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Psychics in Mississippi

Medium Wanda

Medium Wanda

Staff member
Aug 8, 2022
People come to psychics to get answers from the unknown or seek guidance to have a positive future. Though many are still doubtful of psychics, there are still instances that we like to believe them. They give us a safe feeling against our fears and uncertainties.

Psychics have extrasensory abilities to foresee the future or talk to people from the other side. If you’re a believer, you most likely have visited one. But for non-believers, psychic readings are general guesses and can be applied to anyone.

Science does not prove psychic abilities, but how we believe them does. Sometimes, psychics give us the healing and guidance we need that we cannot get from our friends and families.

If you’re in Mississippi, you have probably encountered a psychic. It has become a trend in the state, whether people are just doing it for fun or need deep answers to their questions. If you haven’t visited one yet, here is some information about psychics in Mississippi that may interest you.

History: Supernatural in The South​

Psychics in Mississippi started as early as 1800s and has been prominent until today. The extrasensory abilities are known to run in the family and passed on to every generation. Even younger kids have started to develop their talents.

But for them, they have territorial courtesy. They start practicing in their areas, and do not practice outside their hometowns. This was the reason why psychics was not advertised, but was only known through the word of mouth.

Today, psychics have become norman in the culture of Mississippi. They started appearing on TV shows, and people became more interested on what psychics can do. Psychics in Mississippi started opening their own spaces and even do readings through phone calls and video calls.

More psychic services became available in Mississippi. Now, it is not limited to speaking to the deceased people or seeing the future. It now involves tarot reading, pet psychics, dream interpretation, and astrology.

Popular Psychics in Mississippi​

With the emerging popularity of psychics in Mississippi, there are a lot of psychics that offer their services within reach. They have their spaces on famous areas of Mississippi, while some offer their services online. If you are looking for one, here are the most popular psychics in Mississippi.

Jill M. Jackson​

Jill started her psychic services in 2008. Aside from being a psychic medium, she is also a spiritual teacher and author. She uses her expertise in psychic readings, speaking engagements, and spiritual coaching. Jill can connect to a deceased person through mediumship readings. She can also connect you to your spirit guide to provide you guidance in different aspects.

Though she is a Certified Public Accountant by profession, she responded to her calling and is now one of the most famous psychics in Mississippi. She won two consecutive years as Psychic of the Year by Best American Psychics.

Angela Thomas​

Angela has proved her psychic abilities since she has been in the industry for over 20 years. She has established her name because of her high-accuracy and detail. Her services include psychic coaching, psychic readings, tarot readings, clairvoyance, predictions, and many others.

Her reputation in psychic industry made her appear in different TV and radio shows. She even taught psychic development, where her students have become professional psychics as well. She is now working with other physicists and psychiatric scientists. Her paranormal stories are featured in paranormal-thriller anthologies.

Benefits of Working with a Psychic​

Psychics will not change how your life will go, but they can give you guidance and advice on what you can do to avoid bad energies. They keep you off from overthinking about the things you are curious of.

They Help You See The Positivity​

Psychics has the ability to give advice to your life’s hurdles. Though they will not be able to plan what will happen next, they can give you an idea of what to expect. They can help you see what the things that block your positivity so you can work on it.

They Provide Closure​

There are many issues that kept lingering in our lives, especially if this has kept us hanging. It can be a death of a loved one that was not solved, or a question left unanswered that makes a hole in our lives. Psychics can answer the loose-ended questions you have in life. With their exceptional abilities, psychics can provide answers to give you clarity.

They Provide Healing​

If you are unsure about how your life is doing right now, you can seek help from a psychic and discover where your life is headed. They can help you identify the things that stresses you so much and what you can do about it.

The changes on the small details that gives you negativities in life will make sense. These changes can give you the emotional and spiritual healing you have been longing for.

They Give You The Possibilities​

One of the well-known abilities of psychics is predicting the future. They will give you the possibilities next to your actions and how it can affect your life. With this, they will be able to give you advices on how you can prepare for a specific outcome.

Investigating Psychics in Mississippi​

Investigating psychics are psychics who help in an unsolved investigation. Usually, psychics use the belongings of the victim from the crime scene to get clues and visions of how the crime happened.

There are crimes where there are no possible leads, which makes the case unresolved or closed. These psychics team up with investigators and detectives to visit the crime location. They attempt to get clues or leads using their extrasensory abilities.

Crimes can be solved by evidences. However, if it has no leads and is not going anywhere, getting a help from psychics won’t do any harm.

Challenges of Finding a Reputable Psychic​

The rise of the popularity of psychic services come with the rise of challenges in finding the best one. There are a lot of reputable psychics in Mississippi, but there are also ones that can get you scammed

There are a Lot of Psychics​

Now that psychics can be done for fun, the growth of psychics has become evident. It has easily become available for everyone, and even the inexperienced psychics has been offering their services.

Psychic abilities are sometimes developed during childhood or adolescence. They read people’s aura to get a grasp of the circumstances an individual is concerning about. However, not all psychics have developed these abilities. Not all mediums have paranormal abilities.

To know if the psychic you are planning to hire is reputable, you can check their years of practice. You may also look up online to check their reviews.

Many Are Posing as Psychics​

Many non-psychic individuals are posing as reputable psychics. They post advertisements online or in print. These fake psychics usually give their readings through phone calls, rather than meeting an individual in person.

Scamming in the psychic industry is prevalent. These non-psychic individuals are usually students, small actors, or just a regular individual who are in need of money. Their rates are lower than real psychics, that’s why many are getting psychic services from them.

Aside from they cannot communicate to individuals properly, they also give false readings after they have been paid. These false psychics are often advertising their services as 100% accurate. Psychic readings are hard to identify as accurate. These only serve as guide to an individual, since they create their own fate through their decisions.

Many have scam psychics have been reported for fraud. At first, they will provide their low rates, and as soon as your session is finished, you will be surprised how much your session costs. Some also persuade their clients into buying items, such as candles, charms, or fake crystals.


Visiting a psychic has never been accessible as it is today. Many provide online readings, which make it easier to reach them. These psychics use their abilities to communicate with the dead, foresee the future, or provide advice to get the healing you need. There is no harm for in trying out psychic services. As long as you are working with a reputable psychic in Mississippi, you can get the answers or closure you need.

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