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Psychics in New Mexico

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
Psychics in New Mexico can be intimidating, especially if it is your first time visiting one. These people are sincere. Some readings may talk about your past and give you caution about what can happen in the future.
You can ask about anything to a psychic. It can be about improving your relationship with your partner or family, the best career decision, or if a deceased loved one has peacefully entered the spiritual world.
Santa Fe and Las Cruces have psychics specializing in different services, whether you are looking for a one-time reading or in-depth guidance and help.

History of Psychic Practices​

Psychics in New Mexico started hundred years ago. Native Americans had ancient psychic practices, including dream interpretation and shamanism. At first, it runs in the family generations. These practices are part of their traditions, headed by their spiritual leaders.
Spiritual leaders are the most intuitive individuals in a tribe. They are responsible for interpreting the dreams that their tribe members have. They are also responsible for warning tribe members about what can happen in the future based on their readings.
The arrival of different nations introduced new psychic practices, including tarot cards and crystal ball reading. Though these practices are not proven to provide accurate readings, early people believed them and used them as guidance.
Today, many psychic practices have emerged. People can do yoga and meditation for spiritual healing. The public also has access to different psychic services whenever they need them.

Types of Services Offered​

Because of their extrasensory abilities, they have many possibilities for psychic services. Though some are not their specialization, many have tried developing them through exercises and psychic classes.

Palm Reading​

In palm reading, psychics analyze the lines and shape of the palm to gain insight into the person's personality and future possibilities in career, finance, and relationships. The patterns and markings on the palm predict the future happenings the person may encounter.
The lines represent life, money, love, health, and marriage. The right hand is best analyzed for females, while the left is for males. The dominant hand indicates the challenges you may experience in the future, while the other represents the potential.

Psychic Counseling​

Psychic provides general readings in psychic counseling. They talk about your present and future by analyzing your past. The psychic will connect with your spiritual energies to receive information about your life.
It can be an exciting experience for beginners. But it is essential to understand that not all psychic readings are positive. They can also sense the negativities that you may face in the future. Due to this, they can provide you with guidance to help you make the best decision to avoid these challenges or how to deal with them.

Spiritual Healing​

Every individual has spiritual energy. Low spiritual energy can lead to anxiety, negative emotions, and bad decisions. A psychic may identify what's blocking an individual's spiritual power. They can help with exercises to recharge the spiritual energy or provide information on how an individual can deal with it.
New Mexico has a deep history of spiritual energies—no wonder the state has a lot of spiritual retreat areas, especially in the Northwestern region. People from around the world spend days in Zuni Mountains for spiritual healing.


Mediumship is one of the most popular services offered by psychics in New Mexico. Psychics use their extrasensory abilities to communicate with the spirits of deceased persons. It allows the psychics to relay messages from the nature or the living.
Mediums are not fortune-tellers, unlike what the public has perceived about psychics. Instead, they only act as a bridge between the living and spiritual world.
Usually, mediumship provides closure and clarity to someone who is experiencing grief. This ability takes years of practice to communicate with the right spirit properly. People can also use mediumship services to communicate with their spirit guides. It can help them to make appropriate decisions for their career and life.

Pet Reading​

If psychics can communicate with people's spirits, they also can talk with animals. Psychics can establish an energy connection through their sixth sense. In a pet reading session, a psychic may ask questions about your pet's behavior and emotional state.
Pet owners seek psychic help when they lose their pets, misbehave, or become ill. Through pet reading, psychics can understand their pets' behavior and what they can do about it.

Regulations and Licensing Requirements​

Psychics in New Mexico do not need licensing. However, psychics planning to set up their businesses and provide psychic services must obtain a business license.
They must secure a business license before joining psychic fairs and events. Its process goes the same as other businesses. Usually, psychic shops fall under Spiritual Connections when applying for a business license.
Since it involves payments from psychic services, a psychic should obtain an LLC or DBA. They should also register for taxes. If psychics in New Mexico will sell merchandise such as crystals or stones, they should also apply for a seller's permit.

Findings From Recent Studies​

There are both positive and negative results from studies about psychics. Some psychic abilities are trustworthy, especially those used in solving cases. Some authorities seek help from psychics in cases without leads or pieces of evidence.
Some studies show that an individual who seeks help from a psychic is more confident in decision-making. It is due to the guidance provided by psychics and the possible outcomes due to bad decisions.
Though there are many psychics around, not everyone is certified. Many of them, especially those only offering online reading, are scammers. It can be risky for consumers since psychic posers do not use their real names.

Famous Psychics in New Mexico​

New Mexico is home to many reputable psychics due to its rich spiritual history. Locals of the state have strong connections to spiritualism.

Elissa Heyman​

Elissa Heyman has been a full-time psychic since 1979. She started studying psychic development and spiritual healing when she was 19. Elissa also studied shamanism and spirituality in Peru. She came back with crystals and stones for divination practices.
Aside from being a psychic counselor and spiritual healer, Elissa is also an intuition workshop facilitator. She helps individuals practice their abilities in tarot card reading and spiritual healing. She is also a newsletter writer, providing educational lessons on improving intuition and self-healing.
Individuals who would like to have a session with Elissa can book a phone call appointment or visit her in person.

Deb Sheppard​

Deb Sheppard is a psychic medium, spiritual adviser, and author with over 20 years of experience. She is the author of Grieving to Believing, a self-help book for individuals coping with negative emotions from losing a loved one.
According to Deb, being a medium is unexpected. She first studied Feng Shui and eventually realized she could connect with spirits. During her early years as a psychic, she was a radio jockey who provided intuitive and medium readings on air. She was with the radio station for 17 years, which also helped her develop her extrasensory abilities.
Many organizations recognize deb as a certified medium. She also belongs to Best American Psychics and is a member of Bob Olson's Pest Psychic Directory.

Lorna Adams​

Lorna Adams is one of the psychics in New Mexico who provides pet reading services. She was also a medium since she was 19 years old. It occurred when she talked to a friend who had passed away and had a message for her sister.
Her first encounter with her spirit guide was when she was 14. A spiritualist mentor helped her develop her abilities and analyze what the spirit guides tried to tell her. From then, Lorna helped individuals who also wanted to create connections with their spirit guides.
Today, Lorna appears in different interviews and podcast guesting. She also has a radio career of 20 years, where she shares her abilities with those who need spiritual healing and guidance.

The Role of Psychics in New Mexico​

Because of the rich spiritual history of the Native Americans in New Mexico, the psychic industry in the state became one of the tourist attractions. The state hosts many psychic fairs and events attended by locals and people worldwide.
Many of these reputable psychics changed lives by giving them closure and guidance. Some people visit these psychics regularly for a monthly astrological or horoscope reading. Individuals who want to develop their intuitive abilities also attend workshops these psychics provide.

The Bottom Line​

Psychic abilities are not limited to fortune-telling. These people also help individuals suffering from grief, anxiety, and negative emotions. With their help, people can understand the current circumstances they are facing. People can explore their past and how to move forward with a positive future through various techniques.

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