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Psychics in Nevada

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Nevada, especially Las Vegas, is known for its lavish nightlife, huge casinos, and fun wedding ceremonies. When you are visiting Nevada, you wouldn’t want to miss the parties and casinos. Aside from these vibrant scenes, another thing that will make your Nevada visit exciting is the psychics in Nevada.

Whether you will be doing it for fun or some serious guidance, a lot of psychic services are available around the area. Besides, Nevada is one of the places where trusted and reputable psychics offer their services.

The best psychics, astrologers, and mediums can be found in the area. You can get readings online, meet them in person, or hire them if you are hosting a party in Nevada. These psychics can provide tarot readings, astrology, or spiritual healing for large groups. Individuals seeking clarity through mediumship or general psychic readings can also visit these psychics in Nevada.

Best Psychics and Astrologers in Nevada​

Almost every street in Las Vegas, Nevada, has a psychic. You will never run out of choices for whatever psychic service you need. If you are in the center of Las Vegas, walking around can lead you to the best astrologers and psychics in Nevada.

Matthew’s Astrology​

Matthew Hennager has been a psychic and astrologer for over 20 years. Aside from providing astrology readings, he also teaches astrology to those interested in learning the connection between the stars and planets in someone’s future.

Matthew is a member of the American Federation of Astrologers. He uses your birthday details, including the time, in giving readings. A 15-minute consultation is available for those who want to try Matthew’s readings.

Astrology reports are given, depending on your preferences–understanding personal growth, life purpose, child personality, and love relationships.

Mona Van Joseph​

Also known as Mystic Mona in Las Vegas, Mona Van Joseph is one of the longest-servicing psychics in Las Vegas. She has been giving people insight and guidance for more than 20 years.

Mystic Mona has been featured in different radio and TV programs. Aside from being a psychic, she is also the author of Dice Wisdom, The Selfish Wish, and 9 Days Energy Reset. She is a fortune teller for both regular individuals and VIPs, not only in Las Vegas but for the whole of Nevada.

Clients who cannot meet her in person can book a consultation via Zoom or phone call.

Chase Roberts​

Chase Roberts is more popularly known as Eye of Chase in Las Vegas, Nevada. Since 1985, he has been providing psychic and tarot card readings. You can hire Chase to add entertainment to your parties and get crystal ball readings, predictions, soulmate readings, or love and relationship readings.

Aside from these services, Chase also offers spiritual healing, chakra balancing, and dark spirit cleansing.

The Peace Dealer​

The Peace Dealer can be hired as a personal astrologer who provides three days a week astrology readings. Four weeks of readings include astrology reports and intuitive readings. He can also provide emergency astrology readings who need guidance as soon as possible for their peace of mind.

Some of the individual reports he provides are career tarot, romance tarot reading, Saturn return, astrology natal birth chart, and general tarot report. You can also catch The Peace Dealer at different events in Nevada. There is also The Peace Dealer merchandise available online or at Mystical Illuminations on Las Vegas Strip.

What They Offer Clients​

Like the other psychics, psychics in Nevada offer almost all the services an individual may need. If you need guidance on your career, relationship, or personal growth, you can ask for tarot readings or general psychic readings.

Individuals who need clarity or just want to say goodbye to their departed loved ones can call for the help of mediums. They can connect with the spiritual world to speak with the spirit to whom they need to speak to.

Those who want to clear up their mind and emotions can ask for spiritual healing. This psychic service can remove the heaviness and negative emotions they feel then hinders them from functioning properly.

Some psychics also offer pet reading services. If your pet has had unexpected changes in behavior or has been ill for a long time, psychics also can understand how your pet thinks. They can identify what is going on with your pets and how it affects your relationship with them.

Find Psychics and Mediums in Nevada​

Las Vegas has the most psychics available in Nevada. If you are in this area, you just need to walk down the streets of Vegas and find one that provides your needs. There is not much outside of Vegas, but you can find psychics in Reno and a few in the Elko area.

Searching for psychics in Nevada is a lot easier these days. You only need to look up on search engines, and you can find one near your area. Some of these provide phone call consultations or Zoom calls. There is no need to travel for hours to find one. You just need to book an appointment with them, and payments will be made online.

Choose One of Top Rated Psychics​

Finding a legitimate psychic that can provide you with accurate readings can be difficult nowadays. Because they can easily be found on the internet, some are posing as legitimate psychics who will only take your money and will not provide you with the readings and guidance that you need for your concerns.

Many top-rated psychics have years of experience in providing psychic services. Some of them have even written many self-help books, including avoiding negative energies, charging, crystals, or any topics that can help you spiritually and emotionally.

To know which one to choose, review their years of experience and check what their previous clients have said about them.

Book Online or In-Person Appointments​

Some psychics do not accept clients that are not on their appointment lists. They do this because they need to prepare their spiritual and psychic energies since providing psychic services will absorb their clients’ negative energies.

If you want to meet a psychic in person, you must book an appointment first by call or by filling up a form on their website. As soon as you fill up a form, they will get back to you with the available schedule and consultation options.

Aside from online booking and in-person appointments, psychics can also be found at trade fairs. Many of them have their booths for a quick tarot reading or palm reading. However, if you are looking for an in-depth reading or mediumship, it is recommended to have it done in person in the psychic’s shop or at your home.

Understand Your Past, Live in The Present, and Know Your Future.​

Psychics may ask about your past to understand what you are experiencing in the present. Sometimes, they require accurate details, especially in mediumship. Their extrasensory abilities can go back to what happened in the past to provide you insights into the current circumstances.

As for the predictions of the future, they can only provide possibilities. The future is uncertain. They can only guide the possible things that may happen in the future. What the psychics predicted can change depending on your decisions and actions.


With the vibrant nightlife of Las Vegas, psychic services have become one of the reasons why tourists visit the place. Almost all corners of Las Vegas have psychic and crystal shops. However, other areas of Nevada only have a few. The good thing is you can easily book a consultation with the top psychics in Nevada. As long as you have reviewed which ones are legitimate, you can expect accurate readings and communication with the spirit world.