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Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
As humans, we're bound to go through some dark times in our lives. These dark times could be the departure of a loved one, a breakup from a relationship, loss of a job, and maybe betrayal from friends and family. In times like this, most people seek solace in silence and depression. They are unaware that with the help of psychics in Massachusetts, they can overcome their challenges faster.

Psychics in Massachusetts are the best port of call whenever you feel down and need help. Sometimes it feels like you're losing control and can't get a hold of the happenings in your life. Whenever you feel this way, remember that the key to an easier life lies in the hands of a professional psychic in Massachusetts.

The best psychics in Massachusetts​

How do you differentiate the best psychics in Massachusetts from the fakes? Fake psychics in Massachusetts are only out to extort innocent people of their money and waste their time. However, you can tell the difference when encountering a genuine psychic in Massachusetts.

Firstly, genuine psychics always ensure that their clients are calm and comfortable in their presence. They do not use their client's fears to their advantage. Instead, they try to assuage their anxiety and even offer encouraging words to keep them calm.

A genuine psychic hardly stutters in their speech except for a natural speech disability. When they speak, they speak without fear and with confidence. They speak so that their clients can grab their every word and benefit maximally from the reading session.

Also, the best psychic in Massachusetts doesn't exploit your insecurities. Instead, they help you discover your strengths and help you overcome your fears. With these tips, you can identify the best psychic in Massachusetts and avoid being caught in the trap of fake psychics.

What is energy work​

People resort to different means to get some relief and healing in their life and their quest for these; some choose self-care, color therapy, or even energy work.
There's no clear-cut medical definition for energy work; however, it's described as using healing methods such as Reiki, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Healing Touch, and other modalities. Energy work is based on the concept that imbalance or blockage in the body causes diseases that block the body's vital energy. So when an energy healer performs energy work, it removes all blockages and allows energy to flow in the body. Energy work helps the body undergo a natural healing process. Some energy work consists of practices like burning sage, aura cleansing, or using the powers of crystals. Below are the different kinds of energy work:
  • Reiki​

Pronounced ray-key, this technique developed by the Japanese is the process where the healer places their hands gently on/above the individual to remove blockages in the body and improve their energy flow. It could be called a massage but without the rubbing.
  • Breathwork​

Breathwork is not the regular breathing you're used to; it's more like an active meditation where you regulate your breathing to improve mental, physical, and spiritual health.
  • Smudging​

Sometimes you get the feeling that a particular environment has bad vibes in the atmosphere. Smudging is an ancient ritual that helps eliminate negative energy by burning special herbs and creating a "smoke bath." Experienced and professional people should only handle this energy work because fire is involved.
  • Reflexology​

Reflexology involves when reflexology applies pressure on different parts of the feet(and hands) linked to specific muscles or organs. For instance, when you're experiencing back problems, the reflexologist works on the big toe to help reduce the pain.
  • Tapping​

Tapping can also be referred to as EFT (emotional freedom technique). This process involves touching different acupressure points on the body and following a specific pattern to ease stress, depression, anxiety, and even pain.
  • Acupuncture​

Acupuncture involves putting needles on specific points pm the body. This process may not sound too pleasant, but it has some excellent healing benefits.
  • Healing Crystals​

These gems are believed to have vibrational energies that help to improve an individual's well-being and bring about healing.
  • Chakras​

The chakras in the body can also be referred to as energy centers; there are seven chakras in the body in the body which from the top of the head all through to the bottom of the spine. When there's a blockage in any of these chakras, it destabilizes the harmony between the body and the spirit. You can open up your chakras through exercises like yoga.
  • Flower Essences​

These infusions are made from flowers, and they're believed to utilize the plant's vibes and energy to promote well-being.

Energy work is based on two main principles​

Energy work is meant to provide healing and bring total well-being to your body. Thus to experience healing on all levels, you must abide by these two main principles which include:


Ensure that you make your health a top priority. This means treating yourself as a human who cares, values, and pays attention to their well-being. When you make your health paramount, you also give yourself a chance to engage in deep and critical thinking.

This enables you to keep an open mind as you explore different causes of your disease or illness and to choose the right energy work to help release all the negativity related to your condition.

You can only benefit maximally from energy work when you're attentive to the signals your body releases and then making appropriate changes to improve energy flow and overall well-being.


Feel your emotions instead of trying to fight them. Most people struggle to sweep their emotions under the carpet because they're trying to deny themselves the feelings that come with different emotions. Sometimes, when they experience a strange emotion, they try to distract themselves by binge-eating junk, watching television, reading a book, smoking, drinking, or listening to music.

However, to gain from energy work, you must let yourself feel that your feelings are vital to your well-being. They let you know if your life is moving in the right direction, it ought for go. Your feelings enable you to release pain, create change and break down the walls preventing peace of mind, joy, and sound health.


If you're interested in how energy healing works and you want to give it a try, you must ensure a qualified practitioner is doing it. Also, if you want to try energy work for a health issue, you should note that it works best as a complementary therapy. It's unsafe to stop any traditional medicine or treatment you have, and always involve your doctor before making changes to your treatment plan. However, energy work or energy healing works well with western medicine.
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