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Psychics in Montana

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
The need for people to talk to spirits with unfinished business is growing. Its trend grows as the number of psychics grows. Aside from communicating with the spirit world, those who feel hopeless with their lives seek help from fortune tellers, believing that these psychics in Montana can guide them to have better life decisions.

The effectiveness of psychic readings depends on how much you believe in them. What you attract is what will come to you. For some, receiving psychic readings is considered energy and spiritual healing.

People take psychic readings differently, but they all have one goal–to get closure, be healed, and have guidance.

Best Psychic in Montana​

Montana has a lot of psychics with different specializations. The state has an association where experienced psychics, mediums, and healers can be found. Some areas in Montana also hold psychic and healing fairs. These events welcome all the best psychics in the state and regular individuals that may need healing and guidance.

Kim Mowery-Smith​

As everyone knows, psychic abilities are used to help people. This is one of the reasons why Smith continues to develop her abilities. Smith studied spiritual counseling, Reiki, and meditation to provide the best psychic services to the people of Montana.

Aside from being a psychic, Smith is also an intuitive counselor and wellness advisor. She uses her extrasensory abilities to relay messages from the spiritual world.

Mary Agnew​

Mary Agnew has been medium and intuitive for over 20 years. Her abilities started as a child and are developed with the help of prominent people from the psychic industry. She is also a shamanic practitioner in Montana. The Q'uero, shamans of the Andes, and The Four Winds from Peru helped her develop shamanism.

A mediumship reading is one of her specialties. The information she provides is verifiable and sacred to help communicators send the messages they want.

Rosemary, The Celtic Lady​

The Celtic Lady is an international psychic medium and an author. She founded the American, Canadian, and UK Associations of Physics and Healers. Aside from being a psychic, she is also a personal life coach, motivational speaker, and medical intuitive.

She provides services for everyone around the world. Readings can be given through Zoom sessions or phone calls.

The Best Palm Reader in Montana​

Palm reading, or palmistry, is a form of fortune telling where the lines of the palms are ready to look at the fate of an individual. Starting in India, palm reading can help foresee someone's future in love, marriage, money, health, etc. Here are some of the best palm readers you can find in Montana.

Psychic Anna​

Psychic Anna is a love specialist who has been offering palm reading for over 45 years, and her years of experience made her one of the best palm readers around Montana, who helps people solve their questions in life. She can provide readings on careers, love, pets, and business.


Cindy is a Romanian palm reader, always available at The Montana Family Market. She also provides ancient tarot card reading, life guidance, love and relationship, and business advice. Cindy offers daily readings and appointments for those who are in need.

What They Offer Clients​

Psychics use their extrasensory abilities to offer solutions to their life uncertainties, negative thoughts, dilemma, or guidance in making life decisions. Psychics use different techniques or psychic services to give an individual the necessary answers.


Mediumship is the practice of communicating with someone from the spirit world. It could be a deceased family or friend with whom you need closure. There are different types of mediumship, but all of these aim to communicate with the dead. They use their sixth sense to communicate with people verbally or written.

This psychic service has been going on for centuries. In evidential mediumship, the psychics provide evidence that their deceased family or friend will continue to be with them on earth. Mental mediumship refers to speaking to the spirits using the medium's mind.

Physical mediumship uses an environment where the living person feels the spirit. These spirits can be felt differently in a room, moving objects, or appearances.

Tarot Card Reading​

This type of psychic reading is a form of fortune telling where the psychic uses a special deck of cards to provide insights from the past, present, and future. Some say anybody can do tarot reading, but to provide an accurate reading, a person should have to tap their intuition.

Tarot cards do not show what will happen in the future. But it can show the possibilities that can happen. Due to this, the psychic can provide advice and guidance to their client. Each card on the deck has its meaning. It can be about challenges, actions, and personal goals.

