feel something is off in your initial psychic consultation. Even with negative readings, they should make your energies and auras feel lighter.

Final Thought​

Psychics have been a part of New York City’s vibrant culture. Whether it is tarot or palm reading, psychics can help you with the biggest questions in your life–as long as you believe in them. Now that many psychics are in New York, choosing the one you need can be tricky. If you are comfortable sharing your life with them, they can give you the best guidance for your emotional and spiritual well-being.

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