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Psychics in Missouri

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
The fear of uncertainty makes us seek spiritual guidance. From staying healthy to knowing the possibilities of the future, we tend to visit for some readings. Psychic readings are often in general, but we can seem to connect them with our questions.

Experiencing psychic readings is fun but can also be a healing therapy for some individuals. Many psychics in Missouri can be visited by locals and tourists alike. They can provide different psychic services such as tarot reading, mediumship, fortune-telling, or spiritual healing.

You can ask almost all questions to a psychic in Missouri. The most common questions include dealing with family relationships, advice about love, financial improvement, and true happiness. Plenty of psychics exist around St. Charles, Wentzville, Maplewood, Springfield, and Kansas City.

Psychic Traditions in Missouri​

Psychic abilities are tapped using different methods. It takes time and a lot of spiritual energy. It goes the same way when a psychic is giving their services. Psychics in Missouri do different traditions to avoid draining their psychic energy, keep visualizing the future, and create connections to the other side.


Aside from meditating to tap their intuition, psychics in Missouri also meditate to develop their extrasensory abilities. Meditation exercises can help them clear their chakras and improve their psychic energy. It also protects them from psychic attacks and harmful intentions.

For psychics, negative energies are not limited to physical harm. Usually, they are affected by emotional and spiritual harm.


Divination is another tradition of psychics in Missouri. In this tradition, psychics do a ritual to have specific information about their subject. Though the bible prohibits divination, it has been used by different cultures for many years. Psychics call supernatural forces through this tradition.

There are different techniques in divination. It may include tarot cards, pendulums, or crystal balls. This tradition is usually done by psychics to develop their spiritual selves and create predictions.

Energy Healing​

As psychics do their services, they may attract negative energies, which drain their psychic energies. It should be cleansed and charged so that they can use their psychic powers properly. Psychic usually uses crystals, chant mantras, or breathing.

Whenever psychics in Missouri feel drained or heavy, their psychic energies are already depleted and need cleansing or charging. Through these processes, it heals them spiritually and emotionally.

Connecting to The Future​

Both locals and tourists visit psychics in Missouri to get a glimpse of their future. Though psychics don’t tell them what their future is, it gives them possibilities and guidance on what they can do about it. Many are confused if the psychic readings are true, but there is no harm if you will follow their guidance and advice.

The way psychics in Missouri see the future is called precognition. They connect to your future by connecting to your subconscious mind. They base their readings on the information you provide. They can get a glimpse of your future through palm reading, tarot cards, and astrology. However, there are no definite periods of how much a psychic can predict.

They can also connect to your future by tapping into your energies. Using their extrasensory abilities, they can see different images associated with what can happen in the future. Sometimes, regular people may also get a feeling of the future, which is called premonition. Usually, these are feelings of danger.

Popular Psychics in Missouri​

Psychics in Missouri can be found in different areas. It is easy to find one online or just roam around St. Charles or Kansas City. Here are some of the popular psychics in Missouri with years of experience.

Jillaine Marie​

With more than ten years of experience, Jillaine is a recognized and credible member of Bob Olson’s Best Psychic Directory. One of her expertise is mediumship, where she provides warmth and clarity to individuals who need answers.

Jillaine connects with the energies from the spiritual side to get direct communication from the deceased. According to her website, she can feel, hear, and see the spiritual being that an individual wants to connect to.

She can provide readings at psychic parties, special events, radio and TV shows, and in-person and video calls.

Susan Shuster​

Susan had her psychic abilities from her family. It is known that some psychic abilities are passed from family generations. She was sensitive to the spiritual world during her childhood. It was usual for her to see other people's feelings about her and anticipate their emotions.

At first, her psychic powers were practiced by her friends. However, she initially felt drained by using her psychic energy. She uses her extrasensory abilities to connect with the spirit world.

She provides psychic services in her psychic office in St. Charles. It includes general psychic readings, photograph reading, mediumship, etc. Susan also provides her services at psychic parties, family get-togethers, fundraisers, and online events.

Shane Knox​

Shane is a psychic in Springfield with more than seven years of experience. He offers intuitive readings, soul retrieval, vibrational healing sessions, and many others. He also owns Sage Studio Yoga and Wellness.

During his childhood, Shane had a spirit guide and could talk to her deceased grandmother. Many people have encouraged him to be a psychic and told him that there is something special he will do someday. He started psych reading for fun and eventually became a psychic to help those in need using his abilities.

Aside from being a yoga expert and a psychic, Shane is also a workshop speaker and owns an album of guided meditations.

Regulations and Laws for Psychics​

The laws and regulations for psychics vary by state. Though psychics are not included in a specific profession, most states require them to secure an occupational license before they can charge psychic services.

In Camden County, Missouri, psychics are advised to form an LLC. It saves them from being personally liable for company liabilities. Before opening a psychic office, they must secure a business license and DBA filing for spiritual connections. A seller’s permit is also required if they plan to sell candles, crystals, and other spiritual items.

Though it is included in spiritual connections, they are not considered religious activities. Therefore, their income from psychic readings is not treated the same as religious donations.

Pros and Cons of Consulting a Psychic​


Visiting a psychic comes with many benefits. If you are overwhelmed with a stressful and emotional problem, psychics can help you discuss it, especially if it is a sensitive or an uncomfortable topic.

Many are uncomfortable sharing their feelings and emotions with a professional. And because you can consider a psychic a regular person, you can share your life’s circumstances without feeling any judgment. Your concerns about family, finances, relationships, and career can be discussed after psychic readings. You may also ask them for personal advice on how to deal with your concerns.

In addition, you can also expect an immediate answer to something that has been bothering you. With easy and convenient sessions, you can expect to have validation for your feelings once the psychic reading ends.

Online psychic services are also now available. There’s no need to travel to search for a reputable psychic in case you need spiritual healing or clarification.


Psychic readings are honest and may disappoint you with their readings. You might hear the answers that you least expect. If you are sensitive, you might feel comfortable discussing sensitive topics.

Another disadvantage of consulting a psychic is their readings are not always accurate. This will only serve as your guide, and the future may be different depending on how you will decide on your life’s circumstances. Many are also posing as reputable psychics, which only give false readings after getting your money.

How to Find a Reliable Psychic in MO​

You can avoid psychic scams by looking at their years of experience. Many psychics have proven their services for more than ten years. Some write books and host online sessions, which also adds to their legitimacy. Having their website may also add to the trustworthiness of a psychic.

You can also read the reviews from their previous clients to check their specialty. Not all psychics are specialized in mediumship or tarot reading. By reading their website, you can check if the psychic service you need is offered.

For online psychic readings, the majority of reliable psychics offer free minutes of readings and a satisfaction guarantee. Remember, they are given this extraordinary gift to help those in need. Though it gives them income, psychic abilities should not be used to financially abuse an individual.

The Bottom Line​

There are plenty of psychics in Missouri. People from around the world also reach out to them for online psychic services. They can easily be reached by phone, chat, or by visiting their psychic office. Many are established and have made their names in the psychic industry for years. Some have been featured in radio and TV programs for their psychic abilities. These psychics can help you with the answers, guidance, clarity, insight, and spiritual healing you need.

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