Spiritual Healing​

Anyone feeling disturbed or out of peace may be experiencing spiritual attacks. Psychics may use crystals or stones that provide spiritual benefits. Spiritual healing does not need medicines to bring back peace of mind. People who are experiencing mental blocks can request spiritual healing from a psychic.

It is a face-to-face session with a psychic in a quiet room. The psychic channels his energy to the person as they tell them which circumstances confuse them.

Astrology and Horoscope​

Like tarot reading, astrology, and horoscope predict someone's future. This divinatory practice analyzes the alignment of the stars and planet to predict the possibilities in the future. Many astrologers believe that the position of celestial bodies affects natural phenomena.

In the horoscope, a chart of zodiac signs based on birthdates is used to tell an individual's future. These zodiac signs can also be used to identify someone's personality. Each zodiac sign has its compatibility with others. A heavy believer in horoscopes uses these charts to know whom they are compatible with regarding romantic relationships.

Pet Psychic Readings​

It can be challenging to know how pets are feeling or experiencing it. Some circumstances make differences in their behaviors and make them ill. If vets cannot help, you could seek help from a pet psychic.

They can communicate with different animals using different techniques and extrasensory abilities. Their animal spirits are as important as humans. It also affects their physical health if their spirit is attacked.

Local Psychic Medium Connects With Spirits​

There are a lot of mediums in Montana. Many have more than a decade of experience in
providing mediumship. If you have questions for your deceased loved ones, these psychics can provide mediumship services for you.

Kathleen Johns​

Johns has been a psychic for over three decades already. She learned her mediumship abilities with the help of other famous psychics. Holding a Mastery of Divinatory Arts, Johns has been known as a master psychic who can practice different psychic abilities.

Because of her psychic talent, she has been featured in TV and radio shows. Each mediumship session is done in person and lasts up to 90 minutes. To ensure communication effectiveness, Johns only provides mediumship services for in-person clients.


Doreen discovered her special abilities when she was a young child. To provide better services to her clients, Doreen sometimes extends her reading sessions if she believes her client is not yet fully healed spiritually and mentally.

Her mediumship services are focused on getting closure with departed loved ones. It can be answering questions left hanging when they were still alive or simply asking the spirits to look after them.

Paul Cozino​

Like other psychics, Cozino learned he had the sixth sense when he was still a child. According to him, many spirits were already calling out to him when he was still discovering his abilities. As a medium, Paul Cozino helps his clients convey messages to their departed loved ones.

He works with his spirit guides to avoid dark entities that can affect or disturb his psychic energy. His goals are set to provide help to people heal their issues. In contrast, he also helps the deceased's soul to have peace on the other side of the spiritual world.

A Roster of Talented and Entertaining Psychics​

Psychics in Montana are famous for having a variety of psychic abilities. Many of them discovered their extrasensory abilities when they were younger. Some focus on healing, while others provide general psychic readings and predictions.

These psychics do not only communicate with humans, but they can also provide comprehensive healing for animals. They use their abilities to create a deep relationship with the living in the physical world and those in the unseen realm who have crossed the spiritual world.

Moon Phases and Crystals​

As mentioned in astrology, the moon phases can determine the possibility of someone's future. New moon phases mean a new day of different possibilities. Different moon phases can affect crystals. It can recharge them, or it can reduce the effectiveness of crystals.

Different crystals are effective in every moon phase. Aquamarine and black obsidian are the most effective crystals during a new moon. This moon phase means new beginnings, which means you should be protected as you welcome new manifestations.

As for full moons, the light it gives during the night has the energy to enhance the powers of your crystals. Moonstone is known to be the most effective crystal in this phase. It connects to the light and guidance that the moon has. Clear quartz is also known to provide energies for self-reflection and clarity during the full moon.


Montana is another state where some of the best psychics in the country are. These psychics have specializations–mediumship, palm reading, spiritual healing, and more. Most of them offer their services to individuals from other areas as long as they need psychic services. They can provide readings via phone call, Zoom, or chat.

